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Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 4/10}

It just utterly udderly amazes me... that I had to pick up 10 of these half-gallon jars, yesterday.  We just got milk the other day, it seems!!   I'm finding out we either have to get ourselves a milkin' cow, or else.... er... ahhh...

Oh, I am not complaining. Scott and I love milk!  AND, we're so glad our kids do,  too.  It's pretty much all our kids will drink - besides water and occasionally very watered down juice.

But, I'm thinking about reverting back to one of these.

: : Does anyone know or remember how many gallons this can would hold?  I should know... I used to fill these (10 of them) for certain customers when I used to work on a dairy farm... back on my first job. 
 I'll have to tell you about it sometime ;)

I'm pretty sure this antique milk can was from off of my Grandfather's farm (way back in the day)... I think we may have another one coming our way from Scott's side of the family, too. 

Yeah, I could lug these around... one in each hand.  What do you think?

In case your curious about the glass jars.  It's the best thing in the world for keeping milk colder, fresher and better-tasting, longer.  We are able to take our jars in ($1. deposit on the bottle to start) and trade them out filled with milk for the next round... It may be a bit more on the pricier side - but hey, 
 it's the price you pay for MILK, that does the body good.  

Keep it REAL!  this weekend, and pass it on....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

lil mommy!

Not to be outdone by her brother...I, recently, found Aubrey, one morning, playing with her dolls.  She hasn't named them yet - but I'm sure that day will come. Still, at 16 1/2 months, I think she makes a good lil mommy.

You see, it is a little bit unusual - at this stage- for her to be playing, with dollies, on her own, especially when Big Brother is also playing with trains, cars and anything else that "moves", at the same time.

You can read between the lines on that one, if you want too.

I love this picture of Aubrey. 
Loving on her little babies...she's such a good lil mommy!

She takes them shopping...

~Off to "Costco", we go!~

  We say that because she puts the babies in side-by-side like you do with their carts.  Not too many stores (that we know of) have this option with their carts.

~Oops! Learning to deal with rambunctiousness, here.~

This shopping cart was also a gift from Uncle John and Aunt Rachel (and cousins),  for Christmas. 
And, let me tell, you, it's put in a lot of miles already.


These next two pics are of her from a couple of months ago.  Again, it is so precious to me that I find her playing so nicely with dolls - on such rare form and occasion.

Aubrey doesn't know this yet, but she is about to "inherit" Grandma Susie's collection of Raggedy Anne and Andy Dolls... one day soon!!


I also can't wait to teach Aubrey some really good "doll-mommy" methods, from when I was growing up.  Here are a few things we did, and oohh how my cousins and I had such a blast in our childhood days with our imaginative play of "homemaking and motherhood". .. things my older cousin used to shake her head at us, younger gals, for.  We would:

  • Take baby bottles; fill about a quarter of the way up with flour and then add water.  Shake, shake shake.  Makes great baby milk.

  • Do the same idea, but put it into baby food jars.  This time make it really thick and add food coloring.  Makes great baby food.  (don't forget about it and leave it in the sun - makes a real mess)

  • Take warm wax from an old candle and shape it into a pacifer.  Worked like a charm.

  • Make our babies cry.  gnahhh, gnahhhhh, gnahhhhhhhhhhhhhh -  the "realer" you could make it sound, the better.  (we would actually practice this...actually, I would to try to keep up with her)

  • We would  pat their back's just right and make our babies BURP really well... rather unbaby-like, to say the least. ;)

  • We would make our own baby toys (with beads and stuff)...

  • Our Mother's would let us use real baby clothes.  We used real diaper pins and cloth diapers.

  • And, we had the "baby blanket wrap" down to a science.

  • Our "play house" (their old chicken coop) was the "realist" thing to having a real house you could find.  We kept that thing maticulous and everyday (that we could) it would get rearranged & cleaned up to make it even BETTER!
     ...there are many, many more memories I could share...

So having a good imagination is the key to quality play time.  My cousins and I were talking about this the last time we were together at our one family gathering.  My cousin Becky(who I was mostly referring to in this post) is a couple of years older then me, and has teenage children down to a young toddler ( a total of seven)...and she was saying that her children "have no imagination" these days - not like we did growing up. 

: : YEAH! This was the same cousin who ~ we used to "hug trees" out in the backyard, pretending they were our boyfriends... or, we would play Hospital.  We were the nurses and the Dr's were our boyfriends... we would call "STAT" through the designated call systems - just so we could give them kisses....ahh what memories...and having a *good imagination* is the understatement of the day

I just hope I can instill some good positive imaginative play in my little ones...  I know it comes down to teaching them how it's done.  You should've seen Caleb's face the first time - as he watched me "play baby dolls" with Aubrey, crying and burping them, etc.  He even wanted to be included so I told him he should play "the daddy" and put the babies to bed - one night.  He even bent over the side of the doll crib to say good-night and cover them up. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All Aboard!

You remember this verse of play...

"Engine, engine number Nine ... going down Chicago line.  If the train should jump the track, do you want your money back? 
Yes, no, or maybe so!"


I think of this all the time while Caleb is playing with his trains.  Or, I think of as many (Bible/Childrens) songs to do with trains, that I can... and we know quite a few.  He loves it when I sing them.

Well, what you see here is a recent blessing to us.  Caleb recieved a train set for Christmas from Uncle John and Aunt Rachel.  He was in LOVE!  from the start.  This one had "train tracks", unlike his Fisher Price train set (that he still plays with).  Now, we'll regularly get phone calls from my brother, Caleb's uncle Justin (22) - asking to come over and "watch the kids" for me - but I know it's so he can play with the train set too. ;)

I think I mentioned this the other week, but our neighbor is moving out of his house.  He had stuff out in the front lawn everywhere... and he told us anything you see... "go ahead and take it".  (long story)
So, I was over there one night, after the kids were in bed - shopping put on our/his front lawn in the dark...and I about stumbled over this huge bag, of what appeared to be toys.  Only to discover it was a LARGER set to the set that we already had.  Ooohhh, was Caleb ever excited or what?  We all were.  This was AMAZING!!

Now the kid's bedroom looks like either of two things has happened: that the room has shrunk (when the whole thing is set up) or like Cyclone Caleb has come through the room (when it's all taken apart) or maybe it's Aubrey.  She's pretty good at destroying a perfectly good set up.


These are some of Caleb's other favorite trains to play with...

 Meet Percy, from Thomas and Friends...

The Thomas Videos would "roll on" almost all day - if it were up to Caleb.  And, of course, one of the stories talks of Percy wearing a scarf.  So, to add some "reality" to the story, one day, I gave Percy a scarf.


And, there is the Fisher Price set - that I had mentioned earlier.
This one actually sounds "clickity-clackity", like its going down the railroad tracks...and it "to-OOTS" just like a real train!

An "oldie but a goodie"... we actually do have more cars to this set... everything but
 the people & animals that were to be with it, I believe.  Another thrift store find!!!

(So, do you like my "train track" implication, here?  I'm even impressed myself...)

Hey, I want to know: What is it with little boys and their heads on the floor
 while playing with their toys? 

Some days Caleb's head and upper arm are red from lying on the floor like this.  Is it just so to "get down and personal" with his wheels??  He's really intense. 

And then there is the CREATIVE ATTEMPT to carry all of these train cars at once.  He figured out he couldn't do it (so easily) and so I caught him (with the camera - which is really hard to do) using his mouth as a third hand. 

Oh, my growing boy...  he's ALL ABOARD for life!  Whatever, it is .... he's got his ticket.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nothing but clear blue skies

Is this what you see...when you look into his eyes? 

My husband's eyes do happen to be blue - but that's not what I'm talking about.  Let me explain...


When you look into your man's eyes, do you see "us", "together"... you and him... "forever"?  When I look into my man's eyes, I have to ask myself the same question.  Do I see "us", "together",  forever"?   yes, but...

I know trials and dark moments can quickly cloud the vision sometimes...It's hard to see where he's coming from, or even where he's going.  Somedays it's hard to agree; it's hard to appreciate; it's hard to love-long... and overlook faults & failures.  It's hard to be ONE - especially if and when my eyes are "gazing" in the opposite direction - then his. 

Have you tried to stop, recently, and just gaze into your spouse's eyes for several long minutes?  The eyes are the windows to the soul, you know?  What do you see?  Do you even want to see?  Do your eyes communicate (speak clearly) that you want to "be" - here?   If he stops to gaze long into your eyes, what will he see?  Connection?  Togetherness?  Vision for your home and family?  Love & Understanding?

I have.  I have had to stop... to look into his eyes, long enough to know the "heart work" begins with me.

Literally speaking,  it's easy to look into your man's eyes... however, figuratively (or emotionally) speaking, to look into his eyes and to "know his soul" takes "heart work".  Be willing to go there...it's so worth it.

: : What does your future (your marriage relationship) have, that together, you can't help but say, " ...Nothing but Clear Blue Skies"?  

If your struggling in your marriage, today.  Don't be afraid lift your gaze first to the Father who knows all things... ask him to heal your heart (and starting with you - restore your vision for your marriage)...share with some one who can help; to encourage you by listening & by praying for you... and then, when you're ready, take a long minute to gaze into your man's eyes - with confidence - letting him know why it is you love him so.  Here are my reasons....Why I love him so.

Monday, January 25, 2010

~Spiced Pecans~

Okay, it's time for me to share this recipe for Spiced Pecans or Sweet Spiced Nuts (whichever you want to call it)!  I'm sorry, I know I've been holding out on you all.  We made these for the holidays with our cookie bake but let me tell you - they're great anytime!  As a perfect accompaniment to that hot cup of coffee you've got in your hand - or just anytime you need a sweet, spicy nutty taste in your mouth.
 It's a winter thing.

As my friend, Rachelle will attest to .... YOU CAN'T STOP WITH JUST ONE!!

1 cup granulated sugar - per pound of pecans
1 1/2 Tab. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. ground cloves
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. ginger
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1 egg white
1 Tab. water
1 lb. whole pecans

Preheat oven to 250*.  Grease jelly roll pan with butter.  Mix together dry ingrediants.  Beat egg white with water until frothy.  Add spice mixture to egg white; mix well. Toss the pecans till coated ... spread out in pan.  Bake for 1 hour at 250*.  Stir three times while baking.  Let dry well, before storing.

: : These are great to give out as a gift... and quite healthy too (ignoring the sugar).  I'm thinking, Valentine's Day!?!  You know, put a cute little caption on a gift tag (to your hubby) that says something like; "I'm nuts over you" or well,.... I can think of many more...

BUT, what would you say???  I would love to hear some of your ideas for a cute caption. 

I saw these here on the Farm Chicks the other day, that might be a fun way to share spiced pecans with all your friends.  Check it out!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 3/10}


As I got to thinking about what to share for today's Friday's Finds... I remembered this - what I think is a handmade tablecloth - that I found (going through some linens), back when we moved.

What strikes me as AMAZING! is the hand stiched hem all around the cloth.

(Ahh, don't look too closely at my fingers - looks like they need some TLC, too)
But look, carefully, at the tiny, tiny even stitches.  It is so impressive.

And, the stamped signature?  I don't know... I wish I could ask my grandparents about it, but they are both deceased now.  This linen came from some things that I got at my Grammy's "sale"... a couple of months before she passed away.  I want to guess that Katie G. is or was a cousin to either my grandfather or grandmother.

This is just such a treasure to me.  More than that, it's an inspiration. 
I like to imagine that because life was simply lived at a much 'slower pace' back then, it seems only natural that they would take the time to make each stitch count.  Nice & tiny, painstakenly patient, evenly detailed stitches, all the way around.
You almost have to look several times to really be sure that they are done with a needle and thread, and not by machine.  It says a lot about a person (doesn't it?)... by the pride they take in their work.

"I don't know you, Katie - but thank you for such a beautiful piece of artwork...you left behind."
Makes we wonder about the stories woven in and around this linen tablecloth...

To say, "A stitch in time, saves nine" couldn't be more truer.  Yet,  this thought comes to mind, as well,  as I write, "A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels".  This quote can be found everywhere, nowdays, but it came off of a magnet that my Grammy once gave me, back when I was in my first apartment...kind of an ironic fitting to end this post on that note.

Take the time to have a wonderful prayer-filled weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love, Love, LOVE this bag!!

Sorry this post is a little behind in coming out today, I have a little guy with an earache (his first, that I know of).  He's pretty pathetic, but he wants to be in good spirits, so I guess that is a good thing.  He woke up pretty early this morning, crying (but more like whimpering) and holding his ear, saying it hurts - and asking, "what happened?"  So, a good dose of Ibuprofen, couple of fun laughs with Aubrey (he was trying!) and a couple of solid naps already this morning... we'll shall see.


So, I love this bag that I made for my friend Gail.  I told her I would make her one... as a gift, because that is what she is to me.  She is too funny, though.  It took her an awfully long time to fully decide on what style of bag she prefered, and then it was the color scheme.  I try to avoid "full customization" unless I REALLY, TRULY know you...and then I'll work with you.  ;)  Gail has been my biggest exception...

I would call her, ask her to come over and see *new* fabric selections to see if any would "suit" her fancy.

Finally.  We found this burgandy fleur de lis type tapestry that she just "KNEW"... was it.  And then.  She has been so wonderful in helping to find/supply vintage buttons for me (Although she has her own stories of how she would often get in trouble for doing this - you can even ask Scott about this one!).  One day she brought me a huge bagful of buttons - plus they were sorted.  yeah!!

Here she showed me her absolute, most favorite, *teal* button.  I just knew I had to figure out how to implement this button into the bag and it's color scheme.  And, so I just ran with it.  One reason it worked so well is that there is a teal undertone to the fabric already.  The button helped to pull that out.

It's a little hard to see it because of the glare... but it is a really cool *teal* button.  And it works really, really well.  I also used it upside down (which was the real favorite side of this button, for her).  I wasn't afraid to do that, because little do you know that I intentionally do this already - a lot.  Okay, so now you know a little secret of mine.  But, that's okay.

Then came the lining fabric, and what to use for this?  I had, on hand, a vintage looking cotton floral.  Do I dare?  Ooohhh, sometimes floral on floral is a little too much.  But the colors of it and the style of it  was just what I needed to continue the dance of teal and burgandy.  Look, and see, what  I mean...

This fabric is "on the edge", of whether this was the best choice to use or not.  But, I loved this lining fabric (it was a little hard to part with it), and since it was going to go into Gail's bag, well, it just all came together very nicely, so I'm just glad it's in hers. The pocket on the inside is one huge, deep pocket - with a seam down the center - creating two pockets.  The tan flower button is one that Gail had given me in the bag assortment of buttons.  One of Gail's preferances was that the handles be on the longer side.  Thankfully I could make this work for her.  I am usually pretty limited to what I can do - for handles- based on the fabric selections that I have.  She can wear this bag on her shoulder...which is what she wanted.  So, I'm very glad.

 ~Gaily Gathered Fleurs~

: :  Do you love the name of this bag, or what?  You know me, always playing on words...

Go ahead and check out a new listing in my etsy shop.  I was able to sneak them in there this morning.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"warm cookies row on row..."

I just love that line...here is where it is from. A poem selected out of ~ Family (Issue) Ideals.

Happy Homes
by Mabel Wilson

It takes such simple homey things
To hold a family together;
It's keeping home fires burning
Regardless of the weather.

It's keeping home life cheery
And a kitchen spick-and-span,
For these things do bring happiness
To children and to man.

The smell of luscious gingerbread,
Are but two familiar things
Our children ought to know.

Oft repeated prayers of thanks
For life's meat and bread,
Can sustain our restless hearts
And keep our minds well fed.

Love and peace and harmony,
And kind words daily spoken,
Are keys unlocking happy homes
With no hearts sad or broken.


Just thinking today, again, of how Blessed I am. That I have a Home to manage and little hearts to tend to and influence.  That I have a husband who can't wait to come HOME every night...
and tells me so, each day.

I'm grateful to God for his Sustaining Blessings, in my life... when so many are harried, hurting & homeless.
It hardly seems right.  Thinking of the many... in Haiti.

 But with mixed feelings, I hope to be making these today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Homespun Baby! shoes ... Etsy shop announcement.

Last week,  Wednesday, I had the distinct privilege of meeting up with an old friend of mine ~ Rebekah ~ for a "cup of talk".  She and her husband currently live in FL.  And they now have a little guy who was looking to find himself a great pair of shoes!!!!   Rebekah ordered a pair of Homespun Baby! shoes from me... and here they are.  (At the bottom of this post - you will read an update for my Etsy shop regarding Homespun Baby! shoes)

~Homespun Baby! shoes~
Blue/Cream plaid ~ Baby Boy

Here is proud mama with her son Aaron.  He is (or maybe Rebekah is more) a real trooper for riding in a carseat/driving all the way from FL to PA to spend several weeks with friends and family before flying back home in just a couple of days.

Rebekah loved them!! I was really happy how these turned out, too.  The shoes fit a little on the bigger side (which she requested) - just so that he could wear them for awhile.  I was so happy to do these for her.  And getting together with her was just like old times. Our afternoon flew by so quickly and I think we could have "talked & talked". Bring on the coffee!  In her case, she asked for Hot Tea.  No biggie.  I drank tea instead.  She and I used to work together at our local Christian Bookstore years ago. 

Oh Rebekah!!  what fond memories we share. 

So here is my etsy shop announcement.

 In the recent past these shoes were available ONLY as a custom order.  Well, now I've decided that I am going to change that feature and just make them to sell - as they are, and to just list them as single, regular items.  It was seemingly difficult for me to keep up with the potential custom orders, let alone,  to keep record of the sales.  I would rather have them made and good to go.  So.  There you have it.  If you look on my etsy now,  there are no shoes listed ~  as of yet. 

Check back soon!!  I have some great homespun fabrics that I'm just dying to get made into little shoes.
But first, I have several more bag orders to fill.  I'm just "Sew Busy!" - but hey, I like it this way.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun Family Packed Weekend

What a weekend for us.  It pretty much started Thursday already... since this was a day that Scott took off of work and we headed to the 94th PA FarmShow!  What a wonderful day; time away as a family; fun, Fun, FUN!!

We borrowed a double stroller from friends of ours... which was totally the best idea, in the world.  We implemented it very well.
These are some of the cleanest cows you will ever see in your life - here at the farmshow (no kidding!).  I actually saw one farmer lady wiping a cow's butt with paper towels, and another kid standing behind his cow with a bucket to catch cow poop.  Scott said, "oh yeah, it's because they sleep with their animals at night".  I did see a couple of people, napping, using their cows as pillows.  I guess I never thought about it before.

Love these chickens and roosters!

 Caleb loved hearing the roosters crowing.... and these Togenburg goats.

I think, I could see us having a little goat farm, one day, and throw in a few chickens....just for fun!

This was a real hit for Caleb - playing in the field corn with a few "new friends".

This butter sculpture was made out of 1000 lbs. of real butter which will later be turned into bio-fuel - so I read....
It was so amazing to me... to see the beautiful carving of it.

And of course, for Caleb, to climb up onto  "drive" a tractor (in this case it was a lawn mower) was the BIGGEST hit of the day!!

So, that was all day Thursday.  The little ones did so good.  We were so blessed to have them hang in there as well as they did and they enjoyed it as much as we did.  But. We were all so very tired till we got home.

Then came Friday the start of the real Fun Family Packed Weekend.  Scott took off, from work, again (which was a great idea).  I had some errands that needed to be taken care of, in the morning.  And our neighbor guy is moving out in a couple of weeks and literally giving things away... so we went shopping out on our own (well his) front lawn.  We picked up a "new" dining room table, several chairs (outdoor and indoor), a floor length mirror, tons of boy toys (plus, more to add to Caleb's train set that he got for Christmas), a few misc. items, etc.  So, we were busy implementing them into our home and at the same time preparing for guests in our home for the entire weekend.

 Needless to say, Scott got very little studying done this weekend (if any)...and that was mostly the reason for taking Friday off so that he could get some done- knowing it would be really difficult the rest of the weekend.  Please pray for him, as he gears up for the 30th - Exam Day!!  He's really not feeling very comfortable with this course of study... but anyway.  God already knows the outcome... and he (Scott) will be doing his very best to pass.  You can be sure of that.

My sister Rachel and (fellow red-neck, to Scott) brother-in-law John and their three girls were here for the whole weekend.  They arrived Friday evening.  To which EARLY, EARLY Saturday morning (I'm talking 3AM) the guys left for VA to get my Mother in Law's stuff out of storage and haul it home. 

They did a quick trip and turn around.  Even though they stayed the night Saturday night-ish...they pulled out Sunday morning around 2AM and made it back to PA -in time to sit down to a hot breakfast of Baked Oatmeal before we all headed to Church Sunday morning.  They got Scott's Mom stuff unloaded after service and came back the house for lunch of Sloppy Joes.  We all took time to visit - around the table; the little ones played games, etc.  and soon it was time to part ways for the weekend and call it a "fun time"- another thing behind us.  And it's good for (particularly) Susie to be "settled"... or at least somewhat.  Now begins the rest of the settleing in, for her, in her little apartment.

But Saturday was not to be outdone by the guys.  Us ladies did our own gig of running around and pulling some heavy duty "trucking" ourselves.  My brother, Justin, came over about 7:30AM on Saturday along with my Mom and he watched three of the kiddo's while Rachel, our mother, the two littlest girls (Aubrey and Gracie) and myself.  We ran out to Lancaster to go some "fun" shopping, lunch, as well as my monthly grocery shop.  Shew!!!  We were pooped.

It's going to be a very mellow Monday!! NOT!  Lots of laundry today, and tidying up the house... figuring out where and how to store all these new toys we got from the neighbors and stuff.
No really, I must say.  It went very, very well.  All the kids did great.  Everybody pitched in and helped.  It was wonderful to have them in our home.


On  a side note - not so fun - but still family oriented is the fact that my other Brother-in-law, Stephen, (the one who I made the Messenger Bag for) - is from Haiti.  In fact, his Father and Mother are natives of Haiti, live there, and are currently Pastor's of a Mennonite Church and Nurse to a clinic there in Haiti.  Thank God there lives were spared as well as their home.  But they have friends, neighbors and many aquaintences that were not so fortunate.  In fact one of Stephen's best friends (he and his wife and twin babies) are "gone to be with the Lord"... at least there are no known (that we know of) whereabouts of them.  PLEASE, please be praying for Stephen (especially) as he is here in the states and not with his immediate family in his own homeland.  This totally affects my sister, Martha, and their two small children as well.  He will plan to make a trip there as soon as he is able.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no.2/10}

Welcome to Friday's Finds.  Okay, some of you who know me personally, are right now, rolling your eyes!  Stop it!  ;)
This wall clock just so happens to be one of my most favorite things I have ever salvaged, rescued, re-invented... whatever you want to call it?  Doesn't matter,  I love it!!

Way back in the day, when I was still single.  I had this little old, basement apartment.  My very first apartment.  You couldn't really tell that it was an actual basement - just because of the way the house sat into the side of a hill.  My bedroom was basically in under ground, with half windows, but the kitchen and living room had great windows and wide window sills.  So, it honestly was NOT your typical basement apartment.  I have so many stories... from while living here.... oh my!

Anyway, across the way, was a little white building that just so happened to be used as a summer kitchen/cookhouse type place for the "old guy", gentleman who owned the house (where I lived) and it's  property.   Here he would make scrapple and mush for selling - out and around, and oh yeah!, his tapioca pudding was acutally pretty good, if I might say so myself.
A little unorthodox, this gentleman, was... to say the least.  Need I say anymore?  and some of you are laughing...  but that's okay, I'm chuckling, too, as I type.

So, as I would look out of my kitchen window - every day - I would see this GOLD clock hanging outside under the porch eaves of this little cookhouse building.  It was the most hideous thing I had ever seen.
It obviously didn't work.  One day, I got the nerve up to go over and actually take a closer look at it.

It really intrigued me - because of the design, not because it is true blue plastic - and, at this time, I was starting to really see things with Shabby Chic eyes.  I honestly saw the potential in this thing...I knew it needed some TLC, a little bit of paint and it's works replaced.  I wanted it to look like painted iron or stone.  It has that "heavy" look - as it is.  Like I said, I was intrigued that it is acutally plastic.

So, one day I got my nerve up and I asked the "old guy" gentleman... if I could have it?  It was "junk", you know - just hanging there, doing nobody any good and at first he said - I needed to pay him $20.00 for it.  I about choked.  I went my way, "giving up on it", figuring it's no use thinking about it anymore.

To my surprise, I came home from work one day - he was outside around his little buildings/farm doing whatever and he knocks on my door.  He has this clock.  Here he had gone ahead and replaced the works in it...and perhaps because I was moving (soon!)... he ended up just giving it to me.  I was thrilled. 

What a memory I have of this thing.  My first apartment.  This "old guy" gentleman, as I mentioned, who was every bit "the beat to his own drum".  Not like I NEED anymore memories of the said apartment...I have lots!  It's just that this clock is totally and completely a Bevy thing.  I doubt there is any more out there like it - at least that I know of.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glowing Windows

Brrr, it's cold outside...yeah, I know not as cold as some (recent) days.  But what really is the temperature inside your home?  I'm not exactly sure where this long-time idea has come from.  Perhaps it was this - from these words of Bonnie Green, who said:

"It is the glow from within that creates beauty.  People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle like crystal in the sun.  At night they continue to sparkle only if there is light from within."
It's the idea of me being as a house with glowing windows!

If you drive around at night, everywhere you look, you will see these cozy looking little houses with little lights in every window.  (I would have them too, most likely, except for Mr. Frugal - Honey- with the Electric Bill. But that's okay, Babe!  I still have memories of when I was single or at best I have a pretty good imagination.   I can imagine them at every window.) 

I can remember as a young teenage daughter when I had two windows in my bedroom.  Of course, I had to have a little window light in each one.  This pretty near was a source of contention for our home, because at the time it seemed as though lights in windows were the start of a neighborhood fad, or "worldly" - without saying that.  In a more practical sense - it seemed as though it were a waste of electricity (ahemmm).  And, well our household, growing up, just wouldn't be having any of those things.  Until one night...

I can remember my dad was outside, one COLD winter's evening, chopping/splitting wood.  And as he came back inside, later that night, he mentions how "welcoming" the house looked - if and when he looked up towards the lighted windows - upstairs.  When he said "that", I knew right then and there the conversation was over and that things were okay.  To this day my Mother puts little lights in her house windows... and all is cozy well.

So, what makes for glowing windows?  There is obviously something REAL to be had - on the inside.  There is a warmth, a peace, and a cozy-feeling, per say, that has to go someplace.  There is a light - the Light of Life- that has to permeate the darkness.

It calls.

It comforts.

It's lovely.

It's beautiful.

It's a reflection.

It's warmth.

It's peace.

It's hospitable.  (Not meaning entertaining or serving a meal, necessarily.  But letting people in your life. Period.)

You can add more thoughts to this.  But here is where this dials down in my life...in my current standing as a wife and as a mother.  Particularly, as it pertains to being a Stay-at-Home Mom.

I am the temperature of my/our home.  How I am on the inside will show on the outside.  How I feel, react, respond, etc.... matters.  If I am happy or moody; smiling or grumpy; singing or snappy; friendly or COLD... whatever the condition of my heart, my being, my face, my persona...it's spreads infectiously, either good or bad, to my spouse and particularly to our children.  Including those outside our home, whether it's over the phone, or in the grocery line.

I want to be as a house with glowing windows!  Even if the windows are stain-glass windows and everything, looking on, appears all ornate and put together... it means very little, unless there is light from within.  That being the light of Jesus Christ shining through.  This is the only way there is true beauty, anyway.
Likewise, if my windows appear dirty or dingy looking on from the outside... certainly not perfect...there is a lot to be said about the temperature of the home on the inside.  When Jesus lives and reigns within, his light can't help but exude outward.  Regardless.

"...her lamp does not go out at night". ~ Proverbs 31:18b

: : What do people see, looking on?  Is there a drawing to the Light of Christ?  Is it a warm, cozy, comfortable place -inside- as Mommy's temperature guage reads "herein dwells a spirit of lovliness".?  Are you a house with "glowing windows"?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Wilde Blue Yonder" - Messenger Bag

This is another one of those 'after Christmas' bags that was ordered.  Scott had my brother-in-law's name (Stephen), for Christmas, and although he had other gifts for him to give that day, this was also to be part of his gift.  The Messenger Bag (idea) was an acutual request from Stephen himself. He asked for something with denim and flannal, and this is what I had around, to work with... and I just got to finishing it over this past weekend.  Thankfully he's a patient guy.  I hope he loves!!

Merry Belated Christmas, Stephen!

~Wilde Blue Yonder~


Now, it's on to filling another Homespun Baby! shoes order, placed over the weekend.  Yeah!!
I have a little bit of time - but not a whole lot - before this friend of mine heads back to FL.  She's here, visiting family, with her little guy until the 22nd.  But I told her to come by Wednesday afternoon (or that we'll meet somewhere; like at the bookstore where we used to work together).
 I can't wait to see her again... it's been so long since we've had a cup of talk, and I'm so tickled to be able to do these baby shoes for her son.  What a great reason or chance to get together again...

Thanks for your order, Rebekah!  I REALLY appreciate it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wanna see... wanna see (who the winner is)?

The Blessed winner is....

"Miss Aubrey gets the honor this round", says daddy. Which I had said Caleb could do it again, but hey...

It's a family affair.  And we're all in this together, right?

"Just one, Aubrey".

"Let's see,  and her name is..." ?

Denise!  from over at Laughing Burns More Calories... then Crying.  Go on over to her blog and give her a BIG, HUGE congratulations!!  She deserves to be Blessed ~ in more ways then one. 

Denise, I know this means alot to you and I'm so happy your name was chosen.  I hope you thoroughly enjoy this Bag by Bevy!   I can either mail it out or hand deliver to you... let me know which you would prefer.
And special thanks to all of you who participated in this giveaway; may God's richest blessings be on you all, as we all walk throughout our days ~ Blessed~ while still here on this earth.  Isn't God so good?
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