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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Gift of a Compliment...

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We all know the blessing of a well-rounded compliment - don't we?  
It kinda fills our bucket...doesn't it?

I believe each one of my kids, in their kindergarten years, has come home from school with the story of how we need to be "bucket fillers" in each other's lives - not bucket dippers.
You know this story, too, don't you?

Well, today something interesting happened.

You know how every Christmas - outside of all the prominent retail stores you hear the familiar ringing of bells as the Salvation Army representative is sitting or standing there with their bucket - waiting.  Waiting to fill...

As I entered this particular store I didn't have anything at the moment to share, but I wanted to be sure to drop something in on my way out.

Now, this man, attending - was a jolly, friendly fellow wishing ALL, he saw, a Merry Christmas - but I also noticed he was not shy in speaking LIFE (compliments) to ALL he met, as well.  It wasn't awkward.  Rather, genuine.

When I came out of the store - I had my "gift" waiting and ready to add to his bucket - but, at the same time he caught my eye and filled mine.  In other words... he gave me a compliment - saying something about my smile being something really special and not to lose that.  Now, I've heard this compliment many, many times before and I'm not sharing this to brag - just saying... when someone "new" notices and it continues to be noticed - I sincerely hope that it continues to be a blessing!

I may or may not have have walked away with a tear in my eye... appreciating all over again the compliment that continues to remind me to wear my smile.  What's fun - is that it always catches me off guard - that someone will notice a simple smile and say something about it.  Maybe not enough people are doing it.  Smiling, that is.

Are you a bucket-filler, or a bucket-dipper?
Don't let others steal your joy - but rather give it away 1st - if you can!!

And, remember.  This is yet another gift that will not cost a single cent.

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  1. I had my bucket filled, just today.
    I enjoy getting mail. Christmas cards are like gifts in the mailbox. I love them! But we don't get very many, anymore (??).
    Today, I got one from a friend, who knows how to complement. Her words were so much appreciated. She said she valued our friendship. This meant so much to me.
    It truly was a gift! Funny thing, I have never met her! She happens to be a blogging friend, who knows the gift of a complement!

    Merry Christmas Bevy, to you and your family!


    1. Oh, I love this!!!! :) Thanks for sharing this... filled my bucket all over again, today!!


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