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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gifts that remain..

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Friends are amazing!
And, sometimes there are those who go above and beyond!!

My sister in law and brother were gifted a Wedding Gift - that I have always admired.  One night, while visiting their home... I snapped a photo... and went to our mutual friend, who made it and asked her what it would be for her to make me one?  I wanted to pay for her time and talent and well, why not? It's so worth every penny...

Oh, NO!!  "Bevy, this is a gift - to you!"... a birthday/housewarming Gift.  Just because".

Ya'll.  I don't think my breath has been caught yet.  :)

I love it.
This is one gift that will always remain... 
"the thoughtfulness of a dear friend".


  1. What a beautiful gift Bevy. Hope you are on the mend and getting settled into your new home. XO

  2. How sweet, and what a lovely gift!


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