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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

This was only a dream...

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I don't know that I have ever done this before in all my time of blogging.   But... I've decided to give it a whirl and that is to share a dream that I had the other night.  I'm not even going to say the usual; "Thank GOD, it was just a dream", because it really did unnerve me and made me wonder what you might think or do if this ever became a reality for you..?

Okay.  here goes.

For whatever reason - we were in a totally different house.  And, my family was all asleep - upstairs.
It was pretty late.  I think I was tidying up the kitchen.  I don't know if our porch light was on or not. But I sensed someone outside, at the front door.
It was a dog.   Never saw it before.  I shooed it off and turned out the light to the kitchen but then I noticed a truck just circling the driveway.   I turned the light back on and watched... it would stop.   Then I would turn it back off.  It would go... around the circle drive again.  (We don't have a circle drive... this was a dream... remember?)

The whole time, I'm thinking I should go wake my hubby up...?
But...What if this stranger really needed help?

You know. 

What if this was an angel... a true visit from "Jesus" himself?  I would feel horrible if it was and I haven't "helped" a stranger who needed something.  Then the other thoughts would come...
No - this is dangerous.  Don't "flirt" with the light - on and off.   This is definitely weird.  
Like I said... a dream.  I woke up - I really have no idea how the story ended.   Except that I woke up feeling bothered.


Do you ever feel compelled to go out of your way to "help someone in need" and especially in those strange situations... even if and where it really could be something gone wrong?  I know God is not the author of confusion...so maybe this dream was a figurative test to see my reaction?  Testing my faith and Obedience...?  I really don't know.  What would I do...if this happened in reality?

I remember a time - couple of years ago - our family was on vacation.  My kids still talk about this... where we were approached with a "sob story" - a plea for help from an individual.   It was hard to know.  Hard to discern, if they were telling the truth.  But, acting out of obedience my husband felt compelled to oblige the request.   It truly left an impression on our kiddos as they witnessed the whole thing AND it allowed for deeper conversation... about this very thing.

I remember another time, however - where I truly "walked on by"... and {their} eyes still vividly come to mind!!  Here is where I have to trust that the Lord knows my heart...
I still pray for that couple.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. ~ Hebrews 13:2, ESV


  1. Wow.. gave me chill bumps for sure.. I think it is hard to discern what path to take in situations as these.. Today's times are definitely scary and troublesome but what do we do? Something to really ponder on.. Gut instinct? Got me thinking..

  2. Ugh... This is a hard one. Being married to a Police officer, I'm reminded often of the crazy/dishonest/dangerous people out there. Hearing the stories from just one of Erich's shifts alone will give you goose bumps. Needless to say I am a cautious one. But I also believe there is good in this world still, and I believe what Connie said: "Gut instinct" serves us well. Sometimes you just know, other times it is a bit harder to discern. And as far as your dream goes, keep the light on, but go get your husband!!!! ha!
    A few weeks ago we had someone pound on our door at 9pm. (This is very unusual for our area and the road we live on) Thankfully Erich was home, he went to the front door and turned the front porch light on and looked through the window in the door, and the man (in his mid-twenties) looked shocked to see that we were home. Erich motioned for him to go around back (our front door is old and sticks), but by the time that Erich put his coat on and went out the back door (with his gun) the man had hopped back in his car and peeled out of the driveway. It gave me the chills!!!!
    I Do believe that we are supposed to help people, but never put yourself in harms way just because you think you are to do the right thing, It's a fine line. xo

  3. I thought your dream sounded like a warning dream. If I had a dream like that I would start paying close attention to notice if any strange vehicles were circling around your street or house. Your subconscious mind may have noticed things that haven't registered in your everyday thinking. I'd also be sure my doors and windows were locked. Most likely my interpretation of the dream has to do with recent goings on in my neighborhood. There is a small mall with a large grocery store and other stores in my area. I no longer go there because often pan handlers have approached me as I was loading groceries, asking if I had any spare change I could give them. Sorry, but I'm not standing there on a parking lot, fiddling around and opening my purse, to find money and then getting close enough to hand it to them. Not happening. In fact, I quit going to that store because one can never know but what the next time it might be a carjacker rather than a pan handler who approaches.

    Twice in the last two years we have had strangers come knocking on our door after dark. Once offering some type of fee coupons to us through the locked front door, trying to get us to open the door to them, and one guy talking about a roofing repair estimate ( it was night time!). We didn't open the door to them, and I called and reported each time to police. Our community has a no door to door sales solicitation ordinance, so even if they were salesman, they were in the wrong. I think it was a ploy to see if anyone was home, and not sales at all.

    Take care.

  4. That give me goosebumps. I have had dreams like that sometimes, too, and they really do "stick", don't they?! Sometimes it is hard to discern what we need to do. I think we are supposed to help how and as we can without jeopardizing ourselves. Have a great week- xo Diana


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