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Friday, May 18, 2018

fmf :: Should I tell you..?

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Earlier this month was our 13th Wedding Anniversary. 

I don't know that too many know - but the ones that do, have gotten used to it, or perhaps they've forgotten.  But my husband and I met through eHarm*ny!!
Yes, that is right.

It's funny how we even "forget" that, that is how we met.  You know.  When something God ordains, like meeting your spouse through "unexpected" ways, means many friends and family may be surprised!!  Which they were.

It's not like we kept anything a secret or anything... it is just the way it was meant to be.  Through a short courting period and a nine month engagement...here is what was kept a secret.

Where we were going for our honeymoon!
It drove many, many people crazy.
It drove me semi-nuts...

Wanna know why?

Because.  I didn't know where we were going either.

My hubby had it all planned out.
He generalized what kinds of things I might need to pack... but that was it.
Oh, he's so good at surprises.   And... He's done this several times since.  All in good and fun and helpful ways.  Don't worry.  He is not a secretive person or not forthcoming... always honest.  Which, I love and appreciate...

But, it drives our 3 kiddos bonkers, too!!  :)  "Dad's got a secret brewing again...!!"

You know what I think, about the not-knowing part, in regards to our honeymoon?

Should I tell you?  Or, should I keep my thoughts to myself...?

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  1. Your husband sounds like a fun guy. =)

  2. TELL!!!!!
    Where did you go on your Honeymoon???

    Don't ever tell me a secret. I even read the end of books and ask about the end of a movie. That drives mu husband crazy.

    I can see Aubrey in the picture of you. So sweet!

  3. Well where did you go? Wherever it was, I am sure you had a wonderful time. I can keep a secret for awhile, but my husband and my sister always knows how to get it out of me.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Bevy. I love your story, it is a fun one. God works in all kinds of ways for sure. I do look forward to finding out where you went on your honeymoon, So I will check back in later.


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