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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Because every day, I am.

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Crash.  Bang.

I wonder what I just heard fall and then I hear my hubby calling from the other room.  "Sorry babe, I just knocked your favorite magnet off the fridge and it broke." 

It was a gift from my Grammy.  I've had it forever.  And it wasn't until this moment that the truth of this magnet's message broke in and settled me.

I thought about the irony of the moment.  The words on the magnet couldn't be more true, for me.  And, in particular, that morning, the day was unraveling pretty quickly.  I wasn't upset that my hubby broke my magnet -rather it just seemed to paint a picture in my mind of the imperfection that each day holds.  There are bound to be lots of broken pieces in one single day.  When I read through that verse quickly, my eyes so often skim over the word seldom. I guess it is my tendency to believe that prayer, or even our relationship with God is meant to be "untouchable"...perfect!... and when it isn't, then I can simply be "a mess". Unraveling is inevitable.  When we pray, though, God listens and hems us into the gracious hand of care, comfort and He sustains us.  No matter the day.

God doesn't promise...perfect.  In fact, He promises He will hold the day in all its imperfections.  He holds us in our brokenness.  In fact, the more broken we are, the more beautiful we are and all the more perfect.  And, that is perfect enough.  He would rather us be broken and in His Hands... rather than sittin' all pretty, stuck up (on our fridge) and acting all high and mighty -in one perfect piece.

 I have yet to glue this magnet back together.  I need to buy me some glue.  But, when I do glue it... I'm going to glue it just "off" a bit.  As a reminder that I need Jesus every hour of every day.  I need to pray more often throughout my day.  And yes, there still be some unravelling going on.  But one thing is sure.  I'll be in HIS HAND all day long.  

Because every day, I am.


  1. I have a embroidered cloth with that saying on it. Shows a sewing machine. I love it, it's so true if we can only keep our thoughts on the Lord and keep the faith.

  2. Hi Bevy,

    I always love stopping by here for a visit because I am always inspired by your insights.

    Perfection....something that we can attain because Jesus told us to be perfect even as the Father is. It will come as we grow in his Word. And we will see it happen in our life to come. When we will be with Him. And what a wonderful day that will be. :)

    Take care my friend. Janet W

  3. I needed your words today, Bev - Thank you!

  4. Beautiful words, I love this! So true, I love your analogy of us being broken in His hands and not all high and mighty! It is amazing all the ways and in the things God uses to speak to our hearts! ♥


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