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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Gift of Laughter...

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Ahhh... the sweet gift of laughter.
Now, I KNOW I have talked about this before.... that laughter - as in, the easy roll-from-the gut sort of laughter does not come easy for me.   :(

I do like this gift.  Because when it happens... it sure feels good.   I have kiddos' that laugh really, really easily, especially Jayne - which I love!!! It makes me chuckle to hear it flow so easily for them.   In other words  - it blesses me. :)

As in, that is my style of laughing... I chuckle silently; simply snickering or smiling...

I am blessed to have a husband, that keep me laughing, as well as, other friends, which is so welcomed.
Oh, how I need them ALL in  my life.

You know when and where there is a deep-seated JOY in one's life... there is great peace.
And we know a peaceful heart gives life to the body.

I know that - because of that - it is when laughter naturally spills out.

Laughter is the best medicine...for ourselves and for others.  Amen??


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Have a Blessed Weekend!!!!


  1. Nothing so refreshing as a good (I can't stop) laughing fit.. lol... xoox

  2. Laughter is an awesome gift.. Jayne is so adorable..


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