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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

going somewhere

 Found these footsie photos on my camera/phone.   I cannot deny - these feet are my daughter's.  :)

 She got me to thinking... about me, as a youngster, growing up.  And, to this day... I love my bare feet... to be read... I don't like wearing shoes.  But...as a young gal, my issue was occasionally stubbing a toe - as I would be running or walking down the road.  I specifically remember, one time, stubbing my toe extremely hard on the macadam.  OUCHie!!  And, oh the blood... it is a wonder I have that fifth toe still on my foot.  
Probably more than that were the times I would sprain or overturn my ankles, as I'd run across the yard.  Oh, I would have such a horrible time with that.  One time, so that I had no excuse and still had to go to school.. my dad made a "homemade" single crutch, for me, to use - which I was "so embarrassed" by.  I hated that thing!!  I remember taking it to school but refusing to use it... so I hid it in the corner of our classroom.  I'm not sure why I'm telling you all that, other then... I ask.  Why do we "refuse" help?  Especially, when it is being offered.  People looking on - know it is of our best interest that we take the help they offer. 

Oh, and then there was the time  - I KNOW I broke my toe - possibly even two of them, on the same foot.  There is nothing to be done, really, about broken toes... but... to realize... time will heal.  And... we keep moving on, right?

Many of you remember, that my word for this year - is Grow or Growth!!

Well... let me tell you.  That has been happening.  I'm so grateful, for it, too!!   One of the books I've been reading is by a man I heard speak for the first time, back in the summer - though, he's been around for like "forever"... is John C. Maxwell.   I fell in love with his teaching style... and wow!!  Because, of that... I'm soaking up his books.  As many as I can.    The one I'm currently reading is: 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.
Amazing!!  I'm currently in a book study with several others and we're going through this book.  You should see my copy... totally underlined and highlighted.  It's dog-eared and notes written in on the side lines.  It's been a perfect book for me to read.  I needed it.

One illustration, John, shared in this book - encourages me soooo much!!  
Found on page 131... He writes.... Inventor Charles F. Kettering, who was the head of research at General Motors, said, "You will never stub your toe standing still.  The faster you go, the more chance there is of stubbing your toe, but the more chance you have of getting somewhere."
John continues...In other words, where there is no struggle, there is no progress or gain.. facing difficulties is inevitable - but learning from them is optional.


In owning my own business... I have had some serious bumps in the road, in the past.   I have stubbed my "toe(s)" from time to time.  Which, in reality, is very encouraging.  And, I will have more "stubbed toes" in the future.   A stubbed toe - brings out all the feelings, doesn't it?  There is this temptation to give up - and hobble off the course.  However, when kept in perspective... the reality is - we've been going somewhere.  Presumably, forward!!!  And, THAT is what is truly important.  TO KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!

You don't get anywhere sitting on the sidelines - cheering everyone else along, now do you?

In my job, I am referred to as an Ambassador.  (The same applies, in that I'm a Christian - an Ambassador for Christ!)  What does an Ambassador do?
Well... they tell.  They bring good news!  They share - all the amazing things they know and have come to learn and understand.  They represent...

I like how this verse in Romans 10:15b says... 
 "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news."

You may get tired so rest, if you must, but never, ever quit.

I am going to share one word of caution.  You can't walk the road alone.  For he that travels by himself - is going too fast!!   We need each other!!  Be sure - your "buddy" is with you - as you go!!!

I hope I've been a blessing here to someone today!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

adding value

. . . ... . ... .. .. ... ... ... . ... ... .. .. .. .. . .. . ..  ..

How you do anything is how you do everything.

This statement sucker punches me.  Oh, it don't take much.  All I have to do is to look around, my home, my "office", my gardening... and such...and see what all it is I don't do ... and for whatever reason - that is all that I hear.   The negative side of those words.  The connotation that I don't do anything well.

Letting these words sink in a bit...

I'm coming to terms that if I'm not impressed with my "anything"... its time to make me some changes.

However... the greater word, I need to hear and or preach to myself... is GRACE!!!

Grace doesn't mean that you give up caring...
Grace doesn't meant that you give up, as in- "oh well".
Grace means... to see the changes that you are doing; that they are better than before.  By degrees, we see that there are changes happening and we celebrate.

I will allow the phrase ,"how I do anything is how I do everything", to challenge me and convict me to change...allowing growth.

Why did I title this post - adding value?

Adding value in this case simply encourages my heart.  It is something I've been pondering, here of late.   Its an area where I want to grow.  To add value to others. Adding value whenever we meet, whenever we chat... whenever we're together.  And... I believe...it starts with me; with myself. If I want to be a better friend and to in turn feel valued by others... than I need to start by doing.  I go about with that thought in mind... How can I add value to this person that I'm about to encounter?  

I start by a simple smile and an encouraging word - maybe even throw in a hug or two.  I don't know that it will always be received and that is on that person... but somehow I believe I can make a difference.  

How I do anything... a simple smile and encouraging word, even to myself... is how I do everything... a contagious expression of a heart at peace and full of joy - will then extend and be a blessing to others.

May you have a blessed day!!

** updated to add that I recently included this post to the Five Minute Friday linkup:  The prompt word was Value.


Friday, September 28, 2018

fmf | potential

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I'm sitting here today with a steamy cup of hot coffee or is it tea?  I've had both by now.  Calendars lie open in front  of me.  My plans for the day have all turned upside down.  The rest of the weekend is looking to do the same.  And, on into next week.

What do you do when plans fail to succeed?   Are plans always set in stone?  We set this date and that.  We cross our fingers and hope for the best.  We pray for "traveling mercies" and then it all falls through.  Thank God, for white-out!  Right?

Truth is.  We never know.  We can hope and assume the best.  But potential is where its at.

Scripture talks of this.

The heart of man plans his way,
    but the Lord establishes his steps.  ~ Proverbs 16:9 ESV
Oh, by the way.   Since I'm a fan of both White Chocolate and Coconut... these cookies are supposedly to be the best!!!  We'll see, as I'm about to taste.  
 I planned on making them today...based off of what they looked like, on a photo.  LOL.  :)  Okay.  Verdict!!  Totally, flat as a pancake... not near the same caliber.   Nonetheless.  Potential is where it stands.  {bites..}  Yup!!!
They've got it.   Gheez... they're good!!!

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Friday, September 14, 2018

fmf | crowd always follows

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It doesn't matter where we go - a crowd always follows.  

Personally, this "happenstance" has never crossed my mind enough to notice - until my hubby (repeatedly) makes mention and now even the kids will say something.   So, for instance... pulling into an empty parking lot...by the time we leave...its full!!  Pull up to any drive-through window... the cars follow.   The restaurant is quiet...and before you know it... its loud and bustling.  Albeit all to say... I know many times, more than we realize, we too are part of any given crowd that follows. It is NOT because we are special, or, of great importance that we notice these crowds, however, it's just become a funny!!  Birds of a feather flock together.  Did you know, though... you can be in the largest crowd and feel the most alone you have ever felt?  I have.

I had to think of crowds and how, in general, I take to them.   I think it depends on what it is...and where.  But... there are days... when a crowded grocery store is NOT where I want to be.  However, a good crowd gathered to fellowship, celebrate or cheer someone on... is so exciting!  Do - I like to be in the center of that crowd or on the fringe?  Oh, I like to say - the more the merrier...but do I really like it?  I'll leave you to wonder that one. 

 One thing I know to be true.  When God's Word says, Where two or three are gathered in my name - there I am, in the midst of them. ~ Matthew 18:20... well, now I'm all over that.

Maybe it is community I'd rather be part of instead of a crowd.  
Do you recognize the difference?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Friday, September 7, 2018

fmf | feel the rain

. ... . .... ... ... ... ... .... .. .. .. . ... .... .. . .. .. .
Some people feel the rain - others just get wet!

A couple of years ago - I can recall...outdoors planting some "gifted" plants and wanted to get them in the ground before it rained.  You know how things "grow"...?  Better to set in wet soil than in dry....however, a good soaking rain (after planting) is especially good!!!
My girlies were out there with me - and before I knew it, here it came.  A gentle but steady - WET - rain.  Getting rather intense, actually.  My first thought was to race indoors and call the girls behind me.  Nope!!

They were having fun!!  Twirling and laughing.  Soaking it all up.  The blessing of feeling the rain - and not just getting wet.   I, on the other hand,   had to really think about that.  As much as I love me a rainy day (and I talk about that often) my first and immediate inclination is to run in and get out of the rain.   I don't know that I've slowed ever down long enough to really feel it.   Maybe I have.  I'm getting better.  At least, I hope so.

You know.  Troubles - they fall like rain...we say.   Why are we in such a hurry to get out of the rain?  Why are we in such a hurry to get out of the troubles - that come?  Blessings also fall like rain - we like to say!
Yet, we're willing to bask in those?   I don't know. 
I'm pondering all of this today... how about you?  Are you a person who just gets wet or do you like feeling the rain?

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