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Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Gift of Solitude or Time...

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Down to sharing two more gifts that don't cost you a cent!!  I was trying to get these in before Christmas - but, here we are.  On the Eve of Christmas... and I'm just getting to this second to last one now.  We can still give gifts after Christmas - right?

This gift is one I for sure - savor!!   I want to say it is one of my love languages... one where I feel the most loved.  Someone giving me the gift of time?   Ahhh! I love...
The Gift of Solitude or Time.

Are these two, time and solitude, the same thing?  Yes and No!

We often hear the phrase " to give of your time" is a valuable and valiant thing to do.  As you can guess, it happens on rare occasion for me.
I know I would appreciate that gift even more than I am already blessed with and by it.
But I do think that the Gift of Solitude is a really special thing.
However, I'm not too sure it can be given as much as it needs to be taken.
It's like solitude almost needs to be found or discovered.

Solitude is definitely a gift and yet if you don't have the time to enjoy it - is it really anything?

Let me tell you - if you ever find yourself in a moment of quiet, peaceful solitude... take a minute, or five, or ten and simply enjoy it.
It truly is a gift!!

Wishing you and yours a Quiet and Peace Filled Christmas!!

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  1. Bevy, I have to agree that the two gifts in this post are so important. I find that when I give "time" as a gift my heart is happy.. and finding "Solitude" is a gift to our (My) Soul.. Both are so refreshing, the most important part of both of these for myself is that they allow me to slow down enough to Savor them both.. Thanks for sharing these.. You always make the seasons a bit brighter whether its sharing the "Carols" or Gifts such as these. I wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas..


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