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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Practicing Simple Hospitality - Part Two.

Welcome back for Part two of practicing Simple Hospitality.  I mentioned this book yesterday; that it's so grace-filled and encouraging, and full of great ideas... one idea being known as fakin' the bakin'. ((gasp!))

For someone like me, who is bound and determined to have a heart and home that is hospitable and that it shows...it can sure take a lot out of a person.  I say that with tongue in cheek...because...I am NOT looking for 'judgement' here... good or bad.  I already am my own most worst critic, when it comes to this subject. 

You see, I can wear myself out by concerning myself over whether or not everything is just so.  I can fret that my food is of "Bevy Approval" or not.  But I'm learning to 'relax' and just be... real. 
Sometimes being real means going fake.

The photos I share with you here, today, are a pretty good example of what I'm talking about.

By looking at these cupcakes, you might not call them 'fake' -but I would. I know they came from a box mix - you didn't.

Listen, I am not wishing to bash anyone who doesn't enjoy baking from scratch, like I do, and who would rather pull out the box mix instead.   If that is you, that is totally okay and so be it.  Obviously, I have the box mixes in my pantry, too, or I wouldn't be sharing this post.  I just hate to admit that I keep a few of these box mixes on hand...

Here's the thing.

When it comes to practicing hospitality - sometimes you have to be spontaneous at the same time.  And that means working within your means to make something come together.

Have you ever had that happen?  I'm sure you have... 
And,  I'm going to venture to say that it's in those spontaneous moments when hospitality is really practiced the best.

It might mean (at least for me), closing your eyes to the living room and it's overwhelming toy population, closing your ears to ticking of the clock - pull out the box mix, whip something up quick and easy rather than the usual fancy-schmancy bake-from-scratch sort of recipe.

It doesn't mean that you have to follow ALL of the back-of-the-box instructions...that you see there. 

In that moment of spontaneity you can substitute coffee for the water and throw in a dash of cinnamon or two...just to spice things up a bit.  I'm just sayin'.

In this case, I didn't have icing on hand... so I concocted with what I had.  Marshmallow Fluff, Cool Whip, Sugar, Cream Cheese....and it worked. It wasn't planned.  I made it come together in order to "practice hospitality"...on the spur of the moment.

How else can practicing hospitality and spontaneity go hand in hand?


mentioned our living room and it's ever increasing toy population.  It makes me crazy.  And, at times, SO OVERWHELMED. Seriously.

In the past, we've encouraged our little ones to share their toys, literally, by offering to send toys home with their little friends - loaning them out for a season.  I can and maybe should send them off to the thrift store...

We need to get back into doing that more often.  Romans 12 :13 also says to "share with those in need", right?

Lets just say... to this regard, I'm feeling VERY SPONTANEOUS. 
Look out, kids, we're practicing hospitality over the next few days, weeks, months!!  (smile)

Toys?? Cupcakes??  Anyone??

: : Interrupting, our usual, "Scott's Second Sayings" for Part Three on Practicing Simple Hospitality, coming up tomorrow!!  See you then...


  1. grinning on this entire post.
    I am really starting to see that we are very much alike. Per this post today, if you knew me in person, you would think the same thing!

    I couldn't agree more with what your sayin' here!!!
    fakin' bakin'!!!

  2. before I go...
    I was just "pondering" a time...

    Our family tries very hard to buy organic meat. {I enjoy being very hospitable} and whenever we would have company over I would stress myself out about feeding everyone "well" with organic meat and veggies and such...simply because that's what we normally eat...
    I was beginning to see that I was shoving my God given gift of "hospitality" to the side by not having folks over because we couldn't afford to feed them organic..
    what God opened my eyes to was that it was more important to open my home and heart up and work within our means {like you said} to provide what we could for our guest...

    so you see, this is a good reason I appreciate this post today..
    sorry to be so wordy, I was very touched by this!

  3. For me, to fake bake, I always kept a box cheesecake in the cupboards for those spur-of-the moment times. When I had more ambition, I kept frozen cookie dough in the freezer. Nuttin' like fresh cookies! Now that we are avoiding sugar more and more for health reasons (and those cupcakes look SO amazing) I keep fresh fruit on hand in a basket all the time. So easy to cut some up, throw it on a plate, and snack away.

    I think the line that changed my hospitality came from a book by Karen Mains..."Hospitality before pride." It is more important that I bless people in my home in the Lord, than they see what a good cook or a good housekeeper I am.

    Thanks for the posts, sister!

  4. Bev, I totally agree with you on this! I almost always have a big sunday dinner planned so that it's always easier to have people over. not a fancy sunday dinner! just more than we need. like an extra bag of chips! and I'm totally into fake baking! I have a few Cake mix doctor cook books and they are marvelous for these things. My girls can just about make them alone! I always try to have a little extra. It's a bit different for me as my hubby does not prefer to have people over as much as me, but I'm learning to adjust to that and learning how to make it less stressful for him as well! and I have served people some odd leftover meals but no one complained! just enjoy it! love and miss you!

  5. I struggle with this too. I want so much to have everything perfect, that it stresses me out! :)


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