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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Country Back Roads

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The other day I was really inspired by a good friend to go ahead and take the country back road a bit more often.

It was something that she said that made me think - You know?  we've got quite a few country roads around here that I haven't been on lately (or, if even at all)... and I've lived in this general area for - how long? 
It's time to take a few country back roads... and risk "the day of the fast car's horn honkin' at you for doin' so".

It's a shame... that country back roads - at least in these parts - are getting less and less enjoyable... because of all the "new development" going on.  Back roads are almost a thing of the past...

Go ahead - pick a country road- and drive around for awhile.  Take it all in.  Don't forget your camera... and watch out for that fast car who isn't aware of the slow lolly-gag vehicle, crawlin' along on the shoulder - enjoying the scenery. 

They're out there.


  1. move to missouri, where every road is a country back road! i miss the roads you are speaking of. i actually used them as much as i could. probably because i craved the peace and serentiy of the country life!

  2. I agree, the back roads are becoming less and less. But when ever I travel, no freeway for me! Love those country or back roads. It helps me to s-l-o-w down abit.
    Your back roads are very pretty, great colors.

  3. Hi Bevy,
    I'm happy you liked my pictures!! And your right I could be the friend you mentioned in your post - because if I had known you before then I would have said just that thing! ;) I enjoyed your photos too! Especially the one of the field through the trees!! Very pretty! I like your blogs atmosphere - it IS inviting, and I shall be back to check it out more often! :) God bless!

  4. You have inspired me!

    You know I am going to have to do this now...
    and blog about it!

  5. I'm a back country road lovin' girl. I live on a dirt road and wouldn't have it any other way!

  6. I was "out" this morning and I have to tell you I couldn't wait to get home and comment on my own post. :)

    I was so "upset" with myself that I left the house with out my camera. I didn't listen to myself. But I was running a bit behind and didn't want to be late to my Dr's appt. this morning. However, it would've been AWESOME for the country ride home.

    Believe I soaked it all up... I even needed to take a detour... GOTTA love them, when your not in a hurry. :)

    And *JENN* I even thought about those dirt roads - just this morning. We have maybe 3 around here that I know about. You know what my mom used to always call them? She always referred to a dirt road as Lover's Lane. Yup!
    I think that's great that ya'll live along a dirt road.

    So far, all your comments this morning left a smile on my face. Thanks... and seriously go out and enjoy this beautiful - cloudy, semi rainy day. It's gorgeous.

  7. I have always enjoyed taking the back roads over the highways. Drives my husband crazy, he likes to just "get there" I like to savor the journey. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love back roads, too! I get upset at all of the new construction that's destroying those quiet roads.

    Your picture of the cornfields and the fall colors is amazing!

    I'm sure I've seen that barn, too; I just can't place it. It's beautiful.

  9. Oh how wonderful! Those "back roads" and country drives are lovely...I'm with you! I think it's in the blood. :)

    Have a lovely weekend!



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