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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Gift of Affection...

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Are you a naturally affectionate sort of person?  Good for you!!  I struggle in this area... and in particular when my kiddos' beg for a dog... it's simply not in me!!

Affection.  A trait I wish I was gifted in.

Every year - at Christmastime - I pull out the decorations and out comes this book...The Tall Book of Christmas!   One of my favs.

There is one story in here that is a must-read for my little family.  It chokes me up, each time - I read.  Which, on one hand, surprises even me.   Obviously - affection is a gift!!

I thought I would share part of this story with you here today... as a way to share in this gift of affection.
You may have heard of the children's story called;  The Puppy who Wanted a Boy, by Catherine Woolley.  

I'll simply paraphrase the story, just a bit...

It's a sweet story of a puppy, named Petey, who wanted nothing more than a boy for Christmas.  He was a good puppy that year - well, sorta.  He only frightened the cat a little and he only chewed on a shoe a teeny-weeny... but his mother said alright.  She guessed he could have one and she would look for a boy!!  
When there were simply no boys to be found...
Petey decided that other gifts offered by his mother would simply not do. 
 He had to have a boy.

He decided to venture out on his own.  He had to find a boy.  Perhaps another dog would give up his boy for Petey.
But when Petey politely asked the collie, who's boy was riding a bicycle, if he would give up his boy - the collie dreadfully growled he definitely didn't want to.

Next he saw a Setter playing ball with his boy.  Then a Scotty carrying a package, for his.  "Oh, if only I had a boy to play ball with or to carry a package for.." thought Petey.  Yet, for each dog he found he mustered up the courage to ask if they would be willing to give up their boy - and each one would answer... "NO!" - they definitely didn't.

Where would Petey find a Boy?  His tail fell limp.  His ears began to droop.  He was so tired from looking e v e r y w h e r e...
Mother was right.  There were no boys to be had.

As he heads home, that Christmas Eve, and on the way at the very edge of town... He sees a sign hanging over a door. that reads.

Orphans' Home

Knowing what orphans are (for they are children who have no dog to take care of them) Petey decides to see if there were any boys here...
He pads slowly up the sidewalk barely able to put one paw in front of the other.
He stops because he hears music.  Looking through the window he sees a lighted Christmas Tree and children singing carols.

But, here... sitting on the porch... he sees a boy, looking all sad and lonely.  Petey forgets about being tired.  He leaps onto the boy's lap and wiggle-wag goes his tail.  Licking the boy with his warm, wet tongue...
How glad the boy was to see Petey!  He puts both arms around the little dog and hugs him tight.

All of a sudden the front door to the Orphans' Home opens and a lovely lady calls for Dickie, the boy, to come on inside to the Christmas Tree...

Dickie looks up at the lady and says, "I've got a puppy.  Can he come, too?"

Of course he can...

Before Petey knows it - he is inside - and the crowd of boys who were playing around the tree all rushed at Petey.  They all wanted to pick him up.  They all wanted to pet him.
Petey simply wags his tail and his fat little body is frisking about... kissing every boy who came near.

"Can he stay?" the boys asked.
"Yes," said the lady. "He may stay."

"Come on, puppy." Dickie said, "Get your supper."
"We'll fix you a nice warm bed!" cried another boy.
"We'll play games with you." said a third.

"Who ever would think." said Petey to himself, "that I would get fifty boys for Christmas!"

Ahh...this story... the epitome of affection.  Everything I am not and all that I want to be!
I can't say - "I want a dog."  I KNOW my kids, do - especially my eight year old daughter.  I just wonder if I could or would have the same response as the Lovely Lady... for she is who I would want to be.  She is who I like to think I am... saying "yes!" But sadly... well, I am ..uhhh... and, I think you know what I'm going to say...

All that to say - it really is a heartwarming story... full of dreams, desire and discovery all garnered through means of... affection.  Can we say it delivered?

Thank you for reading along in this eight-gift series... Click HERE to read the other posts in this series.

Tell me.  Are you one who easily gives the gift of affection?

What is it that you are longing for this Christmas?


  1. Great Story, and I too Bevy am just like you on this.. I did however allow my children to have a dog years back, but then we had to move and dogs could not come along.. so we had to give her away.. Thankfully Colton has one of her puppies now.. which is grown.. But I definitely did not get the gift of affection.. What I want for Christmas? For my Dad to come through all this sickness with flying colors..and to be closer with God.. Oh the struggles.. love you

  2. Being raised without affection, I have to remind myself to give it! It still isn't easy.
    What a great perspective, a dogs point of view!
    I believe that if we pray to God for something, He can give it to us and sometimes, in abundance!

  3. Oh, how I loved this story! I like to think I am an affectionate person... I love giving hugs and snuggles and kisses to my children and physical touch is most certainly my love language. You know where I stand on dogs. ;) but I must say, King has been so good for Zeph. He was laying next to him the other day and I could hear him whispering "your my best friend" over and over. Aw! I want to find this story, my children would love to hear it! Amanda


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