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Friday, January 12, 2018

Broadcasting seeds...leads to viable growth!

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It's amazing how just thinking of and taking a word.  One word, for the year!  How thinking on that and pondering over it - and we're what, only about two weeks in? - and how this has really, already made an impact on how I'm thinking and feeling in my day-to-day...

Growth is powerful.   But. 

Before there is growth of any kind - there has to be seeds.

I was listening, this morning, to a preacher share... actually, I caught him by accident.  I wasn't really listening... but he was talking about seeds.  How that they have to be planted before they do anything else.  I mean, you can hold em in your hand and look at the all day - but they won't do any good at all unless they are sown... in other words, "broadcasted" or scattered!!

It made me pause.
Who or what has "broadcasted" those seeds into heart-soil?  The word "broadcast" took me off guard.  Its a big one.  We use it - but not necessarily like this anymore.  To broadcast - gives the picture of " to spread far and wide"...
  The further and wider they are sown out... means a larger and better yield.

What matters, though, is what kinds of seeds there are.  Do I know?

My prayer is that they are good seeds.  Right seeds.  Vital to my life seeds.

Not weed seeds.  No!

Seeds of encouragement.  Seeds of kindness.  Gentleness.  Relation-ally speaking that they would be seeds of good and healthy friendships.  Positive for growth in business skills.

Growing in peace and patience.
Confidence and willpower!  Stamina and resiliency.  

Guess what?

Did you know we are seed sharers? We are.
Think of every time we blow upon that dandelion - we spread a bunch of seeds with every puff.

I know.  Its not something we think about in the middle of January.  But what kinds of growth are you anticipating?  Are you aware the sort of seeds that have been sown into your life?   Are you putting yourself in position to garner those seeds for viable growth?  What are you broadcasting??

Just for fun.  I thought I'd show you my violets.  My mom gave them to me, after we moved in to our new home... and ya'll.  I have not really ever had success with indoor plants growing to their full potential.  Ever.  Whether it was just not the right place in the home, with adequate sunshine, perhaps I'd forgotten to water them...etc.  But... do you see?  They're blooming!!

I think we're going to keep on this topic for awhile...


  1. You are such a wonderful storyteller! This post has so much in it.
    I hope you continue to share your thoughts because I really enjoy them.

    As women, God made us nurtures, children, plants, animals or others.
    It doesn't surprise me that your violets are growing.
    Good job!

  2. Very good food for thought, my friend. I'll be pondering this the rest of the day. :) xx

  3. I'm missing you, sweet friend. I hope you are doing well. xx


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