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Friday, August 3, 2018

fmf | anniversary

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An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

When I pondered what and where I might start with this prompt word... anniversary... I went to a moment that happened just yesterday afternoon.  

I found myself in a really deep funk.  It's been a crazy, busy week (by our own doing)... lots of activities for the kids.  Things like camp, school functions (yes! you read that right!  - My 11yr old, son, is heading into middle school and so there is a lot of "training" and getting comfortable with a BIG school... as a newbie - young man!) and an evening VBS that our kids were excited to attend - again.   They remembered how much they enjoyed it last year...and wanted to go again.  But.
We're heading out to a family vacation - leaving early, early tomorrow morning.  I'm excited and ready... but, again... I've been in this deep funk and "dreading" the process of making this all happen.  Anybody, know or relate to what I'm saying?

So... yesterday afternoon.  I took a half an hour and sat out on the back porch, rocking away - totally taken away by the beauty of the skies with the colors and the clouds...
With thoughts swirling of, "I can't believe we've lived here already for over a year"; "we've talked about doing such and such - wonder when that project will ever get done?"... all while the to-do list that I should have been doing was getting done (in my head!) but not actually.   I needed to pause...
A storm had just rolled through, so the trees and plants and flowers were glistening with rain droplets that shimmered like glitter in the now filtered afternoon sunlight.  I was mesmerized.  Thoughts of everything just piling up... dreams of yesteryear... and hopes for tomorrow... all of this, collided as the screen door jolted me "awake".  I almost got rattled at the seemingly interruption.

It was my nine year old.  My beautiful girl.  The epitome of all my thoughts into one.  She was growing up way to fast.  We sat there together; on our porch rockers.  Me on one and she on the other.  The one that was all wet, but she didn't care... she would dry.  She said, with a smile! (Oh! to be so carefree... at nine years old with little to no worries or cares.)   Wasn't it just yesterday - I rocked her in my arms?  That little one, always alert and capturing everything...never missing a beat to anything.

As we talked of all the pretties, of the moment, within our view... I asked her to run in for my camera.
Together we captured, on lens, what we saw.  Of course, a teaching moment... in the how-to's... for her of using the lens (what little I know!)... and me "letting go" - of the way it should be done and letting her learn...

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!
Happy Anniversary!
Here is to some creativity, with the camera, from both of us. 
Enjoy the photos of our lovely few minutes of yesterday afternoon.  
PS: Its hard to stop once the creative juices start flowing... 

If only we could have captured the clouds... the way they captured me, in the first place.

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  1. Lovely! The photos, the glimpse into your sweet moment with your daughter, and this beautiful blog.

  2. Great pictures! And yes, life moves too fast sometimes. It's good to take those moments to slow down and reflect and notice what's around us! Visiting from FMF #9.

  3. Thank you for letting us into this special moment in your life. We all get into a funk on some days and it is times like this that show us what life is really all about.

  4. Oh Bevy, we all have those days full of "Funk".. I know for me here lately I just need down time, alone time, and meetin' with Jesus time.. and what a better way than the way you and your sweet girl captured -- outside in the nature.. God's gifts always restores my soul and thoughts where it should be and I hope that you were restored as well. Enjoy your time ahead, and Enjoy that family of yours.. YOU DESERVE IT.. Love ya..


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