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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My secret is Not so secret...

...now that I'm about to share it with you all.  It's not so bad... so here it is.  This is the fourth & final part to "Why does marriage take such heart work anyway?"

Pray for your spouse.  How do I do it?  Well, this is isn't written in stone, by any means...and often when I find myself praying for my man, it involves many of one sentence thoughts/prayers, randomly throughout the day.  But if and when I want (or need) to be a bit more lengthy in my praying it will more often be something along these lines.

I realize this way of praying for your spouse may seem a bit too personal to share (I'm almost blushing myself), but I felt that it just might be of some encouragement for someone; especially if you find yourself at a loss on how to pray for your spouse or even where to begin.  I'll be honest, I have no idea where I came up with this idea or from whom... but it's helpful to know that this way is certainly simple, effective and certainly beneficial.  You'll even notice that I've implemented some scipture verses to "help me" find the right words.

Here it is...oh, and just remember this method can happen at any time and place.  You can use it during dinner, while snuggling on the couch, or even while riding in the car.  It's not just for when your lying in bed.

Take your hand and rest it on his head.  Pray that his mind would be free from worry or discouragement. That he would think on things that are pure, lovely and true.  That his eyes would be clear and see the vision for his future.  That his eyes would keep focused on the Lord and not on the (crumbling)ground around him.  Pray that his ears would be inclined to hearing truth.  That they would let the "trash  & filth" of this world (if that's what he destined to hearing all day) go in one ear and out the other.  May the words of his mouth be pleasing to the Lord, may they speak kindness and truth.  May there be a door over his lips. Keep his tongue from speaking evil.

Rest your hand on his shoulder and down his back.   Pray that the weight of this world would not burden his shoulders.  That his shoulders would be held strong and square...not given in to slump or apathy.   "When his back is to the wall - may he remember that yours was to the cross, Lord".  Pray that he would (please) let things roll off his back instead of bearing the weight of burdens that are not his to bear. 

Reaching around to his chest... and over his heart.  Pray that he would "Trust in the Lord, with all his heart and lean not unto his own understanding."  That is heart would be true to you as a spouse, given to faithfulness, and commitment to you and your marriage.   Pray that his heart would remain softened to the way of the Lord and that it would continue to be a seedbed for growth and godliness.  For out of the heart the mouth speaks...

Down his arms to the tips of his fingers.  Pray that his arms would be strong for the task of care and providing for his family.  May they extend to embrace the hurting and hopeless around him.  May he have hands that are open to caring, sharing, extending grace and service...willingly.  May his hands ever be lifted up in praise and worship to his Maker.  Pointing others to Christ...

Pray that... when he sits, he will long to be in the presence of Jesus, not seated among the mockers.  That when he stands he will stand among the faithful...firm to the end...and not in the way of sinners.  When he lies down to sleep - that his sleep will be sweet and that he won't be afraid. 

Pray that he will run the race that is set before him... that he will walk in a manner worthy of the gospel.  That his legs will be strong to endure the journey - whether easy or hard.  May his feet be beautiful (I honestly don't know too many feet that are beautiful), but God's Word says "how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news". And, so I ask that they would be quick and ready to go... to share the good news of the gospel.  Maybe your spouse just needs strength to put one foot forward, on a day-to-day basis... pray that his feet would not stumble, wander or be tempted to stray.  Pray that his feet hold firm and are focused to closely following in Jesus' foot steps.

  and so on, and so on....

See!  how easy it is to pray specifially for your spouse, by taking this approach?   I've got to tell you that I had just written this post and for some reason "SAVE" did not save... I had to start over with writing it(devastating, to say the least) but, which proves my next point.  Every time I go to using this method for praying for my spouse, the words will be different.  There is no exact formula... even though the idea and method is essentially the same.  And perhaps you've already thought of other things that you could pray.... and that is wonderful.  The point is to Pray for your spouse.  Or, for your children... I can think of the song that says...oh be careful little hands what you do; little feet where you go; little eyes what you see; little ears what you hear...  It is essentially using the same idea.

** The biggest secret is this; the whole time he thought he was getting a back rub or full body massage. ;)  (ta-daa...there you have it, and now my secret is totally out!)  But I think it's wonderful how we can use what seems as just mere physical touch with our spouse and in turn, implement a spiritual blessing as well.  You might be surprised how prayer changes things... not just for him but for yourself as well. 

Happy Valentine's Day!! to all of you...
How about implementing this idea into your Valentine's Day "special"? 
What are you planning special? 


  1. Love your new header! Love this post as well. What a fabulous idea! Thank you for taking the time to share it, twice!

  2. Thats amazing! I'm speachless..it took my breath away..your an awsome person.


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