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Monday, January 16, 2012

the cherished plain & ordinary

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The other day, I was reading a (fairly new) blog written by a real-life friend of mine.  She was sharing some rather personal feelings regarding a couple of recent happenings in her current day-to-day.  Some "events" that were seemingly out of her control.  I could really identify.  Relate to her words...

And she left me thinking about one line that she wrote, in her post.  I just had to comment...and while I was doing that, I literally got right up off of my chair and went over to write out the provoking little thought  on my little kitchen chalkboard. 

Thank you, Kelli...for the day I will remember.

I pass by this board all the time, in and out of my kitchen, and knowing it's there... it's really made me stop and think.... about how often I do not do this.... enough.

Continuing to count the cherished plain and ordinary of today - onward to the One Thousand Gifts.

652. packing a lunch for my husband every workday morning  ((Makes me think of my mother.  It was a rare day if she didn't need to pack a school lunch every morning for her nine children.  She too, packed a daily lunch for my dad - every single day.  And, she never complained.))

653. dirty dishes piled high on one side of the sink - and clean ones piled high on the other

654, shoes, in pairs by the front door - an overspill from the shoe basket

655.  it's time to sweep the carpet - again?

656. smudgy finger-printed windows

657. learning to share

658. the feel of the toothbrush against my gums

659. the growing stack of school papers and projects

660. the invention of eyeglasses - I know I take them for granted and would be absolutely blind as a bat without mine.  Last thing off, first thing on - in the morning.

661. pen and paper

662. wall & pocket calenders

663. heartfelt hugs between siblings

664. refrigerator magnets

665. Jayne's new-found giggle and peek-a-boo

666. baby spit-up, over the shoulder: some call it a curse - I call it a mother's badge of honor

667. knowing there are extra rolls of toilet paper in the linen closet ;)
668. Caleb's Countdown - till we take our road trip South - Lord Willing!

669. what would we ever do without dictionaries?

670. markers and coloring pages

671. a knock on the door

672. a car mechanics open schedule

673. bowls of home cooked hot, steamy chicken noodle soup and nobodies saying anything because it's going down good.

674. handwritten card, sent by snail mail and addressed, to me!  It always makes my day...

675. living debt-free and on a cash-only budget

676. Aubrey's vivaciousness and vivid imagination

677. a *new* breakfast combination of cooked oatmeal, cottage cheese and frozen blueberries ~ thank you, Coop-Keeper!

678. being in a real-life snow globe...so pretty!

679. frizzy haired bed-heads and turkey tails
680. a new found magazine entitled Life:Beautiful

Because...it's true!  When you stop; slow down and take time to cherish.  Really cherish...the plain and ordinary of today...life is beautiful.


  1. So wonderful to read this today! Thank you.

  2. my gracious, yes it is.

    I'm charmed by your gratitude list.

    as always:)

    ...heading over to visit your friend

  3. I am totally writing this one on my blackboard, too. What a great reminder!! Your gratitude list is beautiful...



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