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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

...keep that candle lit {with UPDATE! regarding Scott}

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Christmas is over.  The candle is blown out. 
 What a wonderful, wonderful Christmas weekend we had - away.  Out of town. 
With family, at Bald Eagle Camp.

I've had this here post written in my head for a little while- and I didn't want for it to "come" so far out.  But, here we are.  On to the next thing. 
I alluded to it in THIS post - last week...where I mentioned I didn't want to delve into it at that point (until I had to).  That I personally was forced to really think deeply about TIME.  That time is short.  None of us knows when our time on earth is ore.

This next thing meaning today! - this week.  This - what I'm about to tell you - has been weighing in like a cloud over my heart and mind.  Hitting too close to home.

Trying our best not to let it dampen our Christmas Spirit... we also know that All is Grace and this too is not out of Our Father's (caring) Hand.

Today, this morning - my husband had to have a Cardiac/Heart Catherization.   He's 38 years old.  As I type.  I am waiting word from the Dr's to see how is doing...and for what they've found.  I want to say this is a fluke thing that they found what they found on a recent Stress Test, but I know better.  It is God's kindness that they found "something" - and the fact that the Dr, on duty, during Scott's recent surgery (the Hemmroidectomy), three weeks ago, had a hunch that Scott should have a Stress Test done (last week, Monday) ...just because...and that he followed through on that hunch.  Given Scott's family history, etc. this could have turned out totally different.  He is in good hands and in God's.

I am praying... that all goes well.  That Scott "behaves" himself in recovery and doesn't require another overnight stay or that it turns into something more like by-pass surgery...which is a possibility.  A HUGE possibility. 

Right now... the candle is not lit.  But, soon it will be burning brightly- again.  Lord Willing!

I could go into more of the story.  However, I think you get the drift.  Simply to pray.  Pray for "good news" and God's grace to cover us.

...keep that fire burning.  That candle lit.

Thank you! for your thoughts and prayers.

{UPDATE : regarding Scott, as of 3:30pm, this afternoon.}
Scott has been discharged from the hospital.  He is home.  Feeling tired - but all is well.  The procedure was considered a clean cath...meaning no blockages were discovered; no need for any stent placements.  Hallelujah!

Care will need to be taken for the next 24-48 hours for full recovery.  Praying that the little ones will understand that daddy needs to take it easy and can't "rough-house" or even lift the weight of more then 10 lbs.

But...hey...guess what!?!?!  The candle is lit...the fire of our hearts is burning, brightly.  We have a Faithful God!  Who hears and answers prayer(s).  Amen?


  1. Praying for you all, dear Bevy. Please keep us posted when you have time. Sending you hugs and kisses, too.

  2. Bevy, I'm so thankful you blogged about this so I can pray. I so long for complete healing and recovery for your dear husband! May you have extra grace and strength to care for him. Please keep us posted. I wish I were there to help, but I trust your beautiful friends nearby will do what my hands long to do. Loving you tonight, dear sister!

  3. Praising the Lord with you this morning! I've taken a bit of a blogging break. What a blessing to read this and know that all is well! Have a wonderful, blessed day!


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