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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Roll. Pumpkin. Roll.

I have never heard of these Fairy Tale Pumpkins or Cinderella Pumpkins before - until recently.  Two of my brothers worked part-time for a local produce farmer in our area... and these were going to get "chucked" because the stem was either broken or something else - "just wasn't right" about it. What a  great gift, in my opinion.  And Aubrey thought they were fun to "talk about".  ;)  So.

I was more then glad to be the new owner to these two of several pumpkins that came my way, as a result of the above criteria.  I've heard that this type of pumpkin make "the best!"  Now, I am a believer, for my myself.  Check this out.

I love that I got approxiametly 20 cups of pumpkin puree just out of one pumpkin.  What I did, was to cut the pumpkin into sections, extract the seeds (which, by the way, was not alot of mess), and I baked the sections upside down in a roaster pan - ah, for about an hour or more (because it was so thick) at a 350* oven.  Then as it cooled enough to handle, I would scrape the pulp out of the shell and put it into my blender.  Give it a good whirl.  And then put into large bowl to cool before bagging it up.  I like to freeze mine.  Although, I would like to try canning it sometime. 

Here they are, my little "orange pumpkins" - ready to go into the freezer.  I got nine with this round.  Yesterday, I did up another (smaller) Fairy Tale Pumpkin and got six more little bags.  Two cups of pumpkin to each bag.

Bagging it up in 2 cup amounts is just perfect for most recipes that call for pumpkin.  Like for instance, this bread!   My new favorite recipe is Spiced Pumpkin Bread... found in the cookbook -  Coming Home with Gooseberry Patch.  I absolutely LOVE this cookbook!!  In fact, I bought it for myself for Christmas, last year!  One of my favorite gifts (to myself, ever)!

Then I came across this blog and found this recipe for Pumpkin Butterscotch Cookies.  Very Good!!

I like the option of rolling them in granulated sugar before baking them. 
It gives them this frosty, whimsical  look. Sort of like the pumpkin they just came from.  Enjoy!!

Roll.  Pumkin.  Roll.

: : In case, you're wondering about this phrase "Roll. Pumpkin. Roll".  It's something that "they" - meaning truckers-  used to say while driving those big orange Schnieder trucks.  Scott used to drive for them - back when he drove OTR (Over the Road trucking)  And, because their trucks were such a bright orange - they would call them "pumpkins".  Therefore, "roll pumpkin roll".  I can't help myself... I just had to use it in my post today.  
Good  (fun) memory!!

 Oh, and, if you ever happen to see several orange tractor-trailer trucks all parked together - they would call this a "pumpkin patch".  Just thought you might like to know this tidbit of information...


  1. I do this same exact thing (but I typically use pie pumpkins). We love having pumpkin puree to use throughout the year, and it is so much better than the canned stuff!

    Also, just so you know (because I looked into it), supposedly it isn't safe to can pumpkin puree (I freeze mine too). Here's the site I found explaining it ...

    Something else we do for a yummy snack is to use the seeds to make roasted pumpkin seeds ... yum!

    Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    ~Sarah H.

  2. Thanks Sarah, for this new found information. I did not know that about canning pumpkin...I will have to read up on it further.

    About roasted seeds... I have yet to make them that I like them. Either they burn or they're not roasted enough or they don't stay crunchy. Maybe I am missing something in the making of them. I always enjoy eating them if others make them. One of Scott's co-worker's has requested any seeds (from the pumpkins I did up) go to her, for this very reason. So, now I can't even try it - this year, anyway.

  3. I have a great recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake. I'll bring it to CG tonight. P.S. Love the blog, love the bags!

  4. Hi Bevy,
    Your freezer must be huge! Did Scott get a deer?
    I like the Gooseberry books also.
    For your pumpkin seeds, "slow on low for long".

  5. No deer... Saw lots, but missed a buck and a doe. Thanks for asking, Christine.

    The 12th is the next and last chance for this year, and that's when we're planning to go out again. I might be able to "walk" along this time. ;)

  6. I've read those are one of the best kinds of pumpkin for pumpkin puree. I've never gotten one though. Yours look great!

    I love freezing my own cooked pumpkin and I like the treats I make with it even better. :-)

  7. That does look like good pumpkin. Nice and orange! One of these days I need to do that. It is sooo much cheaper than buying the canned stuff and it is so healthy as well.
    Are you going to post that bread recipe???


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