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Thursday, January 27, 2011

There is nothing more absurd then sleeping with pets in your bed.

 . . . .. .. . ..  .. .. . . . ..

Especially, if they're a turtle and a penguin. 
I'm just saying....

Caleb and Aubrey - along with all the other cousins - each got a Pillow Pet for Christmas!

They're cute as all get out...

But because I am literally NOT a pet person (just being honest) I thought I just have to have some fun with this one. 
I obviously need to use pillows to elevate my leg.  And, to sleep at night has been a real bear (no pun intended - well maybe)... but it's been really, really tough. 

So.  Last night I thought I would take these Pillow Pets to bed with us last night and see if and how I could sleep - hoping for some real comfort.  Hoping to keep my leg elevated.... ((not!!))

It was another tough night.

Surely, I have offended no one... because if you are a pet person and you take either a turtle or penguin to bed with you, nightly - we'll have to talk, because that my friends would absolutely be.... absurd. 


I tried to take a picture of my leg - but it doesn't look pretty.  One because it is my leg - and it is not pretty, as it is.  And two, it's hard to see what the issue is because it's inside my leg.  The picture doesn't really show you the protruding vein that is there.

 But here you go... if you're interested.

The area inside the black dots - was fire red and swollen.  There is a hard knot, still - just inside the circle at the reddest part  and that is where the clot is.  And, actually, the redness has somewhat gone away but the tender, angry pain is still there and yet, I can tell it is already well on the mend. 

The antibiotics are to keep the redness from turning into something worse - such as Cellulitis. 
I honestly thank each one of you for your kinds thoughts and prayers for me - I feel so overwhelmed, grateful and appreciative.  


  1. You sound more encouraged today. Continue to take special care of yourself and put that loving family to work helping out.

  2. Dear Bev,
    I wish I was there so I could come help take care of you! My kiddos would entertain your cherubs all day and I would wait on you and cook YOU some dinner and some decadent yummy dessert. We're praying for you and LOVE you all so very much!
    Mitzi and family

  3. So glad you're doing a little better. I'll keep praying for you! Just keep taking it easy!♥

  4. Bevy, I feel so bad, I didn't know you were ailing. I pray it clears up soon, looks so painful! I had to laugh when I read the title of this post - cause I was thinking 'yes it is! cause my real cat hogs the whole bed, and then I saw the pillow pets and got a good chuckle!' Heal up girl!

  5. Oh sweet Bev...I had no idea!!! Sendin' ya a big old hug and load of prayer for that leg of yours. It looks very painful!!! Hey, I don't sleep with pets either (except durin' Camp Grandma and the anything goes!) but if a turtle or penguin or two helps...I say whatever works baby!!!!

    Take care sweetie and have a wonderful nights rest tonight. :o)

  6. My kids all got Pillow Pets for Christmas, too. They really are cute! One thing that worked for me was folding up quilts or blankets and putting them *under* the mattress near the foot of the bed. That way, my leg was elevated without having to balance it on pillows. I'm glad that you can see some improvement already and I'll keep praying for pain relief.

  7. Heavans yes dear girl I am interested in your let. hum I don't guess that sounded good, but you know what I mean. You had better get that pretty let up on those pillow pets before you get a house call!

  8. I meant to type heavens and leg...just in case you couldn't figure that comment out. I'm tired, can't you tell;(

  9. Ouch!! Praying for continued healing. You are so funny with your turtle and penguin. I love my dog but we are not about to let him sleep in the bed! I don't think we would sleep very well.

  10. That looks so painful Beverly. OH my goodness. I will be praying for you!


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