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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The "S" in summer

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Recently, I was thinking about the slowing down that I keep talking about, that what I want to do more of.

Imagine this... if you will. 
I was out hanging up laundry - one morning.

When I began to really take notice of...
 the "S" in summer.

First there were the...



cicada's - singing their song
train whistle off in the distance
birds are chirping  - dogs were barking
and oh! that mockingbird
Mr. A's tractor starting up - getting ready for more field work
cow bawling, out pasture, for her calf to follow
children laughing - someone cries
the busy road nearby - it never slows


there's not a cloud in the sky
in fact, it's white with the humidity
the once green grasses, covered in clover, are now starting to turn brown - from the heatwave (Lord, we need rain!)

kids playing in the shade, of the porch
their toys left scattered across the yard from the day before
the front porch and side walks are in need of a sweep-off - I take notice
beans starting to sprout

flowers lookin' thirsty

the bees - busy, busy, busy

two butterflies chasing each other over the Lamb's Ears
Could my children get any dirtier?  I see we need a bath tonight...


 The smell of drying pasture grass... it takes me back to my childhood of when we would help out on my Uncles farm, with the haying.
the smell of lavender wafting through the air as someone runs around the corner of the house and brushes by the bush.
I bend over to pull a few weeds... I smell the mingle of Sweet Peas taking bloom mixed with the dry, dry earth.  That sharp smell of dirt.

the clean smell of the sheets as they hang on the line
coffee's brewing...it's calling me back indoors for a cup, even though it's a hot & humid morning
I smell the remainder of the morning toast...semi burnt.  I like it that way.

What should I make for dinner that will tantalize my hubby's nostrils before he even walks through the front door?

All of this was just in the morning. 
Soon late afternoon turned into evening. 
And then into dusk.

There were more sights, sounds and smells. 

 Different then before.

someone was using their grill - it sure smelled good
you could see the lightening bugs flitting here and there - begging to be caught in hand
you could hear the neighbors who were visiting, across the way, with friends out on their patio... you could hear they were enjoying themselves.
the sun was setting behind the barn
You could see the shade of that was filling the yard...ah! bringing relief from the hot sun of the day.

we hear daddy calling...
but it's like pulling teeth to get the children to retire from their play, to head indoors, and start the bedtime routine.

Later... you hear the sound of a random few fireworks off in the distance.
See! the bright red moon...just over those trees?
Smell of the clean sheets again as you climb into bed.
By the way.

Have you ever heard a cow sneeze?
It's really loud in the dark. ;)


**In case you're wondering.  This is a collection.  A mixture of the sights, sounds and smells of summer - captured over a period of a couple of days.  Thanks for slowing down with me...


  1. I am hearing, seeing, smelling some of the same things here today... blessedly a little cooler and less humid! Where is the "S" from in your first picture - lovely SIGHT. Becky

  2. Take a wild guess. Anyone!

    Now you'll be on the lookout for it, won't you?

  3. Oh my, my husband and I have this conversation all the time on our back porch. Enjoying the slowing down time of the summer with the sights, sounds and smells and how much they bring back memories. Enjoying every moment...had an especially great day today!!!


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