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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh, the beauty of a sunrise...

When you get up early, groggily get yourself together, "stumble" down the stairs, praying for coffee and then you stop - to realize the counter laiden from the day before, of all the fruits of your labors. You smile.  It's beautiful!!  Over 16 quarts of pickled beets, later...

It's almost better then seeing the sunrise!  Do you notice the blue jars?  I found about six that I had gotten from my Grammy, that were still in good canning condition.  Now, that made me smile...too!

: : Tell me if you agree or not.  I was thinking about this yesterday while canning these beets.  I am in my middle to late 30's.  Am I not in the last generation who will ever know how to do this?  It's sad, to think about and yet, I know I have friends and family who reguarly do this type of stuff and who will pass it on to their family but overall (honestly), it is a dying art.  And, I really felt my own inadequacy in knowing what I was doing yesterday.  Especially when I had two little ones around my ankles.  I was blessed though to have two of my brothers stop by to "help out" - in perfect timing. 

Yet, I honestly cannot fathom how my mother ever did days of canning and processing foods with nine of us children running around. Yeah, we helped.  But still...it amazes me every time I think about it.


  1. Yum! Pickled beets. They look so pretty!

  2. I love admiring homemade canned goods on my counters before putting them away! And yes, it is amazing to think of all of the hard work and time that generations of ladies before us put into preserving their own food in addition to all of their other duties!
    Having 'the cage' is a huge blessing ... when the older kiddos are outside, I put it on the patio so Callie can play in it and watch her big brother and sisters!
    Enjoy all of those pickled beets!
    ~Sarah H.

  3. Beautiful work Bev!! Have to say - I don't know how to do canning. I am in my early thirties. People say it is simple, though - so there is hope that those of us who don't know can learn :) !

  4. Awe Bev, YOur mom is just utterly amazing... and she has raised some lovely daughters. I know all to well the feeling of trying to rapidly get something done with a baby hanging off your leg, snot & tears running down his face and muttering to the poor child "just a few more minutes". THe beets look yummy!

  5. Oh, how I wish I lived down the road from you my dear Bev! I would love for you to teach me how to can. Maybe an activity for May? I want to pass it on to my children. My MIL knew all about that kind of stuff as she grew up on a farm but she is no longer with us and was not in my life long enough to teach me such wonderful things.
    I LOVE YOU and all of your talents. I can't wait to taste your pie. Can I get my request in now to have one waiting in May ? :)

  6. I too admired your preserved and just had to write to tell you that the art is not lost with me. I love nothing more than my homemade jams and relishes and hope to passs on these recipes to my 3 children. Here's hoping that they will carry the tradition on and continue to reap the rewards from their efforts. Thnaks too for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment.


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