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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

fmf :: play

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What is fmf, you ask??   Five Minute Friday.
An opportunity to share in five minutes, your thoughts, on the prompt word given.  Not a lot of overthinking or time spent...
This week's word was: Play

Oh the things you find when one of your kiddos asks if they can play with your phone!!
Scrolling through... it makes me nearly laugh at all the fun and creativity this girl provides...
Here are just two I've found, recently, on my phone...
Silly girl!!  I often find she's recorded videos, songs... antics. :)
Being the middle child - she is often adaptable to others taking charge at what to play but before long - you can hear her calling the shots and everyone, then, follows Aubrey... :)

My daughter is a lot like me - growing up.  As the oldest child, I was always creatively coming up with new ideas and things to play - make believe. 
One day I'd be a nurse, the next a school teacher, the next a mom...
Always pretending to be someone else and someone older than me.  I NEVER played things as my own age...my bike was always my car!!!
Oh, and when it was time to do the dishes or help in the garden...
Nope.  I was off, playing or hiding... pretending I had to use the bathroom.  BAAADDDD!!!

I don't know what I would have been like had my parents a cell phone to play on.

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