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Monday, February 20, 2012

Yes + Mess = Bless

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You remember we were expecting (overnight) company for this past weekend, right?  I showed you my upstairs bathroom floor, the other day.  It was actually pretty clean - for a change.  Not that you would know that (until now, that is) and now you do because I told you so.

But we had said "yes"... to our friends, a family of six.  An idea that was brewing, for both families, for awhile.  To have them stay overnight would be a privilege...an idea that is just right up my ally.  One of my dreams has always been to one day have a Bed and Breakfast, so to speak, and in a sense that dream was realized this past weekend.  (I think this anytime we have overnight guests in our home.  I just do.)

All four of us adults are HUGE coffee drinkers.  I love mismatched china, but my current set of coffee mugs are all alike and, in the past, we've had issues with who's coffee cup is who's? and so, I thought I'd tag them this time around and that way it wouldn't be such a mess.  A little too cutesy for the guys, perhaps, but they went with it.

Getting the wrong cup can be rather unsettling after you've realized it...and it's too late.  Been there, done that.

The funny thing is, is that this actually happened - again! We did GREAT, with this tagged-mug idea, the whole stinkin' weekend until the last hour of the night.  I actually poured the last cup of coffee into my own mug- but handed it off (unknowingly) into Mike's hand and that was that...until I went looking for it and it was GONE. 

Nothing to do but to laugh it off. 

Getting to the heart of this post, where saying Yes! - can get messy. 
I want you to know that as I read this post from Emily Freeman, over at Chatting at the Sky, the other morning.  It completely inspired my thoughts, here today.  I hope you will read her words first before you continue reading what I have to say.

Yes, I said messy.  Not because it wasn't a fabulous weekend.  NO!  All was absolutely fantastic.  Everything went pretty smoothly.  Our three and their four children get along very well...almost too well.  So yes, while we Mothers had plenty of interruptions (By the way, this was all discussed - my friend and I, so no surprises here), meaning there were kiddo squabbles to separate and work through.  There was tending to needy children and diapers.  Food was good - but my two didn't want to eat like they should have.  The house got upturned...but that's fully expected.  There was NOISE! and the adults added plenty of their own.  Night-time came upon us all ... and bedtime?, who wants to go to sleep?  This is a blast...lets talk, fool around and have fun.  At the end of the day... We ALL were Blessed.

Prior to them coming, though, my to-do list was long.  Lots of expectations (on myself) to ensure that all would go off without a hitch.  But here is where it got the messiest.  My heart.  Saturday morning, I was really getting "nervy" with my little brood...trying to get it "all done".  We had errands to run, dishes to wash, food to prepare, more dishes to wash, laundry was going which meant there were beds to re-make (as I had washed all the bed linens to make sure our guests would sleep peacefully and have sweet dreams)... the clock was tickin' strong, and fast.  The race was on.  I was beginning to murmur and complain against my hubby -- who wasn't even home most of Saturday, to defend himself, because he had other obligations - butchering hogs.  I knew that.  Yet still, in the moment, I felt abandoned... the phone was ringing off the hook... our landlord at the door, looking for Scott...the clock was telling me I was seemingly way behind and I was beginning to have a "melt-down".  The cream wouldn't whip.  The kiddo's needed baths, the baby is crying. Would this ever all come together? 

((It wasn't just the event of our friends coming to spend the night... we ALSO had dinner plans (a double-date) with another couple, from church - very dear friends of ours, this particular evening.  Someone offered to watch our children and so there was this extra umph to "get it all done" before we left to go out with them.  These overnight guests were coming later...about the same timeframe we got back home.  To which we all had dessert together and down-deep I was honestly wishing we had another room to put up these dear friends as well.  It just seemed just crazy to watch them walk away... after a wonderful evening of fellowship with them.  And.  I need to clarify something.  When my hubby DID get home...the clock seemed to have stopped.  HE was the one that took the kiddo's to get bathed...and helped to tie up loose ends.  Sigh!!  Oh, how I love my man.))

I was so glad I said YES! to this whole idea of an overnight-er.  I was very, VERY excited about being "a blessing"... but I was beginning to wallow in this mess I was making, in and with myself, and it wasn't looking very pretty.  You see, My goal was to be a Mary in this moment...I just wanted to BE!  However, I know me and so often I tend to be a Martha... and I got caught and was told several times to sit down and "enjoy" the BE-ing.  (Ahemm, Someone had to pour the coffee...at best, make another pot. And.  Yes!  Our friends helped out immensly with the pouring of coffee or the doing of dishes when they were told NOT to, etc.)

Even though the hours got late.  Our eyes were burnin' tired.  We shared and bared our souls.  Got honest.  The coffee got cold and reheated.  The kids were trippin' over themselves ... exhausted, happy. Games were played, books were read, stories were being swapped left and right.  Our bottoms never tired of sitting on the hardback kitchen chairs... oh well maybe, they did!... but we didn't care.

This was all good.  A yes turned mess ending to bless.  All around
I'm so grateful for God's grace. 

As we lay in the dark, at the end of the day...my hubby takes my hand in his and whispers,
"You know, babe, none of this weekend would've happened if it wasn't for you.  Thank you, for all you did in making this such a fun weekend".  To which I reply,"Really? - You mean that? `Cuz the tagged mugs still got switched, I mean... I really did try.  But..."

I couldn't get over the beauty of this moment.

I think it was honestly one of the best weekends we've ever had together...as a couple, as a family...with our dear friends.  All gifts from God.

That was grace.  Those words sweetly spoken, by my man.  Whispered encouragement - that's what I needed.  He really mean it.  But it was really all because of the Lord.  It was the Lord that made of the mess...a beautiful thing.

At least for me.  The effort to bless or to be a blessing is often surrounded by and quickly results in some form of self-imposed mess.   However, I love this truth.  It takes courage to continue to say "Yes!"... and with all that we are... we can still be a real blessing to one another.

PS:  You know what?  Two things I still can't believe about this past weekend.  Our friends have never had nor heard of finger-jello before and two, their brave enough to want a repeat of this wild and crazy idea of another sleepover.  They want it and we want it, too.


  1. You made me teary. This is such a beautiful post. Yes from mess to bless. I'm going to remember that one. And please, give your husband another hug. From all of us who know the gift of a treasure... :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Martha, Martha, Martha...
    Yes, I know you well.

    Mary, Mary, Mary...
    I NEED to know you well.

    Bless Scott, for he knows you well.

  3. Well ... how appropriate and fitting! We were able to go away to see freinds for the weekend and it was a blessing. It does add so much more to hte hostest and host when there are 6 extra mouths to feed. I am sure you could have served the food on paper plates and paper cups and the fellowship would still have been grand! I LOVE that link that you have up there, I am going to print and hang on my cabinet. how fitting! I got a message from Rhoda Det. that they may be stopping in here soon. this has really inspired me. No more sitting around procrastinating... I will start tomorrow! ;)

  4. What a beautiful post! And what a blessing for all of you to be able to get together like that! You girlfriend rock in the hospitality department. I literally stink in that area. I need to take lessons from you. Do you travel?! ;)

  5. @ Jenn. In other words... you're saying you want to practice?
    Sure!! We love to travel...would love to travel more... and would LOVE, absolutely LOVE, to travel to visit with you. And, I hope you would say the same. ;) You're always WeLcOmE here, as well.

  6. @ Sarah. Please tell the Det. Family we say "hello!"... I missed them while they were here in PA. So terrible...of us.

    Hope you have a fabulous time. Thanks for checking in. I always love it when you visit here. ;)


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