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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Courage has a face!

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This thing called Courage continues to roll around in my heart and mind.  I keep hearing the voices of - "Will you just do it already?"... okay, okay, I croak back - my voice is so barely audible.  

Today, someone encouraged me!!  If the LORD is saying... you should try it again, then, take courage!!

Take it by the hand and let it lead you!!  

These words, from my dear friend, Annie Wiebe, bless me, every time I read her thoughts on Courage.  I asked her permission to share, what she wrote.
It takes courage.
It takes courage to be different.
It takes courage to act and not just dream.
It takes courage to work.
It takes courage to say no to distractions.
It takes courage to live the life you want.
It takes courage to keep going when pain sets in.
It takes courage to be strong.
It takes courage to change.
It takes courage to do the things you said you'd do.
It takes courage to accept the critics and keep doing the work.
It takes courage to do something you’ve never done.
You see, we can all do what we’ve always done. That’s easy. Doing something totally different takes courage because there is a high chance it won’t work out in the beginning. 
Courage is part of everything — even the simple stuff you think doesn’t matter.

You deserve to be courageous!!!
Courage is a free ticket that costs nothing financially and costs everything personally.
Courage is putting it all on the line because you believe that you deserve to have the life you want.
All anything you want starts with, is a wee bit of courage. Wake up with courage, act with courage, eat courage for lunch, use courage when you’re unsure, hide courage in your pocket, pull courage out when people stab you in the back, and most of all: keep going, by using courage.
Courage is the answer. Courage can help you no matter where you’re starting from or how far you’ve fallen from the top.

Everything starts with courage. 
So, I'm asking you... Do you have courage?

Courage has a face!  It's a brave one!!
A brave-faced photo from my youngest's
8th birthday party, back- end of summer!!

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