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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday's Finds - Me on My Birthday Adventure!

I mentioned that I would let you all know how my birthday adventure (in Lancaster) went. It was absolutely wonderful!! And over way too soon..

I had said that I had a long "to do, to go" list... and that was true... but it was all, more or less, a mental list. When I left the hotel, Wednesday AM, I wasn't exactly sure where I would start - much less where I would end up. I had my little yellow, not-to-scale, free map of Amish Farmlands with me and I was good to go (not that I really needed to use that, but hey!).

By the way, the hotel was a surprise (for both of us) in that when we got there, to check in, for some reason the room got upgraded for FREE! to a two-room suite. Need I say the night was sweet, too! ;)

Anyway, as mentioned, I wasn't 100% sure of my route... so I decided on a general area that I wanted to shop in and around and just followed my nose. By the looks of the picture you're likely to think -" What in the world did she buy?" A little of this, and a little of that, is all, because we've had the list growing in our heads of stuff we needed for the house. I found it all pretty much at this one-stop Amish store called Country Housewares. In case you're wondering what is in the black bag - that would be Scott's Father's Day gift...shhh!

I had several things, in mind, that I wanted to find. One being, a Butter Crock. Not the type that has that egg shaped thing, hanging from the lid, where you put the butter inside that and then put that piece upside down into the remaining part of the crock.... No! I wanted just a plain small crock, with a lid. In asking around, one lady mentioned about using a type of jar that uses a metal clasp to keep the lid on, just as an idea. And sure enough, I ended up finding one in a little antique shop... It has become my favorite purchase of the day!!

The idea here is to "stretch my butter" by mixing one stick of butter with a 1/2 cup of olive oil and then we'll always have soft butter to have on hand for spreading on toast or dinner rolls, etc. Plus, the added bonus of having a healthier (frugal) option. I am so excited about this...

So, in case you're wondering - I ended up perusing Kitchen Kettle Village. And just because I could, I treated myself to a "great lunch"... a pretzel wrapped hot dog, Iced White Chocolate Cafe Mocha (to die for), a scoop of Lapp's Black Raspberry Ice Cream (my absolute favorite flavor)... and a few of their homemade kettle chips. Delish! I just thoroughly enjoyed myself there in the courtyard -the day was gorgeous, and people interesting.

But, after several more shops (including a few fabric shops - which I didn't buy any fabric, can you believe that?) and because I was on a bit of a time restraint... I had to go back to the hotel to pick Scott up from the business meeting that he had going... sigh! Often though, throughout the day I wished he was with me - just so that he could enjoy what I was enjoying. It was wonderful gift! Just me...

Later, after "dragging" Scott (he really did go willingly) through the Flower & Craft Warehouse, we ended up at Shady Maple Smorgasbord for dinner. They have this thing where if you go on the day of your birthday - your meal is FREE! It is really overboard what you get to choose from off the 140 feet, of homemade goodness... and the regular price, per person, is really not that bad. Worth checking out if you ever find yourself in Lancaster County, PA.

It was time to head home. I missed my babies. They were sweetly waiting for us when we arrived back at our friends, to pick them up. Little Aubrey had, had a slight fever the whole time as she is cutting her top tooth, and Mr. Caleb was his usual, busy-boy self. I was so proud of them, both, for hanging in there, in all of it's unfamiliar territory (as an overnight stay) and for simply doing exceptional all around. It was good to be home, as a family, once again.

I just really, really enjoyed the gift of "TIME to myself" that was given to me. It was so refreshing and needed. I think I had a wonderful, wonderful birthday. Thank you, babe!


  1. That sounds heavenly. So glad you had fun a fun birthday:)

  2. How wonderful! I'm so glad that you had such a special birthday.


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