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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Promise(s) Kept ::: {a giveaway!}

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You know you're blessed when your husband is excited to receive, use and own a bag (all his own) lovingly hand made by his wife. 

 I was able to finish this bag up, earlier this past weekend, after I had, had it started back before his birthday.  I was trying to surprise Scott with it - but he found out about it and kept asking for it to be finished, so that he could use it as an overnight bag for when he went up to my sister and brother-in-law's, to go deer hunting.  It happened.  I kept my promise and he was able to use it this past weekend.

(he actually bagged himself a deer - 5 point buck)

Too bad, the fabric is not of deer and hunting stuff... however... he loves to "fish", too.  I thought it manly enough and have dubbed this bag, in honor of my man...

"My Fine Catch"
(gift to my husband for his birthday, last month)
large tote

I have also been meaning to make a pair of baby shoes for Jayne.  Sorry, little one, that these took such a long time in coming.  But, I know you "love them" and you do look darling in them - as if you're not darling enough.

They are finally finished - a promise kept.

~Homespun Baby! Shoes~
(gift for my daughter Jayne)

In case you're wondering.  My etsy shop has still been on the slow side.  I'm hoping to keep plugging away at it to keep filling it up.  I have recently changed the name of my shop from BAGS BY BEVY to "A Bevy of Old and New".  I'm hoping to incorporate more then just bags... as you know.  Things like more accessories, baby shoes, and vintage items.

So far, there are only two *new* linen brooches in there as well as two bags.  One of them is on Sale - trying to get it to move.  I believe I made it last Spring.

I did have one bag (Winter's Reflection- small bag), sell for me, over the weekend.  Thank you, Rachel A.!!!!! 

I also want to say Thank You! to Amanda and Denise for recently giving me a shout-out, regarding my etsy shop, on each of their blogs.  That always makes me feel warm and fuzzy...knowing that I have friends who are rooting me on talking about me.  ;)

And now... I'm not holding out any longer.

How about a giveaway!!  I've been wanting to do another one for awhile, now.  Like I said, things have been slow.  (It's my fault, completely - but babies change everything, don't they?)  But... this time I would like to give away one of my *new* Linen Brooches.  The photo(s) below are of the same brooch.  In the shop, however, are two others (different buttons) - if you win and you like one of those better, let me know - I'll work with ya.

To enter, just simply leave a comment telling me in three words, or so, what you love best about the Christmas Season.  That's it.

Spread the cheer, then come back here, and in a separate comment letting me know that you did and how you did, for another chance to win.

Hope to hear from you!  Oh yea, this giveaway ends this Friday, at midnight, Eastern.  Winner will be announced on Monday.

Monday, November 28, 2011

gather round for a cup of talk

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Leaving my usual Monday posting with thoughts on gratitude.   I thought we'd sit down for a Cup of Talk, today.  How about it?  Come gather round...

The front porch is nice but WAY too chilly, these days. ;)  And, I don't have a fireplace to pull up to and so I guess it's around the kitchen table.  Come on in.  The coffee is on...

{snicker} Don't you just love this chicken photo?  I took it the other weekend - when I was up at my sister's place.  I ran out to their local Bulk Food store to pick up some Unroasted Cornmeal.  They had chickens out in their back forty. Fun, fun creatures.  And anyway, this cornmeal is the best stuff around...


Good Morning!  So, how in the world are ya?  I just got home from taking Caleb to school, his first day back after Thanksgiving Break.  Aubrey is off on an early morning gator ride with Mr. A - doing some farm chores, around the farm. She saw him out on the gator when we drove in.  She asked begged and He said, SURE!  and wow! she's in her glory...

I'm holding Jayne, typing with one hand... she's growing so nicely and way too fast...well, I was holding her.  She fell asleep and while I would love to hold her longer, I think I will be able to get a few things done around here (better) if I lay her down.  I love having two hands...

So, tell me...How was your Thanksgiving?  If you don't mind, while you tell me all about it I'm going to mix up some  White Chunk Macadamia Cookies.  I found the recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks and Aubrey has been begging for "cookies"...so I thought I would oblige.  Actually, they were on my agenda to bake last night while I decorated the house for Christmas.

Wait.  Let's talk about Christmas, for a minute.  Are you in the "mood for it" - so soon?  I mean, it feels just like yesterday that we pulled out the decor, decorated the house and had our whole family in our home to celebrate Christmas day...the day when we first told our family we were expecting a new baby. Our third.  Surprise!

I tell you what.  I've been really struggling to consider doing this, this year.  It feels like a lot of work... I mean it REALLY snuck up on me this year.  I've slowly been getting inspired to "recreate the memories" for my children.  They sure did love to "redecorate" the house for me last year and I'm sure it won't be much different this year.  Christmas is, down-deep, one of most favorite times of year and so I've decided to get it all out and get busy.  However.  Well.  Here's the thing.  I needed help.

I had to borrow one of my brothers to come over to help get it all out of the attic.  They're so tall, you know.  Our access to our attic is through a pull-down trap door in the ceiling and that required moving beds and using a rickety ladder (part of the door) that is "broken" or a stool, whichever.  I wasn't about to attempt it myself. 

The reason that Scott couldn't help me is that it is his tradition to head up to my sis and brother-in-law's to sleep there for the night, so that he can be up early and in the woods at 5 minutes to sunrise for the Buck Monday- opener.  By the way... he called me about twenty minutes before I left to take Caleb to school to tell us that he shot a buck this morning.  He had just shot it and needed to climb down out of his tree-stand and go "find it".  Although, I think it was laying just off a couple of yards away.  I'm still waiting to hear more of the details.  That's pretty exciting.  Meat for the freezer.

Excuse me.  The cookies are ready to come out of the oven, and boy, do they ever smell good... do you want one?  And Jayne is waking up now too, hungry, and it's soon to time to go get my son - from school.  Sheesh!  Some mornings sure go faster then others, you know?

But I wanted to tell you this first, before I run.  Remember these two huge pumpkins?  Well... guess how much pumpkin I was able to put up from these two HUGE beauts?  Fifty-eight cups of pumpkin...and I probably would've gotten more - but enough is enough already.  We'll be set in the pumpkin dept. for awhile.  This means lots and lots of pumpkin bread and pumpkin cake/squares and even pumpkin soup.  Yummy!  I'm so glad I did it up when I did - it was getting too cold for them out on our front porch.

Speaking of cold(s)!  We've got them.  Oh my word, what a rough night the other night.  Aubrey kept coughing and waking herself back up.  Both Scott and I have had an ear ache come and go for several days now.  Jayne sounds like a "junky monkey"... Caleb gets to hackin' if he gets too busy running around and what not.  We're doing the usual - natural cough syrup for the kids, vicks rub downs at night and (infant) Tylenol if needed (for Jayne).  Taking Vitamin C like there is no tomorrow.  And, just keeping up with our noses - the tissues and suction bulbs are our friends right now.  Please pray!!  We're doing a lot of that right now - as well.

Great talking with you.  I hope your day's remainder is a blessing to you.  Come back again...soon, I hope!

I think, I'll just go and crank up the Christmas music a little louder; enjoy that the kids are getting some fresh air outdoors and finish deckin' the halls with the same old "memories".  Oh... and try to figure out what to make for dinner.  Chicken? 

I do know what's for dessert...if they all don't get eaten in the meantime.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Around the Homestead :: A ~ Z | The Letters K, L, and M

.. . .. .. .. . . ... . .. ..  .. . . .. . .. . . .. . .. ... .. .. ... .
If you've been following along for the past several weeks - you've been noticing the alphabet coming to life in and Around the Homestead, where we live.
I've been doing my best to track down the letters of the alphabet as they appear; capture them on camera, and present them here - as a collection of sorts.

My hope is to, one day, make a photo collage and present it to our landlord and his wife, as a gift. So far it's been a load of fun...

"K", are you ready for my letter "K"?

I could not believe how much of a fun find this was - to find the concrete cracked up like this.  It couldn't have been more perfect.

To find the letter "L" was proving to be a bit more tricky.  I had a couple of ideas in mind for "L" and
I liked this one, the best.  Unique and certainly interesting.

This one has got to be one of my most favorite "letters" to have found.  What do you think?  Mmmm, Mmmm good?

That's it for this time.  I hope you enjoyed.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Off to another...

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Happy Thanksgiving Day
 get-together, today.

May blessings continue - for you - through out your weekend!

Friday, November 25, 2011

{ this moment }

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{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. ~ Amanda Soule

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift. ~ 2 Corinthians 9:15

. .. . .. .. . .. . . .. . . . . .. . . .. . . . .. . . .. .. .. . . . . ..

Today.  With family.
Happy Thanksgiving!
(I talk about making this pumpkin, here.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


. .. . .. .. . .. . .. .. . . .. . . . . . .. ... .. .. .. ... ... .
Early Morning

(untouched photo)

Every Morningtouched up day

While I did get my hands on this photo...
God has HIS HAND all over this day!

I'm going to a funeral today, and I'm just praying for the Lord's mercies to fall *new* and afresh on these dear loved ones who remain...here.
Ironically enough, I was reading from 2 Corinthians chapters 4 & 5 this morning. These two chapters talk a lot of our bodies as earthen clay vessels and about Heaven, our dwelling place.

Particularly these verses...verses 16-18, of chapter 4...stuck out to me.

Therefore we do not lose heart.  Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.
For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.
So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

As I was reflecting on those verses and TRYING to get this post up (this morning!) before the Little's woke up and really before the day actually started... I found it interesting the "hand" that was all over this day was God's slowing me to see that I needed to live this day out before I could really talk about it.

Now.  As I type, it's at the other end of today and nearly time for bed.

What a day.  As I alluded to.  It wasn't getting off to my expected good start.  The kids were ALL fussy, clingy and irritable.  I was getting irritable.  I just really struggled all of a sudden to believe that God was or had just given me "mercies new" for this day.

As much as I love me a rainy day.  This was a yucky rainy day.  Cold and wet.  I guess I don't think of rainy days as wet rainy days if I'm always enjoying them from the indoors and looking out.  I was also thinking about my own dad who has passed on to glory...fifteen years ago.  Today.  Today would have been my dad's 59th birthday.  I miss him...very, very much...adding "angst" to the oh so dreary day. 
The funeral service, this morning, was absolutely beautiful.  What a blessing to be able to go and share in the memories and stories of the life of Linda.  She will be sorely missed.  She and my mother were first cousins and let me tell you... she was a neat lady.  (Please pray for her two sons and one daughter-in-law and a new baby on the way.)  Linda's husband just passed - rather unexpectedly - just seven short months ago.  Linda had cancer.

 But, anyway.

I just had, had obvious signs that God's hand was all over this day.  Just the Peace of God was evident...there... and in my heart. 
At the same time... (while there at the service) I was thinking about the time of the day.  It was getting away from me and I had two little ones back at home with Grandma (she was probably ready to tear her hair out and theirs) and all I could think about was the meal I had promised to prepare and take to a young couple from our church as they've just welcomed their first baby into their home.  They wanted the meal by a certain time.

Would I have time to get it all done?  Plus, make our own meal?  Plus, take over the tired and irritable little ones once I got home.  Jayne was with me and she was just the same...tired and irritable.  How would this all go down?

You know what?  God met me.  I managed.  It all worked out.  Beautifully.  Even driving through the blackest of night, to deliver the meal, on the yuckiest, rainiest, coldest of nights....the songs you hear playing now were the exact same songs coming through the sound waves on the radio.  It made me think of my day all over again...

Blessings.  They often come through raindrops, some healing-blessings, they come through tears... Oh, isn't HE a God of Wonder!?!?

Our family is now settled down for the night.  The dishes are washed.  The quiet of the day is here.

I am touched.

God's hand is and was in ALL of this.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wearing Thanks!

. . .. .. . .. . .. . .. .. .... .. .. . .... .. .. .. . . .. .. .... .
((Today I want to talk about two slightly different scenarios that I've been thinking about:  And, I'm hoping to tie the two together so that it will make sense.))

You hear this comment made; "What is that you're wearing?  It smells so nice..."

Or, how about this one? 

You know that sweater-gift you recieved last year?  Well, the only real way to say "thank-you!" is to wear it.

I heard this last statement on the radio the other day and it got me to thinking.  Wear it?  The only real way to truly demonstrate our thankfulness... is to "wear it"?  I know this person was talking about the sweater gift... but could she have been implying - the thanks giving?

Like I said, I've been thinking about this for a couple of days, now.  And, I know thankfulness is certainly something that I don't wear naturally.  Being "grateful" or "thankful" all. of. the. time. can be rather wearing - if its not genuine.  If you know what I mean? 

But I've decided that the more I clothe myself with a spirit of gratitude...it actually kinda fits.  Its growing on me.  Its becoming more and more comfortable -  fitting at least a bit more so then it did yesterday - like that favorite pair of blue jeans.

It even smells kinda nice.

 Put on...the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness... the oil of joy instead of mourning. (taken out of - Isaiah 61:3, KJV)

I like to think of it as purposefully, intentionally wrapping yourself up in that mindset...one that is not easily - or willing- to be taken off.  Replacing what once was with the new and the now familiar. 

How do you wear THANKS?  Do you wear it well?  Is it a sweet sense of style you've got goin'?  Not because you have to... but, because you get to.


Continuing to snuggle deeper into the gifts I've been given - wearing that sense of gratitude on my sleeve... that sweet aroma coming off from behind me.  I have been blessed.

(One Thousand Gifts)

#605. my sons excitement due to a surprise friday night playdate with his cousins, via Uncle Justin  ~ precious face

#606. so much so, that he wanted to dance, with mom, in the middle of the kitchen

#607. we did...we twirled and laughed...holding hands, my son and I with my two left feet

#608. my 3 year old daughter's sweet kiss on my cheeks..."Mom! you're my best friend.", she says

#609. the way his white t-shirt wears snuggly across his frame

#610. that he wears his facial beard, just for me - because I love it!! 

#611. the squeeze I feel in my heart when my baby girl coohs and smiles "her thanks" after a diaper change

#612. (speaking for my husband) last night....when the computer "lost" the whole evenings worth of typed out information/studies... but that...a majority of recovery was possible. (He wore it well!! - I noticed.  I told him so!)

#613. the smell of fresh-air-line-dried laundry clinging to our clothes

#614. homemade soap - the scent of Lavender and Honey Oatmeal --- (found here).

#615. dark or white chocolate Reeses P. Butter Cups... can't decide which I love better

#616. humble advice AND encouragement from a friend, on marriage...found here.

#617. opportunities to bless others with a *new baby* meal, this week

#618. hearing my son lament...literally hearing him "just talking to God"

#619. playing in the piles of golden leaves

#620. bags & bags of hand-me-downs...thank you!
#621. Great is Thy Faithfulness...LORD...unto me.

Let me ask you this.  Do you think God "smells" the gift of our thanks?  That he senses we are wearing it well?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Around the Homestead :: A ~ Z | The letters H, I & J

... . .. . .. . .. . . .. .. .. . . .. . . .. . . .. . .. . .. . . ... .

If you've been following along for the past several weeks - you've been noticing the alphabet coming to life in and Around the Homestead.  I've been doing my best to track down letters as they appear, capture them on camera, and present them here - as a collection of sorts. 

My hope is to, one day, make a photo collage and present it to our landlord and his wife, as a gift.  So far it's been lots of fun and I know many of you are thinking about doing the same; taking on such a challenge as this for yourselves out and around your own "homesteads". 

Here are letters "H", "I" and "J" for today.

The letter "H" was found in the barn windows... not too hard to imagine the reason why.
This one is from inside looking out through the window pane.  I just love how this photo came out.  It's definitely a keeper, in my opinion.

And this one was found looking on towards the milk house, from outdoors.  The glass in these windows are very unique in that they are actual glass blocks...commonly found in milk houses.  At least to my knowledge.

The letter "I" was found on the backside of the Pole Barn.  I noticed the paint chipping here and just at the right glance realized that this totally looked like the letter "i"... interesting!!

And, the letter "J" came pretty quickly for me...

It's not too hard when I know I have a Shepherd's Hook out in the side flower bed and whalaa -  right away.  There's my "J".

That's it for my fun this week.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

(Friday) Favorite Things

. .. . .. . .. . . .. . ..  .. .. . .. . . .. . . .. . .. .. . . .. ..
Today, I'm thinking of....and thankful for...

::: Serenity :::

::: Leaves of Gold :::

::: the gathering, to come:::
I love seeing birds all lined up on the overhead wires.  This photo was taken out my kitchen window... zoomed out as far as my little camera could handle. This recent regular sighting always brings a smile....

::: the most delicious Frosty Pumpkin Butterscotch Cookies that there ever was :::
We made these again this week and they're gone. 
 Every. Single. Last. One. 
::: my two little Indians :::
Caleb's school creations and that he willingly shared his headress, necklace and popcorn snack with his sister.

::: Homespun Baby! Shoes:::
Order placed, completed and sent on it's way - today!  Thank you - Amanda.

::: Fiery Sunsets :::

::: the perfect fit :::

Both in the hat (gift from cousin Lizzie!) and in our daughter - for our family.  She's perfect!
friday favorite things </P>
<P>finding joy

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Hive of Busy Bees

. .. . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . .... .. . .. . .. . .. .. .. .. .. . .

This Book has been a beeautiful memory buzzing around in the backside of my brain for a long time now.  I remember having this book read to us kids most evenings before going to bed.  One chapter at a time.  Recently, I was at my Mom's to go through several boxes of books that were ours, when we were youngster's, to pick out a few for our own growing families.  I was excited.  I found the "original" copy of this book - except without the cover and missing a few pages off the backside.  ((sad sigh))

I just can't wait for my littles to "bee" old enough to fully grasp the deep truths that this books delivers.  But, you know what?  I'm going to start them young and start reading this to them - one chapter an evening - like I grew up doing.

::: :: :::

So, do you have a particular book that you remember, from childhood? 
One you can't wait to share with your own? 
Or, one you may have already...brought out to enjoy with your children?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

just a handful | more then enough

. .. . ... .. . . ... ... . .. .. . .. . . . . .. .. ... . .. . . .. .. .
"Would you like some?", we're asked.

"Sure!", we reply and we continue...

"Hey wait - slow down.  Not so many.  I only wanted a few... just a handful.  It's all I want.  And, this is plenty. Thank you." 

Unless you're my kids and who never have enough of anything - and especially when it comes to chocolate chips, etc. getting doled out.

So the story goes.  When we've decided that just a handful, of whatever it is, is more then enough.  That we don't (usually) want or expect more then what we've been given. Or, at best, that we're far too polite to ask for more.

But. What about when God gives us (abundantly) his hand-full-blessing?  Isn't it neat to be on the receiving end of his giving? Amazing, or what?

His hand is full of grace sufficient.  Mercies unending.  Love without bounds.  He never tires to bless us with more then we can imagine.  Am I not right?

Unlike ours, His Hand never empties.

With Him a handful is plenty but yet, never enough.  His is a hand full. Amen?

It is a hand-full of blessing.

My Jehovah-jireh :: My Provider

And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. 
~ Philippians 4:19

He knows what we have need of before we even ask... and yet he wants us to. 


Come asking...begging for more.

You know. As a mom, I tire rather quickly at the constant begging and asking for more snacks; more time; more of me... and yet, again, God, our gracious and loving Father - He never does.

All of these thoughts came flooding, recently, through my heart and mind one early morning while nursing Jayne.  I was struck with the thought of how FULL God's hand is towards me...not stingy.  Not selfish like I can be.  He doesn't say - "No, I've already given you a handful, you have enough."  No!...instead he says "Here, have more".  I want to give you more.

My husband and I were discussing these thoughts, again, just last night.  The phrase - All your needs.  In our minds that phrase implies a stopping point.  That our needs have been met or supplied care for.  But I read it differently in thinking about this subject.  In reality, our needs are never, ever fully met, are they? 

God says he will supply all we need according to His riches... to me that means over and over and over. 

Hand - Full!

Chocolate {Brownie} Bavarian Torte

 .. .. ... . . .. . . .. .. .. . .. . . . .. ... . . . .. . . ..

A couple of weeks ago now, we were invited to friends of ours, for dinner.  I asked what I could bring and we settled on me bringing a dessert of some kind.  I was thrilled!!
{Interjection:  It really bothers me when someone tells me to 'just come' and to not bring anything.  Yet!  I do the very same thing, to others.  I'll tell them to just bring their appetite(s) and that's it.  I wonder why that is?}

So.  Back to this dessert.  It is a layered dessert.  Rich.  And, surprisingly it has a hint of coffee/mocha flavor even though there is nothing coffee about it.

Chocolate Bavarian Torte

1 (18 1/4 oz.) devil's food cake mix  (except that I used a Ghirardelli Brownie Mix, instead**)
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
2/3 cup packed brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1/8 tsp. salt
1 1/4 - 2 cups. whipping cream, whipped
2 Tbsp. grated semi-sweet chocolate (I think I used some Hershey Kisses and just chopped them up - in my food chopper)

Bake the cake mix as directed on package.  Use to 9" round cake pans.  Cool for 15 minutes.  Remove cake(s) from pan and cool completely on wire racks.  (**...here is what I did. I baked the brownie mix as directed, in a 9" square baking pan. Perhaps under baking it a bit.  Let it cool in the pan. And cut into 1" squares.)

In a mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese, brown sugar, vanilla, and salt until fluffy.  Fold in cream.  Split each cake into two horizontal layers; place one on a serving platter.  Spread with a 1/4 cup of the cream mixture - sprinkling 1/4 of the chocolate over that.  Repeat layers.

(** What I did, was use a trifle bowl or a deep clear serving bowl.  I layered a handful of brownie cubes - then some of the cream mixture and chocolate, repeating as I went.  See photo.)

Cover and refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight.   (I'm not sure that I needed to do this last part with using the brownie.  At least for this length of time.)

Enjoy!  This pure decadence.

Monday, November 14, 2011

just counting...

. . .. . .. . .. .. . .. . ... . .. .. . . .. . . . .. . .. .. . .. . . ..

#585. to Lancaster Co.- shopping, with this dear friend (even if it was just for groceries) ;)

#586. that Jayne slept the whole time - out and back - she did so good

#587. {answered prayers}

#588. a FREE ride with a Scholarship - for Scott's schooling

#589. helping out this dear woman and friend with her *new* blog - Thoughts to Ponder!

#590. crsip fall weather

#591. glowing windows - lights of home

#592. my hubby - he rocks my world

#593. cinderella pumpkins

#594. the chance to sew (and actually getting something accomplished)

#595. {today's} beautiful PINK skies

#596. Grandma's house

#597. failures?

#598. the story of David Brainard

#599.  SPAGETTI - though not a favorite for our family

#600. new discoveries

#601.  someone's smile - they're hard to come by and this one... a surprise!

#602. soul questions

#603. frosted edges on fallen leaves - so, so pretty

#604.  handfulls of...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Around the Homestead :: A ~ Z | The letter G

. .. . . .. . .. . .. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .. .. . . . .. ... .
Hello! and welcome to Around the Homestead :: A ~ Z 

I've been working on finding the letters of the alphabet, capturing them with my camera, in things here around the farm, where we live. 
My hope is that this will turn into a gift project to present to our landlord and his wife, one day.  So far it's been fun... something totally "off the cuff" in presenting myself with this challenge. 

Here we are with the letter "G".

And gee, was this letter ever hard to find or what?

I found this one on the doormat on our front porch.  It's there, but tricky to see at first glance.

To be a bit more obvious, I found this one then, on a piece of farm equipment.

Have yourself a GREAT weekend!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

{this moment} Just one good one... please?

. . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . . .. . . .. . . . . . .. .. .. . .. ... .. .. .
{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. ~ Soule Mama

Okay, so they're all good...I'll take em!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

all settled

. .. . .. . .. . . .. .. . .. .. . .. .. . . . . . . .. . .. . .. ..
A quiet drive down a country back road always...ALWAYS...somehow settles me. You know the feeling.

It's that moment of truth that reaches down deep inside and wants to stay there for a while. It says, you need to be settled. Get out and go.  Oh, and don't forget to grab the camera on your way out...

Blessings on my little family - who don't seem to mind going out for a country drive either.  They fall asleep. ;)

I hope you'll enjoy the ride along as we go down what once was my favorite dirt road in our area.  It's quiet, picturesque and "off the beaten path".  Now, today this 'dirt' road has a little bit too much macadam on it for me.  It's not quite the same in that regard.  And I don't know of too many other dirt roads out there anymore.  At least around here.

Ahhh look!...I see a patch of wild red berries growing there behind the fence post... I wonder if that is bittersweet or maybe it is rose hips.  I don't know- I can't tell.  Bittersweet is on my most favorite of natural fall decor to use.

See the wild honeysuckle growing here?

Oh, hello big red barn... actually, I'm not surprised to see you.  You're one of the reasons I love driving down this country back road. 

And, I wonder what for nest is in the top of this tree - bee or bird?  Doesn't it almost look like a hornet's nest?

I just absolutely love this old red barn.  Something about it just tells me that there are loads of stories within the walls and surrounding property of this barn and it makes me wonder what they are.

"Good-bye! beautiful barn - until next time". 

 ((happy sigh)) 

I feel settled... and now, back to reality.  Or, maybe down another....?

"I will put my Spirit in you and you will live, and I will settle you in your own land." 
 ~  Ezekiel 37:14b

**This is one of the reasons I LOVE being a Stay-at-Home Mom - I get to drive around country back roads whenever I need to "settle down", but more then that,  I know Who it is who dwells within me and lets me live...and "quiets the land" of my heart.
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