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Monday, May 31, 2010

~ Memorial Day ~

Liberty * Sacrifice * Freedom

{Thank You! to all who have and are serving...this country.}

Happy Memorial Day!

: : I took these pictures, on Saturday, while out and about for Caleb's third birthday.  Check back, later this week, for more on his special day.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no.16/10}

The real title for this post is: "Pa-dink-a-doo". 

I've decided to combine this post with a Friday's Finds.  This little potty chair is one of my favorite finds of all time.   My mom used one, just like this, for us kids, growing up.  And, as long as I can remember...I've wanted to be sure that my kids have some of the same "old-fashioned" (just as useful) commodities, antiques, and ....well, I just love the look of vintage. ;)

So began the endeavor of potty training.  I said "by Caleb's third birthday - he should be trained".  Well, we've been trying for a little while now... and I wasn't going to push it.  But, get this straight.  No WAY! was he going to use this chair.  "Caleb's a big boy", he insisted... so, he uses the real deal, and does really well - peeing- and letting me know when he has to go.  But the "Pa-dink-a-doo" part.  Not so well.

This chair has a clip-on tray.  And originally I was thrilled, of course.  How great!  Keep him occupied with snacks and books, etc. But now it's a mute point.

Then I found this clip-on, type gadget.  Perfect!!!!

But, as I mentioned ... "Caleb's a big boy" and doesn't need to use it.

You might be wondering about this "pa-dink-a-doo" word?  Well, in effort to being silly (see! I do try)... I made up this little song every time we need to go change some one's diaper. 

(Sing along to the tune of  "The Farmer in the Dell")

Pa-dink-a-dink-a-doo, Pa-dink-a-dink-a-doo,

HI -HO- the dairy-O, and, I "sch-mell" you.

If it was just gas... we'll just say... "Who made a poo-der-roo? Was it You?".
Hopefully, that's not too much FYI. Sorry.
And so, Caleb will tell me that he has to go "pa-dink-a-roo"... usually, after it's too late.  ;(

Well, I've got less then two days to get the job done - if I'm going to have him (fully) trained by three years old.  His birthday is tomorrow!
I'm not going to beat myself up about it... but, by the end of this summer...you can be sure.... there will be "No more diaper's for me"!! 

And, as for now, I guess I just have a little ole piece of nostalgia sitting in the back of the closet.  ;)

: : At one point, I thought...Cool!  I could train both of them at the same time.  Girls usually catch on a little quicker, right?...and even the potty chair is a little girly - I admit.  But, nope!  Aubrey screams bloody-murder...so, I guess I won't be pushing her either.  It just comes down to when they're good and ready...on their own.  Any words of advice or insight?? I'll take it. : :

Have a good weekend, everyone!!

...tears are falling, with theirs...

I can't even believe I'm writing this....

The little guy from our church, Owen (7 months old), who I've asked you all to be in prayer for, has gone home to be with Jesus.  Sometime last evening/early this morning.  Not sure.

Please be in prayer for Ian and Ashley and their families.  You can read more of their back-story here.

.... tears are falling, with theirs....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vogue ~ at it's best!

Earlier in the day, I showed Aubrey this strawberry box... making it like a hat.  Trying to Be Silly - you know?!?!   She wanted nothing to do with it.
Not too long after - this is how I found her.  Having fun!  Stylin' season's best and wearing it quite well...

: : My little strawberry girl : :

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A * B* C's for a Happy Wife

My two little ones were playing "train", each holding the corner of blanket, keep in sync, as they followed one another around the room. Pretty soon I heard squeals of protest as they BOTH wanted to be the "leader", or as in this case, the engineer. 

My thoughts... stopped in their tracks.  (Actually, I was washing dishes and overheard all of this enfolding.) You know how thoughts can quickly go from one thing to another?  This display of discourtesy quickly reminded me of my own marriage and how that it can sound so much the same way, at times.  "Squeals of protest" as both, man and wife, want to be the leader.  To my shame...

Instantly... I was humbled.  To know it is one thing and then, to acknowledge it ~ well, it is hard.  But it reminded me of this list that I came across, some time ago.

The A * B* C's for a Happy Wife, by Mrs. J. A. Schwartz.

And I'm not sure how these tie into what I just shared, regarding my children.   But since I'm trying and learning to implement these words (ideas/suggestions) into my life... I thought I'd pass them on to you.  Perhaps there is someone else out there who needs some encouragement in leading a happy-wife-sort-of-life. 

A few of these, I've re-worded or tweaked... and have marked them with an asterisk.

A   Admire your husband.

  Be cheerful.  Be willing.*

  Communicate ~ it's very important!

D   Do tell him you appreciate him (some specific reason is good).

E   Enjoy him!  Encourage intimacy... and togetherness.*

F   Focus on his qualities.

  Give and forgive.

  Hold no grudges.

  Invite his care and protection.

J   Join in with his enthusiasms.

  Keep your home (and yourself) as tidy as possible.

  Listen when he is speaking.

 Make memories together.*

N   Notice him when he is around.

O   Oust the childishness and replace with child-likeness.

  Pray for him fervently.

  Quickly apologize.

R   Remember your husband's likes and dislikes.*

S   Submit yourself according to the Word of God.

  Treat him like a king and he'll treat you like a queen.

  Unconditional love is required.

  Value him and be understanding.

W   Welcome him with a warm smile when he comes home.

X   X-ercise these and

  You'll be a thrilled wife!

  Z-ee for yourself!

: : Do you feel off-track?  I do...

But.  God's grace is greater!  Amen?

Monday, May 24, 2010

~good tired, good memories~

I'm tired.  But ~ good tired.  What a wonderful week, last week!

I love this picture of my friend and I -  from several years ago.

Our dear, dear friends have left for home.  :(

There is no way I could even begin to fully recount all of the wonderful memories we've shared, and now new ones made, this past week.  A lot took place...

We're shopped out.  We went to Rice's Market.  (and it rained - only on that day!) Thrift stores.  Book stores. Wal-m*rt.  Lancaster County. Many, many places even I have never been...

We visited with dear friends.  A couple of days, during the week, was spent visiting with mutual friends, rekindling friendships and re-hashing memories of days gone by.
We ate tons of food.  (I know. I know. It's  all my fault.) Things like: Stromboli.  Ice Cream dessert.  Meat -Ball Sub Casserole.  Burgers & hot dogs (picnic style).  Lasagna.  Salads.  Breakfast Casseroles.  Pancakes & Sausage.  All sorts of baked goods.  Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole.  Fresh fruit. Snacks. Candy. Coffee. Tea. Lemonade. Milk...
I don't know, but that was fun....cooking up a storm like that.  And, some of these recipes will be coming your way.  Eventually.

We played hard.  The kids did great (triplets are nine years old) helping to play with and entertain our two little ones.  You name it...  Baseball.  Bikes. Bubbles.  Trains. Videos.  Dolls/Stuffed animals.  Going to the park....  One day, the guys did Steamtown- a National, Historic Park.  Computers! - the guys "played" (maybe it was work) around a lot on computer stuff...fixing, updating, etc.

Even the adults played a game of Compatibility, one night.  We (Scott and I) haven't laughed, that hard... in how long?  We're not sure if it was the hour, the competition, the company, or all three?

We worked hard.
And EVERYONE helped out!   Doing dishes. (The kids helped to clear and set the table and it was very rare that I needed to wash dishes.)  Laundry.  Keeping track of who's stuff is whose (is very hard!). 

Sewing.  YES!  I got to sew...  and that brings me to my next topic.


I actually got to make a bag for my dear friend - while she waited in the wings.  She pretty much picked out the fabric selection, the size and added a few details of her choice.  I was grateful that I could find a few moments, here and there, to sew it up for her over the course of the week.

I chose to name the bag, "Memories", for all of the memories we made this week, and for all of the ones we've shared...


We love you guys!!  And already our kids are missing you all. Of course, Scott and I are, too. Please come again. :)  When you can stay longer....you were such a joy to have in our home.  You've made "hospitality" ~ easy.   And.  Thank you! for all of your generous gift giving, insight and inspiration.  You'll never fully know the impact - left behind. Thanks again.

~ Good Memories.  Good and Tired. ~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Going offline for the week...

Yikes!!  Did I just say that? 


Our friends from TN are here, for the week.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that just means that I want to devote ALL my time and energy to them.  I'll miss you all, too, but I'll be back. ;)

I know you understand.  Hope you all have as great of a week as I will.

**I do want to let you all know, though, that my etsy shop is up and in business.  No sales in NJ this past weekend - but that's okay.

Friday, May 14, 2010

: : 5 : : (and counting) ;)

Make that five years of wondrously happy days... and, some not-so-happy days.  If we're truly honest.

It's been a hard, most times interesting, road already....and here we are at 

"mile-marker number five".

But, I'd still do it all over again.

 We love kissing, and holding hands, and kissing, and holding hands...
I don't know how long the "newly-wed sentiments" were voiced by others on a regular basis, but we didn't care.  But now, it seems like people are forgetting that we're still newly weds. ;) Uhmmm.

The truth is...we (STILL) like to make people blush.   It's all in the little things.
Not really...we just love being "in love".

Happy Anniversary, Honey! 
And a wonderful weekend to the rest of you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

: simple beauty :

There is no more pleasant art-form then this.  Simple Beauty... is all it is.

 Can {it} really, ever, be contained?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It flew the coop...

Just so you all know... this bag ~ Spring Chicken ~ SOLD! this past weekend - at the CHAP convention in Harrisburg.  Yeah...

Oh, by the way... this is going to be one of those "feather's a-flyin' in all sorts of directions" sort of posts.

All the other bags are back up on my etsy...just till Thursday.  Then they're off to another Home School convention in NJ, for this coming weekend.  They should be back in my shop for the rest of whenever - after this convention - unless you all plan to buy me out.  ;)

**Big thanks to Susan Kemmerer (and her husband, Dale) for being so involved and excited in doing this for me.  More on Susie, another time...stay tuned.

Guess what else, flew the coop?  All of the baby bottles in the house.  No pictures - cause they're gone, as of this past Friday night.

Need I tell you that we've got one little 21 month-old, around here, who is "ehhhh" - not so sure and not so happy... but trying really, really hard to be okay about it. 

The big hazel eyes and semi-poochy lip are kinda funny to see.  Yet, it almost makes me tear up.  I also know if I try to get a picture of her face - it won't happen.

I just cannot believe -I'm the one who feeling free as a bird, right now- that are no more bottles in the house, to wash!!  It is just such a relief.  Almost three years of baby bottles.... yuck! (Just the washing them out all of the time, is why I say it that way.  We don't have a dishwasher.)  But, we have our reasons and it was turning into more of a comfort measure, for her, more then anything.  It was time.  Way past time.

Do you see this?

Some big ole black bird, decided to get really friendly and build it's nest up close and personal to our house.  One morning I was planning to leave for the day...and Scott was getting ready to leave for work.  So, we - together on impluse- decided that we needed to 'rid' the grill of it's mess.  And, together, we cleaned it out.  Well, Scott did - more then I...

ONLY for several hours later, when I returned home, there was another nest was starting to get rebuilt.  Busy little mamma bird.  I did feel bad for her - cause I know what it's like... the need to nest. 

No! I'm not telling you anything.  Don't read what I'm not saying!  I have a feeling some of you are trying to read between the lines, right now... throwing out "one kid's" baby bottles...then, talking about nesting.  I'm just feeling the need to clear the air.  Thank you, very much.

I love natural art work... But, not in the grill!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway.  Enough of my ramblings for one day...  time to get ready to clean this roost and ready it up for our guests coming next week.  That said.  I may (or may not), fly the coop, myself, here on the blog.  Just consider it a little pre-warning... in case you don't hear much from me, next week.


Oh, one last thing.  Another HUGE Prayer Request.  Not about Ben - although, you can still be praying for him, I just haven't heard any real recent update on him and what's been going on. 

This time it's for a little 6-month old, from our church.  His family has a blog and any (and often changing) current update on his serious health issues is on their site.  Here is the link

Please be praying for little Owen and his family.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Smile! and start today.

Recently, I read this post, by Genny, and because I had already been thinking about this very thing, for some time now... I decided to go ahead and do a post about it, myself, today.

You all know, that one person... that one person, who has made a profound difference in your life.  And, you are forever changed.  Or different. Or, at best, improved.

You could say: 
  • What if that person had never given me a Bible?
  • Because of that person, I was introduced to so-and-so.
  • Because of you, I'm inspired to lose weight...and I have!
  • If it wasn't for you, I would have never heard of this thing called blogging; this method of cooking; this idea of budgeting/finances.
  • If you had not first smiled at me or initiated that particular conversation...
And, on & on...

I have had that one person.  A friend and co-worker - close to sixteen years ago.  Although we've pretty much lost contact...the winds of change have come and this person has gone on,  pretty much choosing a totally different direction in life.  But...

I still like to think of this person as a catalyst, if you will, in my life.  I often wonder, What if we had never met?  I highly doubt I would know, let alone be friends, with many of the people that I'm in relationship with, today.  Many of these folks, now are among the very dearest friends of mine ~ and now Scott's.  We may, or may not, even be attending the church that we do today, due to this person. 

I often wonder, Where would I be ~ today? Who would I be?  I realize that God is Sovereign in all aspects of our life.  Even in our "seasons of acquaintance" with various people. 

Yet, the bigger question is this...

Have I ever been a catalyst in any one person's life?  I may never know that answer.  But I do hope and pray that I will be faithful in being a blessing to other's.  Leaving an impact on them  & making a difference.

: : Do you ever think about this, for your life?  What kind of impression, change, influence, or mark are you leaving on other people?  I would love to hear your stories...

Smile! and start today.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's They!

Meet my Mom. 
Also known as, Mamma Rhoda!


And, Scott's mom, also known as, Susie Mom!


As mother's they (both of them) - inspire, encourage, humble, challenge and influence me.

Originally I was just going to post about my mom today -in thinking of Mother's Day!- and pay her tribute.  But in all honesty, I can't forget my Mother-in-law, who just as much deserves special mention.

Again, if it were not for these two women (almost as book-ends - holding me up)...wow!...
I'd really feel like I'd be floundering as a mother, some days. 
 Do we always agree and get along - wonderfully?  No!
Are we able to talk about that, work on it and move on? Yes!

If I were to think of one word to uniquely describe my mom.  A word that would simply all-encompass her.  I thought of the word...self-sacrificing.  And for Susie Mom - the word would have to be kindness or generous.

My mom has ~amazingly~ walked and continues to walk the last part of her own years of motherhood...alone as a single parent.  But in the years before (while my dad was still living) - I knew this to still be true of my mom.  She would sacrifice her own desires; her time and her resources to bless other's over herself.  Service (or sacrifice) spells love for my mom!  Doing and being for other's...just because. 

To me this is true greatness.  And both of these traits I find to be of a challenge, for me, something that I desire to grow in... and, Lord Willing, be found faithful in and that it can be said of me.

 I found this piece, titled the same - True Greatness, by Sidney Greenberg, which reads and describes both of these ladies in a very true way.

"Greatness is a matter, not of size but of quality, and it is within the reach of every one of us.
Greatness lies in the faithful performance of whatever duties life places upon us and in the generous performance of the small acts of kindness that God has made possible for us."
Thank you, so much, Mom(s).  I love you.

Happy Mother's Day!

: : Photos taken randomly over the past year.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random thoughts and results

If you missed me yesterday - I wasn't home.  I was out doing our monthly grocery shop, in Lancaster Co., ...getting ready for our friends from TN to come visit in about a week. ;)

While there, I got a phone call from my Dr.  She was calling with results of my Colposcopy/Biopsy from last week.  I didn't realize it was her calling...  I answered and it the conversation went something like this.

"Hello Beverly?  This is Dr. Dee calling with your results".  I inject..."oh Hi!  - how are you?" and she quickly retorts.  "Good.  And so are you".  ((sigh - thank you Lord Jesus!))

They ruled out dysplesia.  It was so mild and I can't remember if I had mentioned this part before.  But while she was doing the "exam" - she mumbled something about {it}disappearing right before her eyes.  So, I asked her about {that} again.  Yes!  that was true... and because it was so mild and so unimpressive...the tissue sample for the biopsy was 'excellent'... then, she doesn't want to see me for another 6 months.

I am so grateful to God for his sustaining grace.  It was a long week of waiting and trusting.  I thank you all for your kind thoughts, prayers and concerns.


"Bags by Bevy" has left the scene.  All bags are headed west - to Harrisburg, PA- for a REALLY LARGE home school convention.  So, we'll see what this weekend brings.  ;)  I love the idea that you'll are sitting there, in your little ole homes, with your fingers crossed. 

In other words, thank you, all,  for you're encouraging support on my behalf.  I greatly appreciate it.


We have another busy day ahead.  Heading out to Lancaster Co. again this evening for a benefit concert/banquet supporting Gospel Echoes Prison Ministry.  This is their fortieth year of ministry.
And, this ministry is especially dear to my heart as I was a nanny for the Harvest Team (going on 16 years ago).  They have not met Scott nor the little ones and of course, by now, the 3 kids that I was in charge of, back then, are fully grown and singing/playing instruments as part of the group.

Oh, the memories...


The other day, I was thrilled to receive this beautiful blogger award.  A wonderful gift -presented from Melanie.  Thank you, so much, Melanie!  I have never received such an award, and this truly made my day. ;)  I just haven't had a chance to "pass it on" and gee, I would have an awful hard time deciding "to whom". 
I need to sign off of here anyway.  I've been typing one-handed for the last little while... while holding a sick little girl.  Allergies.  She's pleasant - but you can tell she's not herself.  She actually is trying to fall asleep on my shoulder. 

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, today.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forget-me-not, California girl...

...you know who you are! 

No, I'm just having fun with words again. ;) Here are the latest two bags for your sneak-preview privilege.


~California Girl~

Available here.  Go take a look! 

**Note:  If you're looking to see any other bags that were in the shop I needed to deactivate their listing (due to the fact that they went to CA - over the weekend).  Two are gone.  One sold and the other was elected a give-away!  And currently, I'm not sure which two. 

UPDATE:  "Carnival of Spring" is the bag that SOLD, in CA!  and the "give-away" selection will be chosen at some point out of the bags that are currently listed on etsy.  Congratulations to whomever that give-away winner is.  I hope you love your bag, by Bevy!

Isn't that great?!?!  I am so pumped...

Monday, May 3, 2010

"Bevy's Best!"

You may have noticed a new featured item in my sidebar... My new Tastebook Recipe Collection!!

Take time to browse through Tastebook's website, here...I can't figure out how to actually put a picture of it right here in this actual post.  Some of you who read this blog may have gotten an actual email, from me, "inviting" you to join up with Tastebook.  NO PRESSURE!! Please.  And, if I missed YOU (sorry!) and you want to sign up - I would love it!!  Thank you.

My friend, who invited me, Christy,...well that was forever ago... She invited me to join up, and I just now decided to try it.  I do like the idea of putting my BEST! into an online cookbook that one day could be printed out if I should decide to give it away as a gift or hand down as a family heirloom one day.  You know?!?!?!  You never know.

I've decided to name it ~ "Bevy's Best!".
The sad thing is that I don't have very many recipes in there, yet... but I will be working on it over time. ;) Just be patient.  This is a well-to-do-work-in-progress.  Slow and savored.  As the saying goes, "A watched pot, never boils". ;)

Hey!  Let me know what you think... and if you care, tell me what recipes (of mine) you would like to see added into this book.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well I am sure you can tell by these pictures' that they were not taken this weekend. They are actually from about three weeks ago when we had an unexpected cold snap roll through. The cold was quit pleasant and a God send, but more on that later.

Caleb being a gentlemen and driving...

"Hey, Mr. A...I'll take care of the lawn for ya!" As Bevy mentioned the other day that yesterday marked our one year on the Allebach Farm, as our future is unclear (if we are still living here) Mr. A. will be receiving some free labor as we continue to shepherd the kids and teach them chores, responsibility, and accountability.

As Caleb says "farm quipmnt" (that's about how it comes out)

If you have seen any of our winter pictures, you know that I am not afraid to jump into one of the tractors to pitch a hand in; however, I still have to explain to Caleb "Sorry Caleb daddy doesn't know how to drive the combine." He is always asking, "Daddy drive combine?"
(Hey Jamie, how do I drive that thing anyway???)

Well, hello one and all. Sorry I missed y'all last month; however, Bevy had a better plan that I freely offered to let her have. It was the Easter post. If you missed it, check it out here.

So then....What has Scott been up to for the last eight weeks? Would you believe me if I told ya, more studies? Yep, you guessed it.  I had another exam, yesterday...and....PASSED!!! Praise the Lord. This was a tough go, I feel.  I thank God that Bevy and the kids have been so patient with me.  Though not always pleasant, but graceful enough to get through this. Quite actually, I scored way better than I ever imagined. I needed 700, and thought, "If I get just over that, it will be a miracle and a blessing." Earned an 831 out of 900, 'bout fell out of the exam chair. Was not so much I did not know the information, but more of a practicality issue. I knew A, knew B, knew C; however, to get A+B=C, was a whole 'nother ball game for me.

It has also been on my mind to post about something. Bevy posted, this post, some time back around Christmas, of how she use to place a light in her window as a child and how her father (whom I never had the pleasure of meeting-he went to be with the Lord before Bevy and I met.) felt it made a warm home. Well I would like to carry that a little farther. Tell me what you see...

Not sure???? Look again (and no, I am not talking about the beady looking lights in the middle)...

Though this picture did not come out as good as I wanted, it still shows my point. This home has life. How many times do you see a wonderful house all bound up with shutters closed and blinds down?  Makes me wonder how that home is, or is it just a house. I LOVE open blinds, and shades. In the morning I usually go around and open all the shades so that the light can just flow through. It is a great thing, not to mention all the natural light.
Wow, what else.....Well let me tell ya. Y'all ALL know that I am a southern, and a good 'ole red-neck country boy on top of that. My fellow red-neck-n-arms (& brother in law) John  and I have been wrapping up butchering for another year. If you read Bevy's post the other day, she mentioned something about some of our neighbors not fearing well, who she was talking about was HAMBURGER. One of the animals we did this year was one of Mr. A's cows (yes we name the animals) that had a damaged hip and needed to be put down.

So John and I bought her made her into hamburger. This was in September, but that is about when we start our butchering. We finished up the last few weeks, and this is why I mentioned earlier that the cold snap was a God-send. It is very difficult to butcher in warmer weather. We are already getting ready to order animals for next season. John goes thru about a steer, and two hogs. Bevy and I will go thru about 1/2 steer, and one hog. we (well, John WAY more than I) help a friend, too, that owns a butchering business.

Yes, we pretty much process our own meat. Though I am very low on hamburger now, even with this last steer, and cow we did a few weeks ago. I have plenty of pork though. This year we have started to work on a new recipe for corn beef, so we are looking forward to next season.

In Proverbs, it says 'One tend to his fields, before building his house' (this is my own interpretation). One of my favorite saying and mantras is "Dig your well before your thirsty". It is by this that Bevy and I keep quite busy. We now get ready for wood cutting, this is to pitch in up at John and Rachel's farm. I am sure we will be having a few cutting days. John and I a few years back built him a new wood shed. We made it so big, that it is more like a wood barn. His, dad came over to help, and imagine his surprise when he saw John and I getting ready to lay down roofing on top of the structure. Yeah you might say we were going for broke and trying to get it up in one day-we did!

This will be followed by getting ready for canning and freezing. We do on average, between the whole family, 700-1000 ears of corn, 8-10 bushels (not to be mixed with a basket, 2 Baskets = 1 Bushel) of apples and peaches, a basket or two of red beets, and whatever else we come across. ;)

That will lead us into Autumn, and time for hunting and butchering, and holidays. Am I crazy, maybe? Can I justify it, Oh Yeah! but that is just me.
Our church has been presented with a VERY pleasing offer to buy some land to build a church of our own, so we are praying for that. We are also excitedly anticipating the arrival of some friend from TN this month. Wow, it is May!, seems like yesterday, in October, the offer was being made to come visit. 
Chris & Mitzi,  I hope y'all like pork! (LOL!)

Yes, last but not least, I am already getting ready to crack open another book. This round is actually for a re-certification. One thing I don't care for is having to "re-do" something. This one, though, will be worth it in the long run.

So, until next month....Every one be safe, enjoy Memorial Day and tell a public servant or a veteran, THANK YOU!
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