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Monday, March 6, 2017

{BagsbyBevy} I don't think you've ever met Maude!!

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:: Homespun Baby! Shoes ::
gifted to my cousin Sarah and Randy - for their little guy!!

:: Homespun Baby! Shoes ::
gifted to Mrs. G (my youngest's Kindergarten Teacher) 

:: Tea Wallet ::
small, holds 4 tea bags
gift to a sweet friend from church

These are all gifts - but I wanted to show you what all has been happening in stolen moments, here and there!!

Basically, I needed to get these items done - before "packing up" shop.

Oh, and I don't know that I've ever shown you Maude...
I found "her" at a fabric sale for all but $12.00!!

Can I say - thrilled?  I've always wanted a dress form and now, I think I may have a second one on my  hands - here shortly!!  Can't wait.
I love these vintage things!!

That's the latest from BagsbyBevy!!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Still {house hunting}

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When we stop the mad rush, when we say no to some of our many responsibilities and take the time to come quietly into God's presence, then, in that simple, quiet moment, He will breathe HIS peace into our hearts.  ~ Ellyn Sanna


I'm so grateful for these few found moments of quiet peace and surrender.  They don't come often - rather few and far between - but when they do... ahhh!!

Switching gears here for a moment.  Follow me.

So - you all know we're looking at housing - to replace ours.   We taken lots of time scrolling through and seeing "homes" online and wondering about them.  Could this work, would this work?  Will this one be the one?

I'm sure you're familiar, in some aspects, to the drill.   What has been interesting is the actual "walking through" these homes.  Some are empty and waiting to be filled.  There you can really see the nooks and crannies and imagine a quick yeah or nay.... however, some are still being lived in.

And, it's here - where we've begun to notice something.

The presence or lack thereof of Jesus Christ... in these homes.

It has been really amazing, the difference you can feel - almost as soon as you walk through the front door.

*It's weird.  This legal way it happens for you to just walk on into someone else's home - without the homeowners actually, personally inviting you there.  And - yet -you're in there, opening up cabinets, closets, sniffing the air, looking past all their stuff and thinking of all sorts of aspects and dynamics...
Checking out the neighbors, etc.
It's really hard - if someone is still at home, in the house, while you're there - which has totally been our experience, several times.

This whole process has been a mad rush.  It's not over.  We still haven't found the perfect home for us.
But, that said.  It will come!!

I trust and pray... that in the "nooks and crannies" of our current home, even amongst the busy and the many impending responsibilities  - that there is STILL a strong sense and presence of Jesus.

** Please keep us in your continued thoughts and prayers... we're only in the beginning stages of major change.  And, it's stretching us...
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