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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

more of "the happening"...

Welcome back, to more stories and memories of
"the happening". The cabin.

I had mentioned many an inner tube going down the creek... this is what it often looks like up here...that is, when they're not in use.
IF YOU ASK, One day, I will share with you my story of our tubing trip, down the larger creek, (that runs parallel to the major roadway) about 3 miles from the cabin. More like, it's the story of the day I literally, almost died. It still freaks me out, when I think about it. I think I pretty much decided that I will never go tubing again.

And this is the "murky" pond, out behind the cabin. It's great. Frogs are croaking all the time, pretty large schools of fish swimming around (they love canned corn!), plenty of salamander's, you even see a water snake or two... and for the most part, this boat is in the water with someone rowing around in it. Man Overboard? Yes, it's happened, but mostly because a bunch of the young guys are fooling around with it...and you know what happens with that.

I love the "big rock", as we have so named it. What's really fun, is to take the boat, coast over and along side of it to see if you can still see your "scratched-by-stone" initials from the previous years. Our dads initials are still there; J.A.M.
So, as I mentioned, about swimming in this "murky" pond? Yes! because if the creek is low, at least there is some water in the pond, and everybody likes to stay cool. There have even been the adventurous ones who like to cannon ball off the "big rock"- I think right below and around the big rock it's as deep as 8'-12'. Some years, NOT!!

I have some really fun memories of this ole pond, but for sake of time and story line, we'll just keep it at this. If for nothing else, I think "somebody" takes a picture of the boat and or "big rock" every single year... just because.

This is the pavilion, a fairly new addition to "the cabin" experience. It's really been quite a blessing, especially at meal times, or when it's raining, with so many people there at one time.
This is often where we'll gather in the evenings to sing, share stories, play games, make s'mores... or mountain pies!

Come back tomorrow, for more action-packed adventures, from Caleb's perpective!!

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  1. The pavillion, what a great place to all meet, eat and enjoy each other. Hugs, Heather


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