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Monday, June 29, 2009

And with this ring...

I don't share this picture, with you, to brag...but here goes. Yes! this is my engagement ring. Not in its original form though, you see I've always wanted a piece of heirloom jewelry. I have always liked pearls. Not that I wear, wear them, but on special occasion I would certainly choose pearls over other stones. My original diamond ring was a ring that my Mother-in-law had bought for herself years ago. She sold the ring to Scott when he proposed to me... so really, in a sense, it has started the path to being an heirloom. I liked it. It was now mine. But, I often thought how I would really like to add two pearls on either side of the diamond - just because - it would REALLY be me. I didn't mention it very often because I knew it would cost a pretty penny... and it seemed even, somewhat frivolous. I never dreamed it would happen.

So, while down in VA, this past time... we needed to go into the store where the ring was first purchased and have my original setting looked at because one of the prongs seemed bent. While there my husband, who is Mr. Financial Right On (bless his heart), can also be Mr. Spontaneity -full-of-Surprises, says to Regina, behind the counter, "... and with this ring... we would like to add two pearls, one on each side of the diamond... what can you do for us?". They weren't sure, but would check into it. A day and a half later...they called, and said it was ready for pick up.
Let me tell you... I cried when I saw this ring being handed to me across the counter. I even made Regina tear up. I didn't try to make her cry. It just really blessed me to know that with this ring I will always have a memory, and a moment of "gasp"(times two, the first being at proposal), plus lots of tears. Now, I can say that the two pearls represent my two children. Not because pearls are their birthstones (though pearl is mine) but because they really are two precious souls. If only folks would stop asking; "What are you going to do if you have more children?". My answer. I guess that possibility remains to be seen.
I just want to add a little dialogue that took place as I tried on the ring in the store. As I slipped it onto my finger, I said, "aah, this is like getting married all over again", the customer standing next to me says "humph, and that's supposed to be a good thing?" and I said "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes it is a good thing. And I would say, I would marry this man all over again. Not because I am caught up in the emotion of this gift he has given me, this moment of spontaneity that has taken place, but because of who he his, and of who I've become as his wife... because of us. We are ONE! With this ring, I thee wed... because. I love this man.


  1. This is salve for my soul, Bev. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great story. Love your beautiful heirloom ring. Isn't great to have something that means so much! Great guy.

  3. Oh, I love that story! Thank you for sharing the link with me! And, I do think the pearls are just the perfect addition to your ring ~ beautiful!


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