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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The thrill of having two... What's up with that?

: : By the way, this all happened yesterday - just to clarify the time frame.

"Help Me!!! oh my word... "

I am currently wondering what in the world is up with the thrill of having two bathrooms... two floors.... two children? All said, it equals TWO messes at the same exact time.

I (God forbid) am quickly going to use the downstairs bathroom. I quick check in on the little ones. They're great. Watching veggie tales, in the living room. Great! I'll just grab a cookbook or two - take a minute, and try to "come up with something" to make for dinner tonight. (I suppose, I took just a little bit too long, because...)

I came out of the bathroom, only to discover one child doing a number on the trashcan. Coffee grounds, cracker crumbs, you name it, everywhere... so I took the time to clean Aubrey up, and the floor, with the dustpan and brush - only to realize that it is really quiet in this house, uhHHH - DUHHHH!! that means that child number two (namely Caleb) is on floor number two with only one potential place of interest in mind-Bathroom number two!

These are the moments when I wish I could capture everything on film. I wish I would have pictures- then again, maybe I don't. I didn't even know where to start. I found an earring of mine in the toilet. Bottles of shower gel were used as stirrers... ? .... I don't know. It was like a water main break had occurred and well, let me just say... it didn't smell very good either (thankfully just of urine). I appologize but I think one of us forgot to perhaps flush the toilet this morning and better yet left the door, to the bathroom, wide open (it could've been either one of us - I don't know!). There was water everywhere.... and well, what a good way to get a thoroughly clean bathroom after that. In the meantime I had to put both of them in their beds (after basically stripping down Caleb) just so I could clean up without further mess.

Anybody else been here?? I know you're all laughing - simply because you can either relate or you can only just imagine... You who can only imagine, you wait. You're turn is coming!

It must have been funny... if only there would've been an audio recording of me. Here I am, I'm murmuring and muttering under my breath. Exactly this; "Huh! The thrill of two bathrooms, two floors, two children!!! What is up with that? They must have conspired... ; 'Hey! Mom's not around, Quick! you take the upstairs bathroom and I'll do the trashcan. Ready, set, go!' "
Listen, I honestly didn't think I was gone that long. But, hey, with your nose in a good cook book - you never know what kind of time goes by, I suppose.

Actually, it was kinda funny. I was so trying not to laugh all while trying to be as stern as I could be to a nearly-about-to-turn TWO year old ... who has no clue what he actually did wrong. He really wasn't interested in anything I was trying to 'correct him of ' - all he was interested in was the Veggie Tale movie, still playing downstairs, as though nothing had gone on any differently.

Oh, yeah. and I forgot to mention that I have my cousin coming over for lunch today. She should be here any minute. (Sigh) This could be a really long day... but one that won't be forgotten. I'm sure.


  1. Haha, I love this post. I also like the new look of the blog! Kudos! The house looks awesome as well!

    I only have 1, and that seems to be a hard enough handful - I can't imagine the time when I will add another (I'm sure you adjust in time)! Lucy is almost 10 months old, and now that she is crawling and cruising, I can't turn my back for a second. Sometimes I quick try to wash 1 dish or turn on the baby food maker or pick up one book she pulled off the shelf and WAM! She is touching the trashcan or eating something off the floor or heading for the stairs. My reflexes have gotten cat-like!

    Thanks for reminding me on hard days/weeks, it's good to have a sense of humor. I've had one of those weeks where I could cry and be frustrated - but I appreciate the challenge of LAUGHING instead!


  2. Humour is a great thing in these circumstances. What a day you had. My boys are 19 and 20 now and my daughter 12 yet I remember those days like yesterday. Enjoy them.....ok, try, maybe....Hugs, Heather


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