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Monday, July 3, 2017

fmf :: Blessing

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Happy Monday afternoon!!
I finally found a moment to hop online and try my hand at expressing my gratitude - all over again.
You could almost say this is part two, in conjunction, to the post I recently added here, in this space, last week.

First off.  I cannot believe how many of you all are still around.  You all said "HELLO"!!!!!  Thank you, oh so much!!  I was so surprised... and admittedly, a little teary-eyed, as well.
If you all recall, I had taken a span of time and tried my hand at writing for the Five Minute Friday meme (via; katemotaung.com) and I was encouraged to see that last's Friday's theme was the word: BLESSING

Well.  That is what I am!!
I am so blessed.
I know I talk on this theme a lot... but if you truly know how much I felt and KNOW that I am blessed... well, you understand.

Is is weird to do a what-is-meant for a Friday post on a Monday??  I hope you don't mind that I will take on the challenge of the next five minutes to share with you my continued blessings.

I got to thinking how we can get caught up in and with the fact that Blessings only come in big packages.  Or, perhaps that is the only time we would ever notice them.

No.  No it isn't true.  Do you realize truly what it is?  The littlest and tiniest of things coming together, mounting up and growing.  Gathered bits and pieces, collected to say... this.  These are your blessings.  Count them.  Name them.  Name them one by one!

When we did our first walk through this new home of ours.  I don't remember noticing this decor decal across the doorway leading into our dining room.
I think I was too busy looking at the larger picture.  Seeing the blessing of God in providing this home in the EXACT location we had been looking and asking for.
Then.  When all of the moving took place and I had found myself in the midst of angst and trial - results of this car accident; the added stress of moving - I saw it!!
There on the wall was this reminder - to COUNT MY BLESSINGS!!!
Was it there all along? Sure it was.  Maybe I did see it before... I don't know.  If I did it just seemed nice and sweet... meaning, I liked the font, etc.  You know?  But, now... though small as it is... THAT - right there, though small, is really one of the biggest blessings I could have in this home.

A constant reminder!!!
When things aren't going as planned.  When life seems really overwhelming, at best.   When I just want to hurry up the processes and get on with it.
It's the reminder to slow down and really count them.

* the gift of flowers
* the girls playing so nicely together
* the shady backyard tree
* the car rental, that is easy to get in to
*friends and family and who have tirelessly contributed their time, meals, and contribution of labor on our behalf. 

Count Your Blessings


  1. Sweet Bevy, it is always a "Blessing" to read right here. I am so thankful to be a reader. I agree it is a awesome reminder to have in a new home, because moving is so trying and then to go thru a car accident in the same time frame, it can bring one to tears. I think having a reminder like that in your new home just shows GOD'S hand was all over this with you and your family. And for that I am thankful. Love and hugs dear girl.. Looks like you have a lovely new home and yard. The girls are so adorable.

  2. You, Bevy, are a blessing to those who know you. I'm so glad that we are also a blessing to you. God's blessings are all around us if only we take the time to open our eyes and see. Just as you saw that lovely script in your dining room when you just stopped and looked. Your new home looks lovely.

  3. When I pulled up the FMF links this week and saw your post...I thought "I know her!" Of course, you have no idea who I am but I read your blog often for so long and have just recently returned to blogging, etc. Your posts are encouraging - and thought provoking - and your pictures are wonderful! So glad to have stumbled across your blog again! Congratulations on your new home!!

  4. Hi Bevy! This is my first time here on your blog and I'm so pleased to meet you. I LOVE wall art like yours! We have it all over our place too. It's so important to put strategic reminders of God's goodness around our home. We never know when we'll need it.

    Have a great week!
    Shauna Blaak (your neighbour in FMF#89)

  5. Just look at those precious girls with their dolls. Counting Blessing with you!!!


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