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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

admitting an area of growth - for me

. .. . .. . .. ..  . .. ... .. . .. .. . .. .... . .. .. .. . .. .. . . .
--Sharing, an excerpt, from The Life Giving Home - by, Sally Clarkson.

"In taking time to build close relationships, we learn that people are more important than things or material possessions.  We come to understand that close relationships, not status or accomplishment or virtual realities, are what bring happiness and meaning to life.   Our lives become what we live and model, and when we invest personally in the lives of others, we will reap personally in terms of friendship and affection.  Even the way we use our time will help others know that building a relationship requires a commitment to time and sacrifice.

There is always a cost to building intimacy with others.   Giving comfort to one who is ill requires time and practical labor (attending to physical needs).  Listening to the feelings of a teen or young adult usually involves lost sleep because the deepest conversations take place at night.  Buying groceries, cooking meals, making cups of tea, providing snacks requires the sacrifice of time and energy.  Keeping house -- picking up those messes one more time -- is a service of worship to God as we craft a place of beauty and comfort for all who enter our sanctuary of His very presence.

Love is indeed a choice, an obedience, a service and a sacrifice, an initiation.  But love is also the most powerful source of joy.  And it is the means through which God would have us extend His hands, His words, His redemption to our world, within the walls of our home."

Wow!!  I admit.  This is certainly an area I'm continuing to grow in...
Oh, I'm so grateful to have been gifted this book!  Thank you, sweet friend.
You know who you are! :)


  1. Hi sweet Bevy, such a good reminder I think we all need. love and hugs to you..

  2. Love is the heart to all things good .

  3. I saw this book on Amazon the other day and thought of you because I remembered seeing it pictured on a recent blog post of yours. Now I'm thinking that maybe I should just go ahead and purchase it!

    Praying for you, my friend.



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