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Thursday, October 18, 2018

adding value

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How you do anything is how you do everything.

This statement sucker punches me.  Oh, it don't take much.  All I have to do is to look around, my home, my "office", my gardening... and such...and see what all it is I don't do ... and for whatever reason - that is all that I hear.   The negative side of those words.  The connotation that I don't do anything well.

Letting these words sink in a bit...

I'm coming to terms that if I'm not impressed with my "anything"... its time to make me some changes.

However... the greater word, I need to hear and or preach to myself... is GRACE!!!

Grace doesn't mean that you give up caring...
Grace doesn't meant that you give up, as in- "oh well".
Grace means... to see the changes that you are doing; that they are better than before.  By degrees, we see that there are changes happening and we celebrate.

I will allow the phrase ,"how I do anything is how I do everything", to challenge me and convict me to change...allowing growth.

Why did I title this post - adding value?

Adding value in this case simply encourages my heart.  It is something I've been pondering, here of late.   Its an area where I want to grow.  To add value to others. Adding value whenever we meet, whenever we chat... whenever we're together.  And... I believe...it starts with me; with myself. If I want to be a better friend and to in turn feel valued by others... than I need to start by doing.  I go about with that thought in mind... How can I add value to this person that I'm about to encounter?  

I start by a simple smile and an encouraging word - maybe even throw in a hug or two.  I don't know that it will always be received and that is on that person... but somehow I believe I can make a difference.  

How I do anything... a simple smile and encouraging word, even to myself... is how I do everything... a contagious expression of a heart at peace and full of joy - will then extend and be a blessing to others.

May you have a blessed day!!

** updated to add that I recently included this post to the Five Minute Friday linkup:  The prompt word was Value.



  1. Oh My Goodness... you have done it again!
    This is one of my favorite posts you have written!

    "How can I add value to this person that I'm about to encounter?"
    This is what I'm going to repeat when I come across ANYONE this week!
    Great way to stop and serve others.
    Love this post!!!

    1. Try it, Christine!! It really in one of those questions that stops my in my tracks and makes me think... I've come to realize I haven't always done well...I want to grow as I go and be a "do-better" sort of person in this area. You've been that to me; always a blessing... and I thank you!!!

  2. What a great way too approach each encounter.

    Tort neighbor at FMF


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