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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mugs & Muffins :: Guest Post by Abby Alleman (and much, much more)

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Hello!  Welcome to my first Mugs & Muffins online meet-up.

I can't wait to share this day with you.


What's in your mug?  Mine is coffee, of course.  Almost NEVER will you find me without my hot cup of coffee.

Today's muffin of choice is
Espresso Muffins.
(The recipe will be at the very bottom of this post.)

Espresso! - what a great way to get this day in high-flyin' gear!  Dont'cha think?

Pull up your chair... my friends.  Gather round.
Do you remember me asking you, in the introduction post, if the quote - the thought I left you with - held true for you?

Let me share it with you again.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same. ~ Unknown

How do these words resonate with you?  Has anyone ever left a footprint on your heart?  And, you know what I mean.  And.  Are you glad that person decided to stay, for a while?

How has this been true for me?  I've thought about this saying repeatedly over the past several weeks.  I've been left to wonder if the influence that one leaves on another is much more then we realize.  More then we'll ever know, understand or intend. 
A simple, true-blue footprint.  A deep and lasting impression.  I'm taking it as a good thing...
I think of my mom.  She's one.

I think of my Aunt Eunice.  She's another.  The same is (very) true of my Aunt Mary.

I think of my Grammy (Aquilla).  Now. She's left a footprint!

I think of former co-workers: Andrea, Barb, Mitzi and Phil.  Donna, Anna, Connie and Val. (to name only a random few.)

I think of friends and neighbors... both old & new.

My Uncle Vernon. 

My dad - who passed on from this life, to the next.

My siblings.

My spouse (the love of my life) and my dear, sweet children.  Every day!

And. Then. There's me!  What sort of footprint, impression, imprint, mark...legacy... have I been leaving behind? 



This is who I really need to think about.

Some of these people I've mentioned have truly come and gone - in my circle.  And, I have left (some of) theirs.  We've left memories for the other.  Impressions.  Influence. Some things good.  Some things not so good.  But they're there.

We take the good with the ugly.  And the mud-ugly becomes beautiful.  Eventually it turns to dust that over time can be swept away, remembered only as a mere layer of the what was and has been and the what will be no more.

I smile as I type this.  Some {people} are meant to STAY.

I go back to thinking of my mom.  The vital role she is and has been in my life.  I am so glad she stayed.  Not everyone has had that privilege, of the one who stays, as part of their story.  I know that to be a true fact of life.  Sometimes that is very sad.

There is a twist, though, to the way we stay.  It's not only in the physical aspect that we do this, but it's more in the heart-of-hearts way that we stay and we make a difference.  A lasting one.  Oh, and I confess.  There have been many-a-day, over the past while, in my mothering... that I've struggled to hang in there.  Some days the STAYing was all I could do, but by barely hanging on.

Please welcome my friend Abby, as she shares with us, her heart.   She is one who truly, whole-heartily embraces...the way of mothers.  And I am so encouraged by her insightful words and her encouragement to "joy" in it all, no matter the come and go.
The Way of Mothers

[BabyJJ 002[16].jpg]I carried the blanket all tucked up with the hair just cut OFF of my beautiful, blonde three year-old’s head. I dumped it in the trash can. (the big one that sits out for the garbage truck) I told myself I needed to. As it lay in that light-colored clump near the bottom, I reached down and grabbed a handful. I put it in a bag with this date, November 13, 2010 and stuck it in his baby book. I had to. I am a mother and this is the way of mothers.

[Alleman Family Photo Shoot 008[8].jpg]I NEEDED to cut his hair…it was curling into his little boy eyes that guide running feet all over for this or that ball or to race or to be a super hero. I kept having to brush it away so he could be a little boy. But somewhere inside of me I’d been fighting this. It was like I’d be cutting away a piece of what was chubby baby turned still-chubby toddler but now is undeniably just-a-little chub Boy who becomes full-fledged Boy who becomes Teenager who becomes Adult who flies the coop. Oh where has the time gone?! But, then, this is the way of mothers.

I don’t know if the hair will be as blonde the next time I cut it. Perhaps. It still bleaches in the sun. But it’s showing the signs of growing darker, growing up. And I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT! Can you please agree? This is also the way of mothers.
Alleman Family Photo Shoot 013
I would, if I could, capture these moments in some magical way so as to return to infant’s cuddles and toddler’s snuggles. I would hold back the hands of Time so that my ‘baby’ could remain just that with kissable hurts and tears dried in my lap. But this is not the way of mothers.
I join generations even back unto the first. Cain and Abel childhood companions gone terribly wrong. Oh, how Eve must have grieved. Sarah who gave long-awaited Isaac over to Abraham to walk an unknown road of sacrifice. Hannah who surrendered her newly weaned Samuel as promised to her Lord. Elizabeth with one prized son in her old age. He prepared the way through a wilderness-living life and died for the Truth he proclaimed. And then there is Mary. Ah Mary. She pondered the prophesies and held them in her heart as she walked a road no mother ever walked nor ever will. They stand strong and tall in our hallowed hall of remembrance. For they most definitely walked the way of mothers.

The truth I know is the truth I must embrace even at the tender age of three. This son is not mine. If he is to become the man I pray he will, I cannot hold onto the past and grieve the present and dread the future. I must walk this way of mothers.

Nature Walk, Open House, etc 146
Listen to that great cloud of witnesses gone before including my own mother. Draw from the beloved wisdom of so many women who walk ahead many years on this path. Their courage and faith to embrace the growth of their ‘babies’ has not come without great pain. And yet I know they would not choose another than the way of mothers.

Still I wonder if in Heaven there won’t be an infinite line of mothers holding precious Babes..never, ever wanting nor having to let go. I see my own mama holding the three she never held in this life. And so many beautiful mama’s redeemed who made choices that have marked their lives with pain that won’t fully heal until that baby is resting in their arms. Precious others who have lost and who long for This Day when babes taken will be forever in their arms. And Nature Walk, Open House, etc 217those who have never had but always desired…here, where deepest joy is known their arms won’t be empty.

And so, my heart finds some eternal peace in the bittersweet now of my own growing babe. For this is the way of mothers.

Abby writes (almost) daily at Fan the Flame.  She and her husband, Jared, are currently expecting their third child, and are about to embark on a long-awaited (passionate) dream of theirs to move their resident home (back) to Hungary where they will be in full time, long-term ministry, serving the Lord.  I believe, Lord Willing, early May.  It's coming up!

Abby, my friend.  You too are one who is just as this saying says.  One who has left a foot print and we are never, ever the same.
I thank God for this amazing blog-circle... where we can still feel the deep and lasting impression of friendship...and our kindred hearts can go on.  Even though you have to go!
Blessings on you and your sweet family. Thank you for sharing today.  ~ Bevy

Wrapping up a few more thoughts of this...on The Way of Mothers.  The reason we stay.  The influence we are.  Not just to our little families.  This is for everyone.  Family...close or not.  We matter.  And we're to really value that calling the Lord has placed upon our life.  Whether we're an aunt, a sister, a friend, a co-worker, a spouse, a mother, a grandmother or what have you...we're all called to first walk in HIS footsteps in order to leave a good impression behind. 

Giveaway TimeGiveaway CLOSED! I'm so excited to share with you another dear mama friend, of mine, who volunteered something she has made with her own dear hands.  She has graciously given of her time and talent to be a part of this giveaway today.  I think it is quite fitting...especially if you have a growing little one or simply know of one.  Maybe there is a little love on the way, or one about to come into your life.  One that you can help to hang around and enjoy!  Leave a footprint - so to speak - on their life...

Make Welcome - Amanda!  from Homegrown and Beeyoutiful. {applause! applause!}  {Thank you, very much Amanda!}

Amanda offers up today just one of these unique jar gifts to one of our dear reader's - which may be You.

 Today Only!

Here is how to enter for this sweet giveaway, today!

  • Leave a comment here on my blog, including the "name" of one person you can think of who has left, for certain, a sure footprint on your heart.  For one chance at winning.
  • Sign up to follow either Abby's, Amanda's or my own blog.  And leave a separate comment here letting me know what you did.  This provides you with a second chance.
  • For a third entry.**  Tell me (in your comment) if you would be interested in writing up a short story(kept anonymous?), for a future chance to get published here on Treasured Up and Pondered, about the person who left that footprint on your heart.
** this last way is really the heart of my giveaway.  I want to hear from you.  And, I'm hoping to have your interaction.

Amanda wants you to know that you should pick the color of your choice for the beautiful hand crocheted washcloth: *lime * aqua * yellow * creme * lavender *

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One winner will be picked later this afternoon and notified.  If you do not have a blog... make sure to include your email address in with your comment.
And now, for that delicious recipe you've all been waiting for, so patiently.

Espresso Muffins:
2 cups flour
2/4 cup sugar
2 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup milk
2 T. instant coffee
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp. vanilla
3/4 cup mini chocolate chips

Espresso Spread:
4 oz. cream cheese
1 T. sugar
1/2 tsp. instant coffee
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/4 cup mini chocolate chips

Mix all dry ingredients.  Heat milk a little.  Mix in coffee until dissolved.  Add everything else.  Mix only until moistened.  Fill paper lined muffin tins.  Bake at 375* for 15-20 minutes.  Cool.  Put Espresso Spread on top of muffins.
Yield: 12 muffins
Yay!  That's all for today.  Our first Mugs and Muffins!  I hope you enjoyed your stay.  Until next month... with more?   I hope you return.  I hope you tell your friends to come along and join in.

And again.  If you would feel so inclined as to share a short form story line of someone who really blessed your life.  I would love to hear it.  Send me an email...and I'll keep it in the Que for future use or reference.

Thank you, so much for your time today.


  1. Don't enter me in teh giveaway, since I live at Amanda, but I had to comment on this morning's blog post. Obviously, i LOVE the recipe!!!! But there was just so much to love and think about and connect with that it's taking a while to compute. It's got me thinking about those who have touched me in their visit here on this earth, to consider how that soul shaped who I am. Thank you for bringing this to the front!

  2. There is a lady always in my mind when someone mentions something like this. Her name is Jean. I've always admired her and wished I could be like her. I've known her since my junior high days and even though she has moved away she has left a lasting impression on me.

  3. Okay, here's my second chance at winning the giveaway. I just started following Amanda at Homegrown and Beeyoutiful. (which by the way I just "got" the "be you" part of beeyoutiful. I'm always late to the party!! :) )

    Thanks Bevy for the giveaway. Lovin the mugs and muffins.

  4. My dear Mother left a footprint on my heart. Can't talk a lot about that right now because I will cry. As you know, she went to heaven this December.
    I'd love to write about her some day on your blog.
    This is my first entry.

    My second entry (did I read it correctly?): I would like yellow and honey oatmeal.

  5. Oh my there have been so many to leave positive footprints on my heart. I'm gonna choose my Grandma Dow. She was a wonderfully special person who I never ever heard her say a negative word about anyone. She was always positively upbeat!!! Yep....she's a hero!

    I have green tea in my cup and my muffin' of choice is blueberry spice.

    The cloth color I would choose is beige, the scent would be honey oatmeal.

    I so enjoyed meetin' Anne with her most beautiful story.

    God bless ya and have yourself a glorious week sweetie!!! :o)

  6. good to meet you abby!
    my gracious. I will have to think a while on the folks who have made this type of impact in my life.

    first and foremost I would have to say my friend Mary who encouragment me early on in my marriage when it was falling apart. she taught me forgiveness and the love of christ.
    and secondly my friend rebecca. she suffers from parkinsons and cant get around well, but lives faithfully witha joyful heart.

    love the recipe!


    By doing random generator, tonight at 9:45pm... Mitzi Matata was the winner!

    I'll be contacting you via email... and we'll get this sweet giveaway gift out to you.

    ~Thanks again for your interest and for fully participating.

  8. I'm so excited to be the winner! YIPEE!!!
    Doin' the happy dance, here!! :)

  9. ahhh...Bevy! So sorry that I was behind in coming here and bringing my readers over, but...I WILL! I've been staying with my twin&family and trying to be fully focused here in our so brief week together before we move! Anyhow, I love you. This post...not my own but what you wrote. My mother, and her mother are always the first two that come to mind...mom went Home {relatively} early in hers & my life & then her Mama hangs on at 99...whether in Heaven or loving Him here the strands weave so deeply with each passing day...

    Thank you for being such a sweet friend! for featuring me here & congrats on a beautiful beginning to your version of 'Mugs & Muffins'. I just think you ROCK!! XOXO

  10. So sorry I missed all this! Bummmer! Great post!Loved every bit!

  11. so much good stuff here! I came over from Abby's and am so glad I did. What a lovely space. Those pics of Abby and her sweetie just make me smile. Beauty abounds.


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