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Monday, October 1, 2012

31 days :: Hearts at Home ~ Extending Hospitality {Introduction}

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What is this?

Well, in case you're wondering, today is Day 1 of the series I'm about to embark on called:

:Hearts at Home:

Extending Hospitality

So.  Do you think I've got it in me?
31 days of talking about the same thing?

I hope so.
I'm linking up with, the Nesting Place and many, many others there who have chosen to take the next 31 days to talk on the one same subject matter.  Something unique to each one.

Bear with me, because I am aware I do talk about *Home & Hospitality* a lot already.  I do that because it's an area where I want to grow in, myself.  So this being said, I hope to have you really dive in and share your hearts and your thoughts with me as we go and grow throughout the month together.

Keep in mind, most of these thoughts, over this series, will be things I've shared before.  A lot of personal stories and life experience.  Some posts will be kept really short and to the point, others may get lengthy.;)  I don't know for sure, but I'm trusting the Lord to bring the content to my heart in order to share it with you most effectively.  Most likely there will not be in a particular order of thought.  It's just going to be "plopped" out there, each and every day, for you to process and hopefully take away some form of encouragement to your own keeping of "hearts at home"... extending hospitality.
It's my truest desire to have my own be a heart "at home" and one that LOVES it.   
Wanting and willing to "extend" to all and any that I brush shoulders with...that gift of hospitality.

Before we know it... October will be over and the holidays will be upon us.  Perfect time of year to put to good use, our best effort of practicing hospitality.

So, will you come along each day?  
Thank you, in advance, if you do...

Day 2. ~  Connect 
Day 3. ~ Without Hearts there is no Home
Day 4. ~ "House"pitaltiy
Day 5. ~  Pay it Forward
Day 6. ~ Through the Mail
Day 7. ~ Simple Effort to Bless
Day 8. ~ Stay for awhile (hospitality in blogging)
Day 9. ~ Listen (part one)
Day 10. ~ Listen to Me (part two)
Day 11. ~ Be Real
Day 12.~  Our Biggest Mistake
Day 13. ~ Make Room
Day 14. ~ Start with each other ... at home!
Day 15.. ~ Be a Bucket Filler
Day 16. ~  We lead - they Follow
Day 17. ~ Be a Blessing Bandit
Day 18.~  It's your Turn to Speak
 Day 19. ~ Pie Night 


  1. This sounds really interesting. I'll be looking forward to your posts.

    1. Thank you, Kathy, for your constant enthusiasm. I greatly appreciate it.

  2. I love to offer my home to others! Im excited to read what you write,and am looking foward to learning more!

    1. Well I hope to do the best I can to share with you and my other readers what I've learned and what I continue to take to heart.

      I'm not perfect and have so much to grow in. I'll be praying for you as you continue to "offer" up yourself and your home in the attitude of hospitality.
      Thanks for reading...

  3. Bevy, you write so beautifully....you should make this into an e-book :).


  4. Yes, please make this into an e-book!


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