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Monday, March 6, 2017

{BagsbyBevy} I don't think you've ever met Maude!!

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:: Homespun Baby! Shoes ::
gifted to my cousin Sarah and Randy - for their little guy!!

:: Homespun Baby! Shoes ::
gifted to Mrs. G (my youngest's Kindergarten Teacher) 

:: Tea Wallet ::
small, holds 4 tea bags
gift to a sweet friend from church

These are all gifts - but I wanted to show you what all has been happening in stolen moments, here and there!!

Basically, I needed to get these items done - before "packing up" shop.

Oh, and I don't know that I've ever shown you Maude...
I found "her" at a fabric sale for all but $12.00!!

Can I say - thrilled?  I've always wanted a dress form and now, I think I may have a second one on my  hands - here shortly!!  Can't wait.
I love these vintage things!!

That's the latest from BagsbyBevy!!!


  1. Your cousins and the kindergarten teacher received some very special gifts. You do such excellent work, Bevy. If you are packing up shop now does that mean that you aren't doing orders right now?

    1. Thank you, Dianna!! Well... I've been putting some orders on "hold"... why, is there something you're looking for specifically?? and, it is something you need quickly? Have you checked in my etsy shop?


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