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Friday, August 16, 2019

In and Out of Practice

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I originally posted this a little over five years ago - almost to the date.  Everything about it is STILL the same!!  I felt it appropriate to re share... today!!
I felt a little out of practice, with hospitality!  
There is hospitality and then there is extending hospitality.  Both are something I LOVE to do.  Something we LOVE to do, as a couple, in our home.  Both are what we are called to practice!  And, as you keep reading... this is something that my husband does way better at than I.

For the past two weekends.  On Sunday's   My husband... he did the inviting!
He initiated... and for one of those times...it was a family of six!  Completely spontaneous!!!    The other time - a family of four, whom I did not know - but he and our son both knew, from Scouts!!  What an opportunity!!

I felt a little out of practice.  A little out of sorts.  Spastic!  My nerves were rattled... :)

When life and it's busyness and schedules overrule our calendar and already, we feel like we can hardly stay on top... then, to have this thrown my way??
My hubby loves to tease.  "You wanted a man, just like your dad!".  Yes,it's true! - my father would do this on occasion to my Mom (even when they had nine children of their own!) ... and my husband's right!  I did want this.  I love it that my husband also has a heart for people and "wanting to have them in our home".

Well, needless to say.
I rose to the challenge.
I needed to.
Because folks were coming to our house in less than "two hours!" 
Here's my mantra:  My response makes or breaks a situation.

The thing is...
I felt my husband's care to come alongside, in both instances, and pitch in...
prepping the coffee...
setting the table
arranging the room so as to fit everyone in "better"..
offering to peel potatoes..
running the bissell over the carpets
Whatever else I needed - he was there!  By my side.

Was my house clean?  Tidy, perhaps... but not clean, clean!

Tidy enough?  Perhaps not that either.
If I would have made a scene and had him cancel the plans, his plans... because I wasn't mentally prepared or whathaveyou.  We would have missed out such a blessing!

Perhaps this is a stretch...here.  And, believe me - I am not boasting when I say this.
But, part of me wonders if this isn't my husband's unspoken way of taking this verse to heart.

Her husband has full confidence in her...Proverbs 31:11

I give the Lord praise - that we can work together, as a team, and make others (hopefully!) feel at home... and be at peace.  

What are a few practical ways - I can handle these surprises?  Ways to keep, or stay in practice..?
I have learned that it's okay to keep it simple.
To keep a few "go-to" recipes in the back pocket, is smart, even if it means my family eats the same thing twice in as many weekends!
And, if it helps, don the apron as well as a smile...
If if my knees are shaking underneath, who'll know?

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