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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Be Different

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It's time for another analogy.  :)  I like these. I need the reminder just as much as anyone else.

Earlier this morning - I was hanging laundry on the line, and noticed the majority of my flower bed had succumbed to some hard times.  The recent frost got to them.  But, not the snapdragons.
They're still beautiful!!  Amazingly.

I wondered about it, for a moment.  And, quickly thought...
You know? I am like this flower...SURROUNDED by the dead and dying.
Hard times have hit and devastation is everywhere... Yet, I CAN still make a difference.  I WILL continue to bloom...offering HOPE; bringing life and light, when and wherever I can.  I WILL bloom where I'm planted and continue to make a difference (of influence) with whomever I come in contact with.  Whatever my sphere of influence is.  On the job, at home, out and about...

This is my prayer.  At least.

Look at that!  All around - is "darkness" and decay.  Yet, through the dismal, and in what looks like a war-zone, are those that stand firm.  Strong.  Alive.  Radient.  Ready to keep going..

So, WHO is my greatest example of this?  Jesus.  Like the lyric of the old hymn says; When all around my soul gives way... He then, is ALL my hope and stay.

What a blessed thought.  Amen?

Makes me wonder.  Do I have what it takes to stand out and be different?  Let alone, make a difference for the cause of Christ?  I SURE hope so.


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  2. I forgot to mention, your flowers are so beautiful and its almost November.. GOD is Amazing. Love ya Bevy..

  3. Bevy, I enjoy analogies, too, because I am a visual person. Now each time I look at a Snap Dragon I will be reminded that all around me is darkness and remember to ask Him for strength to make a difference...to stand out for Christ.


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