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Friday, June 14, 2019


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Your ordinary, real, everyday....
is the best gift you have.
Don’t miss it.

I sit here thinking what it must be like for an acquaintance friend of mine, a mother to 5 or 6, to rather recently "lose" her spouse... she's grieving today - but he is safely HOME!!

For another - the news reels dictate a change in weather patterns, "later tonight!",  that could ultimately change everything for their week away.  But as of today, this moment, the sun is currently shining hot and bright!! 

Our circumstances can change as fickle as the weather - but as sure and as certain as death. 

Dear reader, did you know that your friends and family are waiting on the hope your story can bring?  Oh, it's beautiful.  Why does it have to be perfect?  Why is the "fear of man" rising up?  It shouldn't.  Be brave.  Be courageous.  Don't withhold!

Tell your story! 

The nitty-gritty of your each and every day could be a game-changer; a life-changing moment, for that certain someone who is following in your shadow.

Proverbs 3:27-28   ---  Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.  Do not say to your neighbor, "Come back later, I'll give it tomorrow" -- when you now have it with you.

Determine to make this ordinary come alive with a little extra!!  Make it extraordinary... but, keep it real.  Because - it is!!

 May your day be blessed and filled with hope!!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Kindness really matters!

Oh my word.  I don't blame a single soul for falling off "my bandwagon" - here at Treasured Up and Pondered.  In fact, if you are reading this... I'm impressed.  Because, I've fallen off... as well.  Obviously.

So, for that... dear friend and reader...I say, if you're here and still "desiring to hear" anything from me - I say THANK YOU!   Yes, thank you for your kindness.... and your patience ... and your prayers.   Please feel my {hugs} and see my smiles...

Truth is.  Our plates are full.   I don't like to say we've been busy - because everyone is and can be "busy". Instead of busy I'll refer to it as - we've been "investing" ourselves into lots of different areas...

We're wrapping up the school year, with the kiddos, in just a few more short weeks.   My husband has also recently finished up a 15-month stent on taking up some Theological studies... he graduates, here, in early June.  His desire in this course has been for himself to grow - as a husband, a father, a leader, a friend; a way to better connect all the dots.  I think he's really grateful and blessed to have gone through this course.  I'm glad he did it and stuck to it.

Our home-based business continues to keep us on our toes... with its highs and lows.  All is fine!!  We continue to learn; grow ourselves as better individuals and leaders...we still LOVE what we do and what it is all about and why.  It's been life-changing, for us!!
We're always willing to share with others - a better way!!  Health and happiness is everyone's hope!!!

Church life is full of changes and challenges.  There are lots of things to be a part of...and areas to serve and mature in.   We don't live super close to our church, anymore - so there is that distance factor that plays a part in how much we can logistically be involved.  We're so grateful to have a wonderful church family...who understands and still encourages us! 
Something to keep in mind.  It really does matter how much you offer in as to what you you'll receive out of church.  There is no perfect situation.... BUT GOD!!! 

One of our most recent endeavors has been the invite to join a family/friends, of ours, in Revolutionary War reenactments.   This is mostly on account of our 11 yr old son.  His passion is beautiful combo of history and music.  So his role, in this "new hobby of ours" is an acting hornist for this particular regime; while the rest of us consider ourselves as camp followers or sutlers.    Doing this as a family allows us all to be involved; all going the same direction - with activities and such.   So far it has been a process; keeping to authenticity is very vital.  I really appreciate learning and understanding all of this.  It really has been fascinating.    How do I mean?    I've been helping to do the sewing for a lot of our 18th century garb.  Any visible seam needs to be hand-sown.  But, not only that... the cloth needs to be 100% wool or linen or cotton.  Only certain colors are of the time period...
So, there are lots of things to learn and lots of events to participate in - and new and interesting people to get to know.   ** I realize, I really should do some posts, with photos, on these, in effort to better preserve our memories - that we've been making as a family.

What else?

Of course - we're gearing up for summer and all its activities. Hoping for a couple of trips... one business related the other a family vacation.
We're also honing in on a few lingering house projects.... such as settling our side flower bed, putting up a washline (I cannot believe I've gone this long with out one! - kinda driving me cray-cray!!) and hopefully getting an outbuilding shed type thingy.   I'm sure there is a longer list...

My hubby and I just celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary!!  Yay!!!   Looking forward to forever...

Our son - is getting soooooo tall.  AND, his voice is deepening every. single. day.   It's so crazy how fast they change.  Caught in that place of wanting to still play with matchbox cars and nerf guns while busting out of shoes and his clothes - like a young man, should!!
Oh - and our two girls (ages 10 and 7) both donated 12" of hair.  Their first time of EVER getting their hair cut... even trimmed.  So, of course, the gal probably took a total of 14", till it was all said and done....
I was proud of them.  Of course, this mama shed a tear ever so slightly.  I thought I'd tear up more.  I am sure it was because we talked about long and hard enough to finally just "do it".   Right?   They still have pretty long hair and could almost go for a "round-two" already... but, they don't want it any shorter, at this point. 

 Why all this ramble?   I have no idea -- other than, I just needed to get it all out there - as a way to play catch up. Get my fingers back to the keyboard.  I've really missed it.   This quiet, reflective space...   

I will say.  I was having a chat with my 10 year old, this morning.  She "unloaded" it all... the tears were flowing and I was holding her and listening.  The things she shared were real, and raw; things I could easily relate to - as I've been there myself, many times.     One of things I shared, with her,  in return, is that as you grow into a young woman - you will find that this may happen again - over and over and over again!   Relationships and friendships will come and go.  Being kind through them all speaks volumes.  But, yes!  There is what feels like a footprint left on your heart.  Sometimes it hurts.  Sometimes it really leaves an impression.  Sometimes that is all that it is... but sometimes... its meant to be blessing!!!

May someone's kindness towards you - leave an impression - today!!   How about you - for someone else...okay?  It really matters.  I pray my daughter shines like the sun, today!!!

Friday, March 15, 2019

fmf | place (what if...)

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I realize this favorite phrase of mine - is also a place where many of us dwell but not to many take the leap from.   Would you ponder this with me, today?  What if...

What if...You didn't always have to feel that sickness come on for that oh-so long and oh-so often amount of time?
What if... YOU were the one to feel stronger, feel better and able to smile again?
What if...you prayed and this was your answer?
What if...you could dream again?   This time, BIGGER!!
What if...you thought you were to go here or there and do this or that...but instead, THIS!  This is your place and you fit!!
What if...you decide instead that you are totally worth it - not your things or your stuff... but YOU!

Listen, friend.  I want to tell you something.
All of these  things used to be my "what if's" and now they are my reality.  What if the change you see in me -- could be the change you see in you?

I offer #hope!  A #solution.  There is so much potential.

There is a time and a place to pay attention.

PlaceJoining with the Five Minute Friday community and taking on the prompt word: Place  
Thank you for reading!

Friday, March 1, 2019

fmf | search

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Someone near and dear to me (and, I won't mention names) is on a quest...to actually hear GOD's voice.  They're discouraged and sad that it so far isn't or hasn't been an audible voice for them.  Whenever, we get to connect about it - we try to encourage but with futile words, because even ours won't readily be heard.  We say - "Sometimes, you have to be still (quiet!) and then you will know - God." (Psalm 46:10)

We remind.  "Look at answers, to prayers, you do have - though they've come circumstantially... - they're still answers."
Apparently, that isn't an audible voice; its not enough!

God's voice isn't always clear, is it?  We have his WORD, right, and, we need to pray and ask to have the eyes of our heart, opened, to see clearly.  I talk with my kiddo's quite often (in fact, AGAIN just this morning!) - about the fact that they need to look at me when I am talking to them.  That they will be able to hear me better when they keep their eyes fixed on my face.   Surprise!!!!!

Imagine - the connection that would happen!!!

Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all of your heart. 


Joining with the Five Minute Friday Community today - today's word prompt is: search


Friday, February 8, 2019

fmf | Build

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This prompt word is very interesting.  The other day - my son was working through an assignment for school and it involved a mathematical situation.  The only way to really have him "get it" was to imagine building a house.  We used this analogy and it didn't take him long to get this math problem figured out - correctly. When he saw the way it was originally "figured"... he could truly see the error and KNEW this figurative building wasn't going to work...as it was.

Do we really know what we're working with when we go to build - anything?  Relationships.  A home! Getting a business up off the ground and running.

There is something to be said - in going back and taking a second look as to what you have before you.  Is it a right fit?  Is it coming together - as expected?  Are the others in your "one-anothering" feeling the same connectiveness and commonalities that you feel about them? 
If not.  What needs to change?
When we say we want to "build" something. 
The groundwork being laid - needs to be solid and sure.

You may have heard the phrase... Don't throw your pearls before swine.  Well, what in the world does that even mean?  Right?  Pearls are something of great value.  Swine or a herd of pigs - don't typically care about such things of value. They would, by nature, trample them underfoot and move on.

I've been pondering... about how it looks to or what it means to add value to others.  I want to build a happy and health home (Proverbs 14:1, Proverbs 24:3-4).  My Marriage matters...
Apart from Christ... homes and marriages can falter.   Building up an emergency fund or even our simple bank accounts takes diligence and sometimes sacrifice.   A business will only built if its foundation is secure.  Dreams are great!  But...aren't they only "fluff" without the sweat, grit and tears.

Sometimes.  Building relationships means a simple investment...of time and thoughtfulness.  Maybe MORE than what has already been given.  It may mean more hugs.  A correction.  A listening ear.  A deeper/fuller smile.  A serious question...
Time... putting aside the "me and my wants" for the other.

Something to think about today.

Here is a playdough house that one of my kiddos' made along time ago.  Got love the heart inside the house.

Joining with the Five Minute Friday - Writing Community.  This word prompt is: Build

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