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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Home Quote

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"All people need a place where their roots can grow deep and they always feel like they belong and have a loving refuge.  And all people need a place that gives wings to their dreams, nurturing possibilities of who they might become." ~ Sally Clarkson

This quote moves me to tears.  It's because, there is a groaning... and a birth about to take place of a new home.  Not yet!!!   Not a lot has changed in regards to our property (other than up for sale, with one showing that we know of)... but, I'm feeling it.  We're looking.
  Looking for that perfect home!!  However, the questions of where and when still remain.
There isn't a restlessness about that, per say,  as it is more of how will this new home fit us?

Then.  I recognize.  It isn't necessarily about the four walls  - it's about WHO is inside those four walls... that allows the feeling of HOME to permeate.

In the meantime...
Life goes on!  And, so does what we know... our home-life, here, must continue...

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.   
 ~ Colossians 3:23 ESV

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What Matters To Me

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This post title came to mind this morning and I felt it really encouraged me, with the need, to come vulnerable here, in this space, this morning, and say... what matters to me has really fallen by the wayside.

I know I am not alone in this.. and certainly, this is a topic that I care and share deeply about. Yet, I still need the daily reminders and the constant encouragement.

But seriously.  Today!  Today, I feel so lost in knowing what really matters to me the most.

If you know me well, at all.  How would you describe who I am and what I do?

Here is what I hope one would say:

Bevy is a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a Christ-Follower, a blogger; a creative soul who loves to sew, decorate, cook/bake, think deeply, and who enjoys capturing those moments via the photographic lens or in the written word...
A homemaker who just so happens to also have an etsy shop, and a facebook page and an AWESOME business as an Ambassador for a fabulous health and wellness company.
So, there are the home and family needs..
The relationships to keep up with...
Books to read..
Time with God!  

Now to keep up with all of that.  
Each one is important (to me).  Special.  NEEDED.

It's just right now, I feel I'm falling under the attack of overwhelm.
I can't stop!
It ALL has to continue.  I mean, I want it to.
It's who I am!!  Right?

But, does it matter to me?

Here is where I think I've gotten off track.  
Its gotten to where... I have to do all of this.

It's not as easy to do it if I don't want to.  Do you hear what I'm saying?

How to want to do all of this... because it matters to me... needs to be the focus.

And, so I'm humbly coming to ask for prayer... encouragement... and advice.

Proverbs 16:3 reminds me..
"Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established."
and this from Proverbs 14:1
"The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands."

As a way of refreshment and reminder...
Last year - sometime - a dear friend sent me a book called, The Life-giving Home, (info found HERE) that came with a 12-month guided journal - with the same title.  Written by Sally Clarkson and her daughter, Sarah Clarkson.

I really enjoyed the few moments I could steal, to SLOWLY read through this book.

I would like to "add" this (rereading and journaling) into all of the above and really delve into the meat of this book. It really was an easy and encouraging read.  Very relatable, too. 

 Side note:  I ALSO would like to add in a regiment of walking everyday.  Getting that in is something I REALLY, REALLY want to do.  How, When and Where...?

And, then.  There is this!!

and, you know what this means?  Changes...

Changes and Challenges are looming on the horizon!

So many questions.  So many unknowns.  SO MUCH TO DO!!!!!
But, what I do know is this.  I NEED to stick to what matters to me, the most!
And, make those moments count.

I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength! ~ Philippians 4:13 

Want to know something?  Even before I hit publish, on this post here, today, a phone call came my way, from a sweet friend who simply wanted to pray with me and for me.
Talk about tears.
God's providence and timing, is always right!!

I really do know I am Blessed!!  And, that matters, too!!

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