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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Joy of Summer :: Saying Yes!

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It all started with the most glorious of rainstorms - that swept through our area on Sunday Morning.  With our one low-lying spot in the front part of the yard, it's not a bit unusual to get a rather large puddle of water that just prompts temptation to the fullest.

Aubrey started it.

She began inching her way to the edge, looking back at me to see what I would say.  I was caught in the middle of the moment of saying either "No!" for convenience sake - or to - say "Yes!" for a good ole fashioned memory-making-moment sake.

Mind you, this was after church, but I was still in my Sunday best.  Aubrey and Caleb were out of their good clothes - but still...in good-ish play clothes.  NOT ones for muddy play and such. 

NOTE:  The water is still pretty clear at this point and their clothes are not too wet - yet.

Soon, the chase ensued.  Back and forth of running and running... seeing who could splash up the most water with their feet.

Until one of them fell.  Oops!!!

And that was the end of that...

No more trying to stay "upright".  Let's just get in there and get in good!

Even, I had to slip in a toenail...or two...oh, what the world.  Why not all five?

It felt so good and it brought back a flood of memories of us, as kids, growing up.  This was the "Joy of Summer".... are you kidding?  A good water puddle - was so wished for and when we'd find one... look out!

Softly I hear a voice behind me.  It's my husband, saying something about the kids catching pneumonia or something like that when he hears me say... "no, they won't and besides this is one of those Momma-said-Yes!-moments".  He knows - I'm more apt to say "no!".

You know what he asked me?

"So, are you going to clean me up too"?  Again I said... "yes!".   All of a sudden he goes back into the house - stripping his socks.  The next thing I hear is the screen door flinging wide open and in my peripheral, I sense this blur come rushing past me as I see Scott just slide right out into the middle of that big ole water puddle... jeans and all.

I was so shocked.  And so was Caleb - as he just stood there with arms out stretched in amazement and exclaims, "Holy Mackerel!".  I think Scott never laughed so hard in all his days as he laid out there, up to his ears in water, just as surprised, at Caleb's response.

I was sure I got a photo of this "yes-moment"... but apparently, I didn't.

Then came even more fun...

Ahh!! am I ever glad I said "Yes!".

By the way.  This last photo is my absolute most favorite photo.

And, the best part?  It all came out in the wash!


Saying yes is very hard for me to do. 

What about you?

Do you find it hard to be a "Yes - Momma"?


  1. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing and reminding me to have more 'Momma-said-yes' moments.

    Shirley Ann

  2. I am trying to teach myself to be a "Yes!" mama! In fact, one of my 3in30 goals this month (and last month too!) is to say yes to my kids as often as I can. It's proving to be the most difficult of my 3 goals!

    I loved this post and the pictures!

  3. Oh, I can remember doing that...LOTS of fun!! :)

  4. This makes me so happy!
    You said YES!
    Making moments like this is priceless.
    And Scott!! What a guy.
    I'm going back to look at those pictures again.
    Smiling :)

  5. Caleb's response made me laugh so hard! Loved this post, my friend! Your right there is nothing like a good ole' mud puddle to splash around in!

  6. Love the pictures... So much fun.... I remember splashing each other in puddles on parking lots at college with friends... Loved Scott's asking permission... :-) Good family fun... Somehow I remember people pointing a sled/toboggan toward a piece of farm equipment.. not that I know who that could have been.. Beverly... :-) Hope you have a great family week ahead...

  7. Oh, Miss Bevy, I was a no mama for sure! I'd always say no at first - it would just pop out of my mouth before I knew what was happening! I did mellow a bit after a while though. My very best childhood memory of my dad was when he came home from work one day and walked straight over to my little kiddy pool and sat down in it, work clothes and all!
    This was a perfect time for you to say yes. What fun they had!

  8. Indeed bringing back a flood of memories. Sure looks like they had fun!


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