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Friday, October 14, 2016


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Before another "normal" day slips by... I want to say....
We have had quite a few things to celebrate over the past several months.  Things that I've been just too busy (?) to share... and that is not my heart.  So here, we are...

Birthday's -  for all three of my kiddo's
One is now nine.  One is eight. and One turned five!!

And, then of course there is the entry to Kindergarten - for my youngest - that just makes my heart go pitter patter!!  I'm excited and yet, I can't believe it.
STOP GROWING UP! I want to say...

My husband earned his Wood Badge - with Scouts!
And, Caleb has advanced to Weblo's... we're looking forward to another great Scout Year!!

Most recently, something to celebrate is the Baptism - for both my son and my husband.

I know I'm a little like, way behind the times here - but wanted to at least get these special moments documented... so, forgive me for these being so "late in the game".  If you follow me on Facebook - you may have seen a lot of these photos, already... 

For the record!
Enjoy the photos!!
Caleb wanted to play "happy birthday" while we sang..

The eight year birthday - around here is a big deal!  There are so many photos I could share for Aubrey's birthday - as she had a special time celebrating with a sleepover, outdoor movie and lots of other fun!!  It was hard just picking only a few..

Kindergarten has been such a blast for Jayne, this year!!
This photo was from her first day of school!

Again, there are (I'm sure) many other moments of things I could have documented here... where I've neglected to get them up on the blog here... but, such is life.

These are blessings just the same and I don't want to forget them - just the same!!  I love my family!!  I love what each one means to me in their own unique and special way...  I love seeing the way our family is growing, changing and coming into it's own.

:: I wonder what the next few weeks and months will bring!?!?!?    God sure has been so good, to us!!


  1. I'm with you on telling your children to stop growing!
    Oh, how they have grown! They sure are coming into their own.
    Thank you for catching us up on the celebrations. Life has been very busy for you.

  2. Your children have grown up so much...and to think that Jayne is in school now! WOW! Thank you for sharing these very special moments in the lives of your family, Bevy. It is always a pleasure to visit here.

  3. What wonderful precious memories to document. Have a blessed week!


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