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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wintered-over Geraniums

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I love hanging plants with vinca vines and geraniums.  Geraniums feel like such an old flower.  Homey.  Simplistic. This was our front porch - two years ago.

When you bring the plants in over the winter, you can keep them "alive" - with a bit of water here and there, add some natural light, pinch off the dead dried up leaves, etc....and, geraniums will do wonders for you. 
Year after year.

A bit of nostalgia here.  I can remember my Mother doing this.  The plants would be in our dining room on the window sill and EVERY TIME one of us would accidentally bump up against them or we would have to dust around them... the smell they would give off was "unbelievably putrid" in my humble opinion.  Now, I love it.  Again, it's just a nostalgic memory for me.

Speaking of my Mom.  Today is her birthday.  I'll be seeing her later, for dinner, this evening.
I'll have to share this memory with her.

So, this is one of those same hanging plants from off of our front porch.  I took the vinca vines out and I'll add a new one later this spring.  We're just blessed to have little hooks in most of our windows, on the one side of our house.  I'd venture to guess I'm not the first woman of the house to keep her plants going.... year after year.

Now.  Do I do well with maintaining other regular houseplants?  No, I haven't. It's been a struggle.  This has been the first home where the placement of the windows and the sun work well together.  I sure do hope to do more indoor plants - soon.  Especially herbs for the kitchen sill. 

I know it's good for both the soul and body, having plants indoors- both with the giving off of oxygen, into and filtering the air for us to breathe, as well as fulfilling that need to nurture that green thumb. 

Plus, it's also pleasant to the eyes.  Especially, if you can keep your littles from playing in the dirt... that's an even greater plus.

: : What sort of green houseplants do you keep in the house? 


  1. If I had the space I would certainly keep my plants indoors.

    It's a great idea. We have a neighbor who has a basement and she keeps pots and pots of geraniums. They stay pretty and green all winter and she always puts them out near mothers day.

    This is such a sweet memory you have Bevy. I'm so happy you are having dinner with your mother on her birthday!

  2. You have a great "mothering" instinct.
    Even the plants in your home have been touched.
    Hugs to your Mother on her day.

  3. I have some house plants, but I have absolutly NO green thumb!! I think both my mom and dad have green hands because they are both such amazing gardeners - but alas, not I. I love having them, I'm just no good at taking care of them. :(

  4. When we moved to the dreary PNW, where the sun DOESN'T shine 226 days out of a year, it became a lot harder to keep houseplants alive. I have one faithful philodendron near the sliding glass door, one orchid in the kitchen window that has thrived with neglect (go figure) and a bamboo plant that is also doing well in the kitchen window. I use a lot of geraniums, too, in galvanized buckets, but don't save them through the winter.

  5. I'm sooo happy I stumbled upon your story. My sweet, sweet Aunt Mary died in a car accident 1/4/11, she lived in Grandma's big 2 story house on the hill and had kept Grandma's flower gardens alive and added a few of her own. We have been going thru her things and when I went upstairs to the west room I found a Christmas Catus and a geranium and a milk jug of water. My Aunt had scoliocis and was so crooked she had to be on oxygen. I can just imagine her climbing those stairs with the water to keep those plants alive. Anyhoo, I never knew you could keep a geranium alive over winter but now I do. You just brought a beautiful thought of the sweetest person I ever knew to mind. Thank you!


    P.S. Aunt Mary used to say " When I die, I hope I come back as a groundhog, cause I sure do love diggin' in the dirt." (ain't that just the sweetest thing you ever heard?)

  6. I love to keep geraniums over winter and I keep my begonias going to same way! I love plants in my house so I have many! I have some ivy, herbs, african violet, aloe, orchid etc...

  7. We have 2 philodendrons, 1 recently from my parents house, they don't need much light to grow- just keep away from children. We have 2 peace lilies, and one plant I don't know, but it's got big green leaves, another dish with philodendrons and other plants and 1 Christmas Cactus, I gave my dad, which really bloomed in Chantel's room this year. We love the dark green against the green in our bedroom. Also, we have a cactus, in our windowsill and a geranium which comes back in a very bright window, where nothing else can grow. It's a memory of the plant our 4th grade Sunday School Class gave us, when Ralph and I were getting married and they did a shower for us. It was a symbol for us, of our love and we replace it, when it needs. We use to hang them from our skylights, at our old house. We love geraniums, the smell, the flowers- fragile though, are beautiful. I haven't planted them outside, here, though.


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