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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 27/10}

Today finds us very aware that we left you all in a dire need of update(s).  Oops!!  I was so busy doing that three part series that I've forgotten to fill you all in...on all of the happenings around here.

BIGGEST and BEST-est news!!!
Scott passed both exams - respectively Monday and Tuesday evening, after a long hard day of work, both days. With Awesome scores, too. 
 Praise the Lord!! 
Special thanks to all you thought of us and kept us in your prayers.  Thank you!

That was also (him) running on very little sleep due to the fact that both of our little ones had come down with "strange" fevers over the weekend.  Actually, Aubrey started with one last Friday evening... and Caleb finished with one Monday night into Tuesday AM. 

All is well now.

And then.

I got a call from a friend on Tuesday (late evening) wondering if I could use some - Cucumbers.
 I said, SURE!!


That meant on Wednesday, I found myself canning pickles.  I made four different kinds.

- Old Fashioned Bread and Butter
- Amish Garlic Sweet Dill
- Refridgerator Pickles
- Banana Pickles

I never want to see another cucumber again.  I don't think...

But.  Needless, to say I'm pretty proud of myself.  The near 25 quart (total) look really pretty... and we can't wait to give them a try in the near, distant future.  So, see?  I will be seeing cucumbers again... just pickled.

And then.


Oh boy.

I was invited to meet a former co-worker out in Lancaster (along with several other ladies) to share my 'life-story'. I met them at a wonderful resturant - which I haven't been to this one in - years. ;)
These ladies have been studying "Mennonites and Amish Heritage/Culture/Religion".  And, since I grew up a Conservative Mennonite... and have since left the Mennonite Faith...they were wondering; would I be interested to share my story??



I said - Yes!

Wow!! What a fun day.  I was able to go alone - I asked my MIL to watch the little ones in the morning and another friend came to the house in the afternoon.  I took a little bit of an advantage and went shopping...sight-seeing...treating myself to ice cream...just enjoying the peace and quiet.  Only to have a WHOMPING, THOMPING HEADACHE the whole entire day...

Nerves, I suppose.


Since, I hogged-up Scott's opportunity to share with his "second sayings", yesterday... he wanted me to be sure to give ya'll a big hardy- "HOWDY"!  And, just so you know for the record... he blushed when I told him that ya'll love him... and I apologized for stealin' his thunder.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful & safe weekend...and...Happy Labor Day!!  

I am off to go do S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G with some peaches that are in desperate need of  some TLC... (a.k.a. DESSERT, or two, or three) 

Oh yeah, and I canned several quart the other day (last week)... I think I forgot to tell you that, too.

Again, Happy Weekend!!


  1. congratulations Scott!!!!

    congratulation Bevy on your pickles!!!

    Canning is hard work, but oh my the reward is certainly sweet!

    So glad that you were able to take a "day"...we all need these, more often than not.

    wishing ya'll a happy weekend!!!

  2. YEAH!!!!! Great news on the exams!!!! Also glad that you got a chance to depressurize a little - I think the pressure cooker you are using for your canning is not the only one in your life right now :) !! Beautiful work. Bev you are such an example of "grace under pressure". Thank you for being strong and faithful to your call. Thank you for showing the beauty of being "strong in the Lord and in the power of His might". Enjoy your holiday!

  3. I hope those pickles last you a while. Last year we did a big pickle day and still had enough left so that we did not have to grow cukes this year. And congrats to you husband! :-)

  4. About the peppers- I use olive oil, white wine vinegar, and slices of garlic. Those peppers are delicious that way, and so much better than the ones in the store. Oh, and we eat a lot of stuffed green peppers this time of the year too. It's unavoidable!

  5. I came over from The Mennobrarian :) I would love your pickle recipes, especially the bread and butter type. I am always on the lookout for a good, tried and true recipe.

    I will be spending some time on your lovely blog tonight ;)

  6. congratulations...so much good news.

    that is ALOT of cukes!!!

    you've been busy

    have a great weekend bevy~

  7. I knew he could do it! :)

    Looks like you have been super busy in the kitchen!


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