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Monday, July 20, 2009

Preparing for "a happening" Family Vacation...

~Dutchman's Paradise~

This coming week will be busy as we plan and prepare for our upcoming family vacation, the last week of July. We have been going to this cabin since I was around two years old. So there are lots of memories for me here (we didn't get to go every year, but pretty close), and especially after my Dad passed away (13 years ago), my Mom still wanted to make this family time, "a happening". We're very glad she has taken this on.

"Dutchman's Paradise" is nicely settled, at the bottom of one, and in between several mountain ranges, with, depending on recent rainfall, a constant, heavily running creek across the road, and a murky "fishing" pond out back - that we have swam in over the years. Desperate? I don't know, swimming is one thing (more like jumping off the "big rock") and taking the rowboat out is another.

I think this year, over the course of the week, there will be upwards of 25 people, at all times, as a representation of 4 different families besides our own immediate family. So everyone has to pitch in and help with meals, making them and cleaning up afterwards. There is always tons of noise and chaos, as well as; swimming, biking, playing volleyball, table games in the evenings, campfires, S'mores, singing, crazy skits and stories, fishing, boating on the pond behind the cabin...there is never a dull moment with our gang. I'm surprised the wildlife (deer, racoons, bear, skunk, etc) still come around.

Join with me this week, and next, as we prepare for the upcoming week and share stories and pictures of previous memories made while at the cabin, from over the years gone by. Should be fun!!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Be sure to post lots of pictures when you get back. Have a safe trip!


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