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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Beyond Blessed

. . . .. .. . .. .. . .. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .. . . .. . . . . . ..
This blank page is staring at me and scaring me.   It's been so long.
I never, never, EVER intended for it to be this long - to come back here and to give you all the updates you are probably longing to hear.

Treasured Up and Pondered.
This space.
This blog.
This everything about this thing is rusty!!
I'm rusty.
I don't even know what to say.

One.  We've officially moved - from the farm!!  We moved our home location on June 16th, 2017.
So, the photos will be of new caliber!
 The thoughts, the ideas... those may be new too!?!?!
But our hearts and "home" will always be the same.
The evening prior to our move... I was involved in a semi-serious car accident.  My girls were with me.  Everyone was okay, my girls especially (which I'm so grateful) - and even the other driver!
I, however, suffered a fractured sternum and a very, very bruised/sprained ankle.  Lots and lots of bruises.   It truly could have been much, much worse.
I'm grateful that we're here... healing...together.

To this... I must say.  I have seen and felt the hands and feet of Jesus in ways I haven't in awhile.
No fault of anyone's.  I just needed to see and feel that again (if you know what I mean?) ... I'm not sure how to say that, exactly, other than... its true!  It's been a real humble blessing to have meals, and help with cleaning and moving, childcare, packing and unpacking...etc. and one that I want to extend outward and onward (paying it forward!) even more.

We're settling in bit by bit.  Healing every day, bit by bit.
We're beyond blessed in so many ways!!!!
Grateful to Jesus for his sustaining grace and mercy on our lives.
For another day - granted - to let my/our life-story continue...

Please let me know if you're still out there!!  I would love to hear from you...
Message/email me - if you would care at all to have our *new* mailing address and contact information.

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