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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Place :: home!

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“It's sad if people think that's (homemaking) a dull existence, [but] you can't just buy an apartment and furnish it and walk away. It's the flowers you choose, the music you play, the smile you have waiting. I want it to be gay and cheerful, a haven in this troubled world. I don't want my husband and children to come home and find a rattled woman. Our era is already rattled enough, isn't it?  ― Audrey Hepburn
Thinking about my place in the home!!!  There is this... 

It's this chair that's become my space and place!!  A quiet evening, an early morning... while on the phone, talking to a friend or checking messages.  Sipping on a cup of coffee or a pink drink... sharing a moment with one of my kiddos or hubby... just talking!
This is a place to say "I'm at home".

And, then.  There is the rest of the place that is mine!!

The rest of the home!!  And, what an opportunity - to resemble Jesus in this Place!! 

Switching gears, here, for a moment.  Bear with me!
 Oh, the tears began to fall this morning.
Another place... I want to talk about is here... Treasured Up and Pondered.
Through a small series of events - an old blogging friend and I recently reconnected.
As I logged in to view her blog and "catch back up" on and in her online space...
the tears just filled my eyes.
When you have soul sisters... who without even really "saying" anything - simply minister to you!!

You know?   And, then through that, following along... I stumbled across an old Part 1 and Part 2 (two different posts, of my own) that I had truly, truly forgotten about.  Stories that I personally had shared, with my kids, a couple of years ago, from my childhood-past, that tied into the present of today - and were life-lessons that I had totally and completely forgotten about.
God knew this...

This is why I love being a stay-at-home-mom!!
Having a Place!!
Having a heart and home for serving others.
For listening.
For helping.
For being available.
Is it always easy?  No.  And, I have my moments where I want to get off the train.
(though, those are getting less and less) :)

But to be able to have this place for journaling, for me, is a salve for my soul. 
So many times... I have been able to sit and re-read something the Lord has laid on my heart - completely written in the past - that is so very vital for my present reality.

It's moments and times like these that un-rattle me!!!!

In other words.  I'm undone!!
 place to land
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  1. I love that Audrey Hepburn quote! So real and practical and explanatory. I love having a little spot that is just the perfect place for you whenever you need it.
    ~Your FMF Neighbor also posting on Tuesday!

  2. Oh my Bevy, loved the quote.. and HOME.. Such a beautiful place to be. I know everyone women/mother do not look at home/homemaking as a beautiful thing, but its all what you put into it, its all about blessing others that you love. HOME should be a safe haven away from the world, a place to retreat, to regain what the world pulls out of our being. I love home, and all things HOME.. cooking, cleaning, and just making a safe enjoyable place for my husband to land after a hard days work, and a place where my children that are home and one that is no longer home have a constant in their lives that they always have a place to retreat too. And so ya know, your blog touches lives even when you dont realize it. And it was such a joy to see the black rocking chair on your porch. I have a GOD moment with a black rocking chair.. I will have to email you the whole story.. GOD is amazing.. Thanks for sharing and its glad to read that reconnected with an old friend. XO

    I am really busy today, so watch for the email in a few. :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for blessing me.

  4. I do like your space there in the chair on the porch . I am glad you have found your home . For me home is where your heart is , where you hang your hat and for us gardeners your rubber boots and bakers/cooks well your apron lol ! I am pleased for you and your family . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  5. g'morning. :) i found your blog by way of *stella* and am so thankful to have done so! i'll be adding you to my reading list. :)



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