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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

When Push comes to Shove

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So. What's going on,with our housing situation?  I know a lot of you dear folks are wondering, interested and would like to know.
Push is coming to shove and changes are all around us.

Just a few days ago, the farm went under contract. Pretty much - it's been SOLD!   Let the cleanout - begin!!  We're not sure, but we think a small (larger home) housing development is going in. (Don't quote me!)

A short year ago... we had a farm sale here and that was a "sad day".  This is, in a way, almost sadder.  I had no idea there were so many treasures hidden, buried deep within the "guts" of this ole farm.   
Things that belong in an auction house - in my opinion.  :)

But even more - are the memories and stories that if only these walls could talk.

Honestly, this puts us (our family) in position for some immediate changes (at least, in the next couple of months) to begin afresh with our own "new adventures".

Lord Willing, we'll be buying a house... 

A home of our own... where out lives will continue on to tell our own stories.  

This place.  This farm was our home for the past eight years.  Our roots run deep...here.
Intertwined. And, this ripping and pulling away feels hard to bare.  Feels hard to face.   It feels like a birthing.  The pains are great.  
Taking our breath away...

We need lots and lots of prayer... as the days ahead continue. We ask for peace, patience, and God's continued providence... in our lives!!

**You know what else this will mean?  The nature of the photos/my photos, for this blog, are going to change.  And, see!!  Now, I made you sad too!  
I'm so sorry...



  1. You know Bevy I have been in your shoes, and it is very hard and sad but looking back now, I was blessed to walk and live where I did it was part of the journey, God already knows where you will be and his decision is always the best. I always thought that when I bought my first home instead of renting, I would be overjoyed.. honestly I never got excited one bit.. I was just relieved that I had a place to lay my head, to get my kids settled and to make it a home. I think God worked in me to show me that it doesn't matter the dwelling but what matters is that I love all things home and it is about the inside of myself and being content with making life for my little family a home.. So now 5 years later, when we go out and come back to the new home, I can say "Home".. Even if I would lose it all today, I know that God will provide, put me where he needs me and in that alone is peace.. I have to say when we were forced to move due to the sale of land, I was a sinner, not saved, not following God, I believed but was no where living the life he wanted for me, it stripped me to the core, and for that I am so grateful, thankful and blessed now beyond belief.. Life is good and girl I know you are saved and living under his realm so things are gonna be fine.. Prayers will continue to be said for you to have a place to call home, and let the memory making begin.. Get your camera reading its gonna be amazing... Love and hugs.. Im a phone call away if you need a shoulder..

  2. I'm in a limbo place as well and I know this can be difficult firsthand. Praying.

  3. oh friend...I'm sorry that you are hurting right now. I know what it is to be torn away from a place where your roots run deep. I know how deeply it hurts, but you are not alone. This is a portion of your life where Jesus is walking along carrying you on the path. He will help you to abide in Him.

    Praying that all works out well with your new home...this new adventure...this place where everything will not feel like home except for the fact that the five of you are residing there. But then.my dear Bevy, it will become home, too...day by day as you live your life's story out there.

    There will always be beauty for your great photography eye to capture...God's creation is all around us and He has gifted you with that eye for art regardless of where you are.

    You have not made me sad...you have blessed me by sharing your brokenness here with me as I read. There is beauty all around us and you will capture it again, both in the hurting times and in the happy times.

    Love you, Girlfriend.

  4. Hi friend,
    It was very hard for Chris and I to leave our beautiful home in Souderton. Green street was so very special to us. We were there only half as long as you've been at yours but I actually still dream about it, even 20+ years later!
    But the good news is that the process of looking and buying our own home for the first (and only) time once we moved to TN was wonderful! It took forever because we were so picky but you have seen the end result and it is definitely our forever home. It doesn't make Green St. any less special, however. I KNOW you will love your new house and you and your family will quickly make it the best HOME ever!
    I will miss your farmhouse. I will always have wonderful memories of our times there. I look forward to new times in a different place and I pray that you will, too xoxooxox

  5. I love all the encouragement from your loving friends! Yes, it's hard to change and move.
    Be careful not to let your children feel scared (I know you won't, just the mother in me).
    I'm actually excited for you. Been through all of this. Looking from the other side, you WILL find contentment.
    Yes, I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
    Thank you for the update, appreciated!

  6. It is so hard to pull up roots... I will be praying for your family. xo

  7. Dear Bevy, Thinking about you so much lately...and praying for you and your family. I pray all is going well with your house hunting. It can be sad and challenging to make a change but it can also be a tremendous blessing. May this be an exciting new adventure for you. Melanie P.


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