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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 23/10}

Hello there, Ponderlings!!  Did you like that, or what, thanks to Amiee dear??  I really missed you all - so much.

Well, today finds us "back home".  We actually got home late yesterday afternoon.  We took our time to unpack the mini-van... sort through all of our "stuff"... and figure out what to do for dinner.

What a wonderful time - away at the Cabin - with family and friends.  It was a great vacation... but, for me I always like coming back home - the best.

Basically, it's from one mountain range to another. 

This meaning, the mountains of laundry - that await.   So, I'd better get busy... I'll catch up with y'all again on Monday... filling you in with some photos of our time away, and to show what I was able to come up with for a couple more bags - to put in the etsy shop. :)

Oh, and of all things I had one sale while on vacation! 

Homespun Baby! Shoes

Hey, these shoes were made for walkin' - I'm glad they finally got up and went.   ;)

(My sister, Gladys, bought them, for a soon-to-be-new-arrival for one of her friends who is expecting a baby here shortly).

Glad to "touch-base" with all of you and I hope you have all have a wonderful weekend.  Now, back to hanging up that laundry...

line upon line.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guest Post, number two!!

Well, welcome to my Guest Post, number two.  Surprise, Surprise?!?!?!?  I've asked my dear friend Amiee from over at Batty Bird to share a few thoughts, for you today - since I'm not around.  ;)

She completely blessed me; reducing me to tears and causing me to laugh out loud (one of which is easier for me to do than the other) as I read what she wrote for this post.  I had no idea what she was going to write about and needless to say, she pretty much spelled it out for you ~ as to our friendship. 

Sort of like a sister is with sister, you know!?!?


Hello there Ponderlings!

Bevy, or Noodle as I like to call her, hasn’t come up with a name for her beloved followers as of yet…I’m not even sure if it has crossed her mind. But this Batty Bird loves to nickname most everything and everyone, so my vote is “Ponderlings”. It fits. I would call you all Fred, but I don’t think Noodle would go for that. If you haven’t guessed it yet I am Amiee or Maude , whichever you like. When Noodle asked me to write a post for her Blog I asked her for a topic but she didn’t help me out at all! What to write? What to write?

I think I will just reminisce for a bit and see where my ramblings take us…

Noodle and I have been friends for like forever…about 14ish years I think. (Is that true Noodle?) Anyway, it seems like forever in a good way. Noodle and I have shared so many moments together through the years…the ordinary and adventurous…the happy and the sad…the quiet questioning and the joyful sharing…so many sweet moments. If only her old green couch could talk, oh the stories it would tell. We shared many a laugh and many a tear on that couch. I can still picture her and I sitting there, Bevy trying to get me to rub her feet and me plainly saying NO. (I don’t like feet. Yuck!) We would watch a movie while enjoying some “decadent” creation along with coffee of course and then in the wee hours, long after I should have gone home, the conversation would begin. The pouring out of our hearts’ desires and struggles that turned into sharing hope and trust in God’s plan for our lives. I really miss that old green couch.

When the opportunity came for us to share the old farmhouse together it seemed like a natural thing to do, there was no one else that I could imagine sharing space with. It was great setup because we each had our own living room, kitchen, bathroom & bedroom but split the rent. We shared a door between my kitchen and Bev’s living room. It was open when we wanted to hangout and closed when we needed alone time. It worked for us. Like Bevy has shared in a recent post, I loved to sit on the little red stool in her kitchen. I battled depression pretty hard while living in the old farm house and there were times I just didn’t want to be alone, so I would find my way to Bevy’s kitchen and plant myself on the little red stool. It was and still is one of my favorite places.

I learned to love and appreciate Bevy in a new way during those years living in an old farmhouse…A very old house that seemed to be overrunning with mice. Which wasn’t aided by of my hatred of doing dishes…there was always good eating for a little mouse in my kitchen. Anyway, while I would be crying and screaming in fear Bevy would calmly take care of our little “friends”. I still can’t do what she did so calmly on a regular basis…I get the willies just thinking about emptying a mouse trap! I even used to watch her in hopes that it would build my courage, but it didn’t help in the least! We started naming our little visitors so that when I yelled (and cursed) I could call them by name. Over time I started talking to them using their name and it helped to calm my nervous system so that I didn’t freak out quite as much upon each sighting. The only thing is that now when they died a horrible mousy death I cried because I knew who the little mousy friend was who died…poor little Napoleon or Napoleon Nicodemus or Napoleon II or Fred or Bob or Fred Bob or Baby Bob…I cried a tear for each one! Bonus points for the creative names.

Our time in that old house saw many precious Amiee and Bevy moments, some prettier than others. No regrets for me, I am thankful for the season that these two batty birds had sharing a house together. Life continues to flow along and we are both in new seasons. I love looking back and remembering the prayers prayed while sitting on that old green couch, the tears shared over a decadent dessert, the laughter while we were off on our latest adventure and the many little red stool moments shared. I love that after all of these years we are still friends and that there are many more precious Amiee and Bevy moments to be had.

I love you dear friend!


Well, I love you too my friend. 

Thanks to Amiee for bringing back some great memories. 

I do dare say that I'm not one to gloat over my mouse-rescuing (Is it really called a rescue if you're already dead?) abilities.
Amiee, do you remember the one (I forget its name) who drowned it in the basement's sump pump, and I had to literally fish it out, while you stood behind me adding your sweet drama?  Yeah...that was you.  Funny girl.  Can't wait till we/I get the nerve up to share our SNAKE story. 

Maybe their will be encore and you'll get to come back and "guest post" again.  ;)

Any way.  Now that you all know me by my nic-name; NOODLE, you can just go on over to Amiee's blog, Batty Bird... say hello!... and show her some love. 

I know I can count on, you,  my "Ponderlings" to follow through. ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

My first guest Post, my friend and well... who knew??

I told you I would have a surprise or two, for you this week, while I'm gone. 

I want to introduce to you my first guest post and my friend, Christy, from over at You Can Never Have Too Many.  I've known Christy and her husband Christian for a little while now and I continue to enjoy hearing/reading about them and their beautiful & growing family (four of their own and one adopted son)... when she's not too busy outdoors on their "wanna-be-self-sufficient farmette"... and, I think you'll enjoy reading her blog, too, whenever you get a chance to pop on in.

This gal is amazing.  Please make her feel welcome by checking out her blog when you get a chance and by leaving her a complimentary comment. 


Common Plantain
Plantago Major

I am sure that you have seen this little "weed" in your yard or in some yard not chemically treated. This little gem is worth keeping around as it is the prefect remedy for bee stings. God is so amazing in that he has created cures to common ails that are close by and easy to use.

Revelation 22:2 .........."and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."

Ezekiel 47:12 "And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees........... and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.

Last week the kids caught a bee in their butterfly net and were observing him close up and personal. Asher, however got a little too close and personal in the bee's personal space and got his finger stung. Mad screaming ensued while I instructed Grace to quickly go find some Plantain.

She found a leaf for me right quick which I stuffed in my mouth and crushed to a pulp, green slime oozing out of my mouth. It really doesn't taste bad. Just make sure that no dog has previously tinkled on it.

I applied the green slime to Asher's finger and within a minute all crying had stopped and he was off and playing again. The finger never swelled or even looked like it had been stung. We have done this countless times over the summers since we discovered this and it has always worked. Christian has even used it with yellow jacket stings (those are killers) and it greatly relieved the pain and swelling.

Remember these seed pods from when you were a kid? They are the ones you can wrap the stem around itself and then shoot the head at your friends. :) The seeds from this plant are called psyllium and are used in fiber drinks such as Metamucil.

According to Wikipedia (and my other research):

"This herb is astringent, anti-toxic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, as well as demulcent, expectorant, styptic and diuretic. Externally, a poultice of the leaves is useful for insect bites, poison-ivy rashes, minor sores, and boils. In folklore it is even claimed to be able to cure snakebite. Internally, it is used for coughs and bronchitis, as a tea, tincture, or syrup. The broad-leaved varieties are sometimes used as a leaf vegetable for salads, et cetera.:"

Never knew that such a common "weed" could be so useful, huh?

~ guest post by Christy L.



Since reading about this from Christy's original post on her blog...I have told so many other people about this wonderful gift in Plaintain.

Please be sure to check out Christy's other "herbs" posts (found through her label cloud) to see what other sort of information you can glean.  It's truly amazing.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 22/10}

As typical this is the spot reserved for Friday's Finds.

Instead, I wanted to let you know that we're off to a wedding tomorrow and  immediately after, leaving for vacation ~ that being to the mountains/cabin for the whole of next week.  Yeah!!  Here we come: Dutchman's Paradise.

We're looking forward to it...

If you've followed this blog for awhile - meaning, at least since last JULY - you would've read about the wonderful family vacation we've taken almost every year since I was about 2 yrs. old.  Of course, there were those on and off times... but, mostly having gone there for close to 35 years now... this vacation spot holds a very near & dear spot in my heart.

You should be able to go back through the month of July (2009), starting here, and catch-up with the next several posts there to see where we were at and what we're up too. 

That is if you want to...
You certainly are more then welcome to do so.
That said.

Since we'll be gone for this coming week.  You won't really be hearing from me. 

However, I do have a couple of great surprises lined up for you... my dear readers. ;)

Check back in with me... here at Treasured Up and Pondered... and see what I've got coming your way.

Until then, may you have a wonderful week and ~Please~ pray we have a wonderful, safe and relaxing weekend -in the mountains.  With two toddlers... somehow I don't know that it will be all that relaxing.  Truly.  Thanks anyway, for praying!

((Maybe, I'll even get some more sewing done... yay!))

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bags by Bevy - update!

I said I may or may not be on here again... until Friday.  Well, I can't help myself. 

Last evening we went to our Tuesday night - Care Group Meeting.  One of the young single gals had emailed me and asked me to bring along a certian bag for her look at - with her fingers. ;)

Not a problem.

I debated, but decided to take "all" of them along.  When we got to where the meeting was being held... I once again debated about taking them "all" inside.  My first thought was that her and I could come out to the car later, and you know....

I ended up taking them "all" inside...and as she is looking the bag over - she instead decides to purchase a different one.  This one here.

~ Corner Cafe~
(SOLD! to Rachel G.)

While this one was "walking out the door", another friend was looking over this one, and decides to buy...

~Earth, Wind & Fire~

(SOLD! to Cheryl C.)

While that one was being purchased... another friend (I kidd you not) came over and decided to buy one of my favorite little bags, called...


(SOLD! to Kay S.)

So, there you have it!! That's my Bags by Bevy - update
My Etsy shop is just a tad bit empty right now.  Perfect time to go on vacation and see if I get a chance to stock it back up.  I would love to...sew, while away.  We'll see.

Are you as shocked as I am??  Three sales in one evening... totally and completely unexpected.

God is good.  Amen??

Thank you ladies, and may you enjoy (them) to the fullest.  As I like to say...

Creative Usage ~ From my hand to yours!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

garden glimpes

My words are slowing down this week - as we're preparing for vacation, leaving on Saturday.   There is a lot to do around here until then.  I may or may not be back here - on the blog- until Friday. 

I want to at least say good-bye... and let you know where I'm going. ;) 

So, enjoy, my garden for me. 

Maybe it will rain - around here - every day while we're gone, and then I won't "lose" any to drought. 


Monday, July 19, 2010

Striking Resemblance

. . ....  ... . . ... . .. ... ..  . ... ... .. .. .. ..... . ... . ... ...
On Saturday, we went to a family gathering that has been 66 years going strong.

~66 years~

Most of the photos, the ones you can see (or make out the best), here on my hutch, are family members from my mother's side of the family, which is who and what this reunion was all about. 

** the large photo in the jar, on the far right, is Marion, my Grandmother, at the young age of 18.  Which could easily pass off as my own mother.  They look so much alike.
 The small photo, of the couple, (the jar with the black lid), sitting in front is that of my great-grandparents- Charles and Mary. **
That explains the photos in the jars, a little bit.  I want to go greater in depth to this photo - sometime.

The reunion, though, was actually of my mother's father (my grandfather Ammon and his seven brothers and two sisters) side of the family.
My mom has a cousin who truly is an historian.  Every year he brings the photo albums, the black & white framed pieces of family photos, the genealogy books, and the family tree grows and grows... every year.  Mom's cousin Merle is faithful to document every detail. 

I just totally enjoy - standing over shoulder; thumbing through the photo albums and overhearing my mother, my aunts and their cousins reminiscing and even using the magnifying glass - trying to recall who is who in certain photos - swapping stories and memories.

What's even more fun, is when the second and third generation continue to come to this family reunion.  And, you hear squeals of;  "Come here, look at this!  Doesn't so and so have a strong striking resemblance to Cousin Rosie or Uncle Harry, etc.?"

* * * * * *

It makes me think about my husband and I as the beginning or start of a whole *new* and up and coming generation.

If that doesn't keep life in perspective, what does??

I wonder. 

  • Will there be the same enthusiasm for our "family" generation(s) down the road?

  • What kind of legacy will be left behind? 

  • What will types of memories or stories will be shared, reminisced or pondered (even questioned)? 

  • Will someone be careful to remember in detail ~ our story?

Will the LORD have a striking resemblance in and among "my people"? 
 Or, say it this way...

Will there be a strong family resemblance among the hearts and souls of my children and their children's, children?

* * * * *
"Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your strength. 

These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. 
Impress them on your children. 
Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.  Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.
Write them on the door frames of your houses and on your gates."

~Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 21/10}

Wow.  These Friday's Finds do sure come around quickly, don't they?  It was only last week that I posted about my Maude Moments and my little red stool... it feels just like yesterday.

I've been  in a quandary (I love that word, by the way.  I mean the word itself and not the situation it presents.) as to what to post about for our Friday's Finds today.  I had several things in mind.

I decided...and got to thinking I would let you know about a book I am slo-w-ly reading. 


For good intention. 

It is actually a Marriage Devotional Book. Called: Devotions for a Sacred Marriage.  

It's meant to be read one chapter a week, over the course of one year...therefore intending to take time to really mull over it and take it to heart.

Have you ever heard of the author, Gary Thomas?  

If not.  He is by far one of the best authors that I have come across.  I love (and highly appreciate) his way of writing.  It's down to earth, humerous, honest, full of humility and very insightful.

Several years ago, I worked at a local Christian Bookstore.  It was one of the best jobs in the world. One of the blessed benefits that we received was that we were encouraged to take books home to read (two weeks per book) in order to better suit our customer needs by knowing what was on our shelves.  The "store" encouraged us to read all genres.  And, since "marriage" was a hopeful interest of mine... I had no problem pulling off a book or two out of this section in order to prepare myself for this season of my life - should it ever come.

This is when I stumbled upon Gary Thomas.

 I read his book; Sacred Marriage.  And I actually bought the book, right after reading it, to keep it in my library for, again, a hopeful-one-day-married, reference. 

"What if God designed Marriage to make us holy
more then to make us happy?"

It was a good something to think about.  And, now I know how true that something is.

* * I would venture to say this book would make an ideal wedding/shower gift -if you know of someone who is about to get married.  And, I would echo the author, who says.  It's not that you need to read this book first in order to benefit from the devotional book.  They are meant to be read as separate books.  But it wouldn't hurt, either, if you did read Sacred Marriage - first. 

And, now on to my favorite book by Gary Thomas.  This one is entitled: Sacred Influence. 

"What a man needs from his wife to be the husband she wants."

** Perhaps, if you read my post from yesterday... and you know anything about this book - Sacred Influence - you would encourage me to go back and re-read this book, too. 

Which, I should!!

It would do my soul a personal wonder.  I am so glad I picked this book off of the bargain bookshelf at the bookstore where I worked - some years later - and now it is proudly on my shelf/bedside table.  I would say, one of the BEST BARGAINS I have ever found.
I don't know how many people I handed this book around to, and encouraged them to read it, as well.  No pun intended, but it's a very influential read.  You should get your hands on it -sometime, and read away.

But, back to the devotional book, real quick.  I mentioned to Scott last night.  It's really funny how that the "conversations" we've been having here of late, and the recent sermons, etc. how that they have just been completely coinciding with what the devotional book content lays out. 

Ironic!  eh? 

It just might be a GOD-THING!!

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend. 
 Maybe you'll get a chance to get some reading in, too!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

He loves me, He loves me not...

Do you ever have those moments in your marriage where you sit there and pluck the proverbial daisy in your mind...muttering this sentiment...over and over until the last petal falls?

He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me... He loves me not.

Is it true?  Is it really, really true if it lands on ... he loves me - not?

Probably not.

((you know how our minds race... and, our thoughts run rampant))

Love is action.  Love is a choice. 
Love is a decision based on truth whether or not your feelings follow.

I continue to learn this.


Our Church is currently going through a several - week -series from the book of Ephesians.  Right now were on Chapter 5.

You can be sure it brought up fresh conviction about us, as spouses, loving one another and submitting to one another.

Sparing you any details of our recent conversation, that Scott and I were having... you can be sure it didn't smell (sound) pretty- at least, immediately. 

In my mind, the petals were falling rather quickly.  


W-e-e-l-l-l-l...if truth be told...

I sometimes really struggle to believe that my husband ((still)) loves me.  Even after he tells me he does.  Even after he shows me does.  And, I know my struggle surfaces through my attitude.  It doesn't always wear well.  If you know what I mean.

Regardless of how I FEEL.  I need to make a decision.   A choice to love him back - with action, not just words.

Bottom line.  Love is an attitude.  I want to wear it well.  And, like I said, I'm still learning...and will continue to do so.

: : What does your daisy look like??  Have you been plucking away at petals, too??

As for Scott and I; and just for the record.  Any and all fallen petals are currently swept up and under the proverbial rug.
For now. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Earth & Beauty

Remember this sneak peek - from the other week?

Well, here it is... the full view of
~Earth & Beauty~


My sister Gladys was here over this past weekend.  She had "ordered" this bag, the last time she was here visiting, which I believe was back at Christmas.  Her friend Melissa was to be the recipient... and I'm waiting to hear what she thinks of Earth & Beauty.

There is another *new* Overnight Style bag in my etsy shop called Earth,Wind & Fire.  Go ahead and check it out if you'd like.



There is some more news, Bags by Bevy related...

I am thrilled beyond measure to have been the recipient myself... for something such as BUTTONS!!!!

That's right.

I was told by friend, Denise, that her Mom (who recently passed away) wanted me to have buttons from her collection.  She enjoyed my bag making so much and loved the bag ("Blessed") that Denise had won from one of my last giveaways.  According to Denise, she said she wanted to be sure that I would get them from her.

There are some real gems in here.  I felt really blessed when I got this gift.  And, I'm not just saying that.

* *Thank you, again, Denise... for making sure that I got these buttons after your Mother passed awayI'm sorry to know of your loss, but with each time I see these buttons or as I use them, you can be sure I'll be thinking of you.  Saying a prayer...for you and your family.


What's more.

I got in a *new* assortment of fabric (upholstery & tapestry) samples, last week.  So, I'm set for a while, now.

Wanna see??

I'll try to not have too much fun.

 But, hey! that's the beauty of living on this earth, is it not? 

The Lord's gives us all things (gifts) to enjoy.  To use... with purpose, to re-purpose and to purposely bless others...and, in so doing, maybe you'll be next.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here or There

Two, too many, times...

I've found that Aubrey had either crawled under or through this gate and out into...

H * E * R *E.

It wasn't that she had gone far out into the cow pasture,and at least the cows were off in another part of the pasture, but it was far enough out of the realm of Mommy Comfortable.

Just being on the other side of the fence is being out of the realm of Mommy Comfortable.

The other side of the fence is not a place for nearly two year old little girls to be wandering off to.
 T *H * E * R * E,  in the field, is not a place to be playing.  It isn't safe pasture, per say.


 The grass may be greener- on the other side of the fence.

It's something new and different.

"I'm ready to get out of here and explore my world".

I want out of HERE... and move-on to...THERE!

You know.  I have had similar thoughts at times.  But don't we all?  We HERE but we want to be THERE.

I don't know what that looks like for you. I just know for myself - I am HERE (in this place, this season, this life) for a purpose.

However, I do find myself struggling against the unknown far too often. I don't always like - HERE.  It's often hard, monotonous, draining...complacent. "If I could only move-on, and off to THERE... things would be better..." goes the lie, round and round, in my brain.

Instead, I cling to all of Psalm 37: 1-11.  If you get a chance read all of the said passage.  But, look, with me, at verse 3 in particular.

"Trust in the LORD and do good, dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture."

H * E * R * E (where God has me, wants me and needs me to be) is safe pasture.  I need to trust the Lord, for ALL that he is - in my life.  I looked up the word: dwell.  It means to abide as a permanent resident.  To continue for a time.  To linger over.  In other words .... it's a realm of  - comfortable.

Does this mean that life is to remain complacent, monotonous, draining...hard?  Maybe - sometimes.  

But, by yielding and submitting to God's plan for my life... will only in turn beef up the realm of Mommy Comfortable. 

And boy, do I ever need to grow in the realm of Mommy Comfortable, whether I'm here or there.

Monday, July 12, 2010

These are (just) a few of my favorite things...

...wonderful weekends...

...rainy days...

...big front porches...

...beautiful flowers...

...still (peace-full) moments...

...colorful & fun memories...


...family & friends...

... growth opportunities...

...trials, disappointments and pain...

Lord, I want to thank you for the life you breathe into our lives - new - every morning.

Thank you for the beautiful gift of rain, over the weekend.  A picture of mercy.

Thank you for your loving kindness that overwhelms me through various forms of encouragement and godly relationships. 

 Even when things don't go as planned or imagined - you have divine purpose and intention for our growth and godliness. 

Some days it's very, very hard (life is not always easy and beautiful)...but I still do - thank you.  ~Amen. 

(And I could pray much, much more...)


These are (just) a few of my favorite things.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Finds: {20/10}

~The little Red Stool~

I happened upon this little red stool, one day, while perusing the local antique store down the road from our place. I think I paid $20. for it.  But...it's been worth every single dime. 

You see! 

This little red stool has become the proverbial open door for my one friend and I.  These days, when Maude* and I haven't seen each other in awhile we'll say things like... "you know I have this certain red stool sitting in my kitchen" or "Do you still have your little red stool? I haven't seen it lately".

Here is why.

Back in the day, Maude and I used to be very close neighbors.  When I was single... we shared a farmhouse.  Basically I had one half and she had the other.  We both had our own "place and space"- as I like to say.  Each side had it's own kitchen, LR, bathroom, 2 bedrooms...front door... but we shared things like the washer/dryer, heating and electric (somewhat).  It worked out really well -at least, I thought so and I think she did too.

We also knew when we didn't want to talk to each other.  You know...?

There were those times, too.  Honestly enough.

We had a common door through my living room into her kitchen.  If the door was open - it meant "come on in"... and if it was closed ....well, the door was closed. 
Although, you could knock, of course. ;)

So, this little red stool sat in the corner of my kitchen (and still does, in our current home).  When Maude would come over "to visit" - say while I was cooking up a storm, or whatever, that was her seat.  When she'd sit down... it was then that I knew she wanted to, needed to or just had to tell me something - interesting, funny or serious. 

Perhaps to just hang out... to just be...among "good company".

These days...since I'm married... it gets used for:

-giving my boys (hubby and son) their haircuts

-getting my daughter into trouble... she gets herself in trouble using it to climb up onto everything

-the usual step-stool needs

-time-outs (on occasion)

But, mostly it sits in it's little corner... just a waitin' for some good company. 

: :I miss you Maude... and I hope to see you one day soon. ;)  hint, hint.  That's if you'll forgive me for giving you such a random name change.  Because you know as well as I do... I never call(ed) you Maude. 

It's a good name, though.  I kinda like it.  Perhaps that's what I'll call the little red stool from here on out.

Happy Friday to all and have yourself a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The other day I was having a picnik - playing with photos...

I've always loved water-color paintings; oil paintings; pencil drawing...graphic design...etc.
  I can honestly see these photos (and some of the new ones in my sidebar) being turned into framed pieces or posters for a family heirloom of sorts.

I guess, you could say I'm a true artist wanna-be. 

What do you think?  Should I stop - having fun??
You can be honest...

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cherry Squares

~Cherry Squares~

(with a little bit of blueberry- making that red, white and blue) ;)

1 cup butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
4 eggs
2 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. lemon extract (or use just 2 tsp. vanilla instead)
1 pt. cherry pie filling

Cream butter and sugar.  Add eggs; beat.  Add flour and extracts.  Spread in greased jellyroll pan. 

Cut surface of batter to make 24 or 28 squares. Spoon pie filling onto each square.  Batter will puff around while baking.  Bake at 350* for 30 minutes or until firm and golden.  Cut into squares and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Cool before removing from pan.

: : These held up well. Kids love them... they're tasty and so easy to do.  Enjoy!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can and Can't once ran a race...

{ This is one of those poems that I remember as a young girl.  My dad would read to us girls, every night before going to bed.  At the time, there were only 4 or 5 of us.  I don't know if you know - but, I'm the oldest of nine children.  My dad passed away at the young age of 43 - when my youngest brother was 3 yrs. old and I was 23. 

You could say my dad learned this poem - took it to heart, and applied it - well. 

I was just reflecting on the mere fact that my dad persevered in so many ways.  Here was one way...even when he was doggone tired, to the bone... he would-still- read to us at night.  Often times from this book - in effort to instill to us children, morals and values that, Lord-Willing, we wouldn't forget.  I guess, so far it has worked. What is it now? Almost 20 some odd years later, and I still remember... his example. }

And, here is where it most applies to me.  I struggle to "hang in there" as a mother.  As a homemaker.  As a wife.  As a friend. As a neighbor.  As a Beloved Child of God. 

It's evident in something as simple as washing another dish (somedays it's true - I struggle). Picking up another toy. Cleaning up another mess.  Loving through, yet another, misunderstanding.  Taking time out for that needed visit, phone call or get-together. 

I struggle to pray and to persevere in my own personal quiet time... with the Lord.


Can and can't once ran a race.
Can fell down and hurt his face,
But up he jumped and on he ran,
The persevering little man.

In spite of all Can't did or said,
Can kept on going straight ahead.
Can't did not wish to be the last,
Nor did he want to run so fast,
And so he shouted, "Don't you see
That you can never outrun me?"

But Can replied, "That's just your way.
You're telling people every day
They can't do this, and can't do that,
That black is white and the earth is flat;
But you'll not conquer me, for I
Will win this race or die."

They kept on running many years,
And Can at times shed bitter tears
Over the troubles that he met
And oftentimes would weary get.

His feet were sore, the way was rough,
The road did not seem short enough.
      ((this is the part that I really remembered, for some reason))
He sometimes ran and sometimes hopped,
But never, never, never stopped.
At last Can't halted by the way,
And said,  "Now I will rest and play."
And so he waited while his friend
Kept on until he reached the end.
And Can't was left far in the rear
Because he would not persevere.

Can won the race while Can't stood still
He always has, and always will.


* * My 3yr old currently is using the word can't out of context.  I often don't have the heart to correct him - although I do.  Because he is constantly reminding me of this poem every time I hear him say..."No, I can't want it." - meaning, "I don't want it".

: : How do you feel your doing - in running this race? You can or you can't?

Will you hang in there with me?  Will you perservere, to the end?

Monday, July 5, 2010

~ this thing called day ~

I was trying really, really hard, one day, last week, to capture this...

t * h * i * n * g

....this certain look...
.... this certain feeling!

I tried different places... like, down low to the ground...

...as high to the sky as I could...
...the biggest, emptiest jar...
that I could possibly find.  

With the smallest mouth to keep it all from escaping...
that I could possibly find.

I wanted to collect this thing called D*A *Y into a bottle, to hang on to it, and keep it forever.

It was an A*B*S*O*L*U*T*L*Y gorgeous
- the most perfect kind of day!!

Did you at least take time to look up and see the clouds??

This last photo was from later in the day as my Mother-in-law gave me this beautiful bouquet of Coneflower (or Echinacea), from her flowerbeds.

What else could make this day a beautiful one, you wonder? Twas the fact that Susie-Mom (a.k.a. Grandma Susie) wanted to have both Caleb and Aubrey over first thing in the morning and wanted me to turn right around, go home and sew.  She gave them breakfast and lunch and sew-away I did.   It was wonderful...

Here is a snippet of yet another SOLD bag. 

~ Earth & Beauty~

 I'm only showing part of it - because the recipient has yet to see it, in it's entirety, and she is giving it as a gift to someone else who I have no idea if she reads this blog or not.  I don't want to ruin any surprises.

So.  Back to this thing called day.  If I could bottle last week up - I would have, in a heart beat.
It's to be really, really hot around these parts this whole week.  Try to keep cool... and drink lots of water.
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