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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mercies of the Morning

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#441. mist rising off the meadow - in early morning light

I love that I get to see this view from time to time - most every morning actually.  There is something about seeing a day in it's unfolding...when a day begins fresh, clean and there are no mistakes in it - yet. 

So are his mercies.  New every morning.

Just reflecting on the mercies - counting onwards towards One Thousand gifts.

#448. the strength to rise

#449. sleep (even if it's merely feigned sleep!)

#450. sister's gathered around the table

#451. shared ideas and suggestions - for a (decadent) Tea Party coming up

#452. smiles and coos from my three-week old  :)

#453. daddy's arms to take over with a fussy newborn

#454. thoughts and prayers for a dear loved one - losing the battle to Cancer

#455. the eleventh hour... that sweet, sweet hour

#456. finding a car for Scott - to replace the "blue bomber".  FINALLY!!!!!

#457. first few days of preschool - gone great!

#458. coffee - prepped for the morning

#459. the WORD is with us!

#460. painted pink toenails

#461. favorite song playing on the radio

#462. hearing my 4 year old son half humming, half singing the song; "I need you, Jesus... I need clean hands. I can't. You can. I need you, Jesus."

#463. homemade cinnamon buns: and, sharing an extra cinnamon bun with my neighbor - a deserving mama!

#464. fabric given to me

#465. stories - read and shared aloud

#466. back-scratches

#467. Can she really be three?  beautiful birthday girl...

#468.  the "snakes" in the parsley - green and yellow caterpillars

#469. green bean, pepper and tomato plants still giving their yield

#470. a land-lord who is "johnny-on-the-spot" to get the job done

#471. this sweater weather

#472. full moon rising

#473. every morning, mercies new...

#474. the mistakes we do make and learn from

#475. parenting quandaries - more to learn from

#476. servant hearts

#477. icing on cake

#478. {sweet} baby breath

#479. nose-to-nose boinks!!!

#480. sharing I love yous and waving good-bye with my hubby in the morning - the longing; the waiting until he returns home again in the evening... the beautiful mess in between.


  1. love your blog.. how precious :-) I enjoyed reading your lists and i want to come to the teapart you are planning. :-)

  2. you have such a beautiful way of expressing things...I needed some inspiration to welcome mornings again...


  3. What a beautiful post! You really to inspire me!

    Shirley Ann

  4. my heart is dripping from #480. oh how I love number 480


  5. Oh sweetie, you do have so very much to be thankful for. Congratulations to that little doll, precious Jayne Abigail. She is simply beautiful and what a grand addition to your beautiful family she must be. God has certainly smiled upon you.

    I've missed so much over the summer but I'm thrilled I caught up over here.

    God bless you and have a most beautiful day sweetie!!!

  6. So many blessings! Love it! You just have to adore pink toenails. Have a wonderful Tuesday, my friend! ♥


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